5 Great Reasons to Use Wood Crown Mouldings11.03.17

If you’re looking for a feature for your upper walls, you really can’t go wrong with crown mouldings. Not only does it add a subtle touch of elegance to the upper portion of your home, it also helps to conceal unsightly cracks and unevenness. There are several types of crown moulding materials available for you to choose from, but the application of wood truly brings warmth and comfort into any room. Let’s take a look at the merits of using this hardy material in your home.

Adding Value to Your Home

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Crown molding styles are a great way to add instant value to any home, and the use of wood is definitely a solid move. Using cheaper cuts or frames will seem like a reasonable option in the short run, but might cost you more as time passes. Certain materials are meant for temporary setups and were never meant to convey the same visual splendour as solid wood. If you’re running on a tighter budget, using MDF boards with a good quality wood varnish will also do the trick.

Providing a Visual Feast

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Instead of agonising over furnishings and wall decorations, it might be time to turn your attention towards wooden crown mouldings. There’s just so much potential in solid wood fixtures that we can apply to the upper portion of our walls. Let it take centrestage in any room of your choice. Not only does it provide a unifying factor for your walls and ceiling, it is also more than qualified to become a key feature instead of a supporting element. Your choice of wood: from oak, maple, mahogany, pine, and many more, will substantially influence the feel of the space.

Bringing Character and Variety to Your Home

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There’s an ongoing misconception that you should only use one type of crown moulding in your entire house. This is definitely as far from the truth as possible. You might love the looks of a particular crown moulding design, but it doesn’t mean that different rooms will not benefit from the application of different types and sizes of crown moulding. A simple cove crown moulding might do the trick in your kitchen, but you might want to apply a Greek Revival crown moulding in your living room instead for an ultra elegant feel.

Creating a Unique Atmosphere

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Since crown mouldings has both a practical and decorative function, the choice of wood brings added warmth to an otherwise cold or neutral palette. If your house concept includes several instances of marble or metal, using wood helps to provide a subtle counterbalance. You can decide to either use a plain or more elaborately cut crown moulding, but there’s no denying that this decorative element can hold its own weight in any situation. The installation of polished wood crown moulding definitely creates a unique highlight in any room.

Keeping Old Traditions Alive

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If you’re looking to renovate an older house, you might want to retain a few of its original architectural features. The installation or replacement of solid wood crown mouldings is a popular choice. Because of its long-lasting quality and traditional feel, it is the perfect addition for transitional homes. If there is already existing woodwork in your home, it would be best if you could custom-mill the crown moulding to complement it instead of standing out. Try to avoid cheaper materials as this could look out of place among the rest of the house features.

Just remember to provide a proper veneer coating for your choice of wood crown moulding. Whatever your wood selection, it’s imperative that the crown moulding is protected from humidity and temperature changes. A warped piece of crown moulding will not only cost you in terms of locating a suitable replacement, it could also require a complete change of crown moulding if you’re unable to locate a suitable match. Whether you’re designing a traditional or contemporary style, the addition of wood crown mouldings is definitely something you should consider.

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Drew Madden uses Information Technology to Improve the Healthcare Industry10.31.17

Drew Madden pursued and achieved a degree from the University of Lowa in Industrial engineering. He is an expert in healthcare specifically information technology. He is the chief executive officer and founder of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He has been in the healthcare field for more than 10 years. He is a businessman who implements dynamic company culture, well-built customer relations, and competent workforce. He is an incredible expert who combines technical EMR background and his experience to improve the healthcare sector by taking this idea to healthcare specialists in helping the make impressive implementation groups.

Drew has various skills in dealing with health records, planning, and execution. He is linking up with a number of organizations for the purpose of applying, tackling and looking any difficulty that is related to medical reports. He used to work for Cerner Corporation as their consultant and was at the company for a period of two years then he went to Health and was also a consultant. The company Healthia was purchased by Ingenix, this led to Drew Madden becoming the director of regional sales of Ingenix.

