Paul PaulMampilly’s Megatrend Stocks Look Like For 201802.06.18

Paul Mampilly is always taking note of the stock market as a whole and where he expects it might go within a year. He said that 2017 may have been one of the best years to buy in a while, but 2018 may turn out a little differently. He didn’t predict a complete bear market, but he did say it may be a better year to sell than buy. Mampilly did say in a recent article that there were a few trends to look out for which include financial technology like blockchain, the internet of things such as more smart appliances and things that would soon be controlled by the internet, robotics and other megatrends like precision medicine and breakthroughs that will soon come to pass. Paul Mampilly has beem pretty good at spotting new stock trends before they happen over the years.

Paul Mampilly is a former bank advisor and consultant who now writes newsletters and articles for Banyan Hill, an independent financial information company that gives you premium information at a much lower price than most big journals. Mampilly comes from an Indian family who paid for him to come to the US in the late 1980s, and after getting a bachelor’s in finance and accounting at Montclair State University, he took an entry position in research at Deutsche Bank. All in all he worked at over five different big banks and achieved a lot of success finding big return investments for customers. He continued this when he got the grand prize job as Managing Director at Kinetics International Fund. Here Paul Mampilly helped clients find investments that brought in over 40% in annual returns, and Barron’s heaped praise on the firm for being able to grow assets under management to $25 billion, making it the fastest-growing at the time.

Paul Mampilly also built a personal portfolio during his years at the big banks and Kinetics International. He was an early buyer in Facebook well before it became a household name, and he also bought stocks in the initial offerings of Netflix and Sarepta Therapeutics. He later sold all of those for a hefty profit. Mampilly found an investment vehicle that made him over 76% annual return amidst the great recession when he put $50 million into it and won the Templeton Foundation’s competition in 2008. Mampilly left the corporate investment world just a couple years ago, but he’s been happy to bring the inside knowledge he gained to Main Street, and thus far people who subscribe to his newsletters have touted just how good his advice is, even more so because he helps people understand it.

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