Moving on, Drew took his IT expertise to Nordic Consulting Partners and became their president. He was in charge of daily operations, business growth and recruitment. His hard work led to him making a great impact by increasing the number of employees from 10 to 725 as well as increasing the revenue of the firm to $130,000,000 from $1,000,000 every year. Drew Madden then decided to start Evergreen Healthcare Partners given his experience in various fields such as project management and information technology.

This organization supplies consultation services for specific healthcare technology and electronic health record podiums. Madden is an excellent entrepreneur who guides businesses to manage correctly IT investments, enhance their results and build customer fulfillment. The clients of the firm are their first priority and this helps the company to have lasting success through giving talent management resolutions. He is working so hard by holding movements that will enhance hospital tools and software this will in return take care of the patients and enhance their health states. He also advises healthcare experts to involve brain-computer interfaces, 3D printing among many others in carrying out their work

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Financial Advisor and Investor-David Giertz10.30.17

Retirement is what everyone will go through one day, and one needs to ask themselves several questions including; are they ready for retirement, what are the does and don’ts of retirement, and also how is retirement. Many people fail to plan for retirement or even think what they will do when the time comes, and the age only gets them off guard. According to David Giertz, not planning for retirement is failing to plan and to avoid failure it is advisable that one should start planning early. David Giertz gives tips on how to prepare for that retirement as listed below;

  • Secure a Financially Stable Retirement: David says even when one has a huge salary or income it is never easy to save for the future. To avoid trouble during retirement, it is essential to start saving through retirement savings accounts.
  • Invest the money: the best way to ensure that one is financially stable after departure is to invest on projects which generate cash at the end of the day.

David Giertz is a financial expert who has served in the banking and financial industry for an extended period gaining a vast experience. Mr. David Giertz is the President of NationWide Financial Distributors Inc. Being a financial expert, and even having served in the sector for an extended time, David has other responsibilities in the commercial industry among them; Nationwide Investment Corporation where he serves as a financial advisor.

Since April 2013, David has been working at NationWide Financial Distributors. He has a passion for helping others, and he wants to fill the gap between the wealthy and the less wealthy in America by advising them how to invest. After his High School graduation David attended the University of Miami where he graduated with a degree in Business. Ever since he joined Nationwide Financial Distributors, he has made significant changes in the organization, and they have been experiencing tremendous expansion.

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Lime Crime Makeup’s Exciting New Launch10.19.17

To any one who was a fan of the colorful and vibrant Polly Packet and 90’s toys, say hello to a nostalgic comeback brought to you by Lime Crime Makeup!

The vegan and cruelty free make up brand has recently been tremendously inspired by the cheerfulness of Polly Pocket’s dolls and the energy of the entire line, including the doll’s outfits.

Lime Crime makeup has announced three palettes that will awaken the remembrance of Polly Pocket and for the fans it will be a marvelous excuse to reminisce on the fun old times.

From the vibrant and playful presentation of the palette design to the font of Lime Crime’s logo, the Polly Pocket vibes are in the air!

The snap cases present a big cheeky bow that jumps at your face with the Lime Crime logo sitting pretty in the middle of the case. The best part of these cute nostalgic palette’s is that yes, they fit in your pocket! Makeup on the go has never been funner.

In a rush? Your ride is outside? Choose from the three palette’s with five shades and slip it in your pocket. Just watch out for any bumps on the road.

Each palette includes five full sized eye shadows inside. At Lime Crime less is considered more. Five full shadows is plenty to make any look come to life.

Choose your favorite from the sunny Pink Lemonade palette that carries pink shimmery shades and a matte brown. Any of the shades can double as a blush. Be creative! There are no rules.

If you are feeling bold and fearless choose the pink Sugar Plum palette. This palette includes pink bronze shades, pink purple shimmers, frosted shades, and bold velvet mattes.

If you are feeling particularly soft and sweet on any given day, choose from the pastel-leaning blue Bubblegum palette. This palette carries five soft hue shades including shimmers, sparkles, satin, and soft mattes.

Any look is possible with these three Polly Pocket 90’s nostalgia inspired palette’s.

The palette’s run for $34 each or $90 for all three.

Get carried away because remember, there are no rules in the wonderful world of makeup. You make your own rules.

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Traveling Vineyard Shows that a Good Work From Home Program is Based on Training and Support10.15.17

For people that are looking for ways to make money from home, the best type of program to join is one that offers a lot of training and support. People that are not able to get that kind of training and support from the program they are joining will have a harder time succeeding. One of the programs that offer a lot of training and support is Traveling Vineyard. They are very serious about making sure that the wine guides get all of the training, support and equipment they need so that they can succeed at this business of being a wine guide.

Traveling Vineyard is one of those programs where people can’t be alone. People who try to be wine guides all by themselves are going to find themselves going through a ton of obstacles. With the right type of training, these obstacles are easily overcome. With Traveling Vineyard, each new member has a leader that is going to be there to guide them through everything they need to know so that they can easily transition into the job. One of the best aspects of the leadership is that one that is in close proximity will allow the new member to shadow his events.

One of the best thing about this work from home opportunity is that it does not seem like a job. Therefore, there is very little anxiety when it comes to getting up and going to work. The only anxiety that may come is missing out on all of the fun that comes with being a wine guide hosting events. The best part of the job is that wine guides can stay connected at all times in case they have any type of questions or need any type of assistance with their work,

Among the features of Traveling Vineyard that are worth checking out are the tasting room and the Harvest. The tasting room is where the wine guide gets all of the training information. With the harvest, all of the wine guides meet each other for enjoyment and learning so that they can take their business to an even higher level.

For details: www.directsalesaid.com/companies/traveling-vineyard

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Greg Secker’s Amazing and Stunning Approach towards Life10.12.17

Greg Secker is a man who believes in saying yes as his philosophy. Greg is a famous businessman and what makes him successful in what he does is the fact that he never lets opportunities go. Secker explained how he rather try out something and fail than not try at all because this is how people get to grow. According to him someone can trade and earn money irrespective of the time, the occasion or the place. The strange thing about Greg’s life is that in school he studied food sciences and agriculture although finance is his strong suit. However, during a recent interview, Mr. Secker stated that in school he began building and selling computers. The whole experience with computers gave him the chance to learn more about coding programs.

Greg’s extensive knowledge about coding systems landed him a job and shortly afterward he was working on the currency trading sector. The exposure made him acquire more information about trading concerning coding. After sometime Greg Seker became interested in the foreign exchange trading and since he had all the relevant information, he decided to give it a try. Secker began with a capital of $ 5000, and in less than a year he had transformed the amount to $ 60000. The whole experience taught him the value of discipline and sticking to the initial trading plan. Greg did trading for a while until he had earned more than enough to retire. Unfortunately, staying at home became boring and Greg began attending seminars and talks.

During the talks, Greg thought of how it would benefit others if he were to share his knowledge. The idea made him start The Greg Secker Foundation. The initial aim of the foundation was to help the young become successful in life while they were still young. Since then Greg has been helping people to an extent he even began helping the unfortunate individuals in the community. The group has brought education, electricity, renovations and more to the less fortunate in areas such as Philippines, Africa and more. Greg also writes motivational books to help others gain success.

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Talkspace Environment Provides Counseling10.11.17

Talkspace is a company that is trending. This is a new app that elevates the concept of therapy through texting. This is something that is going to prove to be quite helpful to a large number of people that may have never considered leaving their home for therapy. There are a lot of people out there that need help because there are so many issues that people in the United States are struggling with.

 There are issues like depression, for example, that actually affect as many as 16 million people in the United States. There is a stigma attached to depression, however, and that makes it difficult for people to really talk about the issue. Many people that are facing issues with depression will not talk their problems through. Sometimes people may not always be able to diagnose themselves because they may have a level of success that makes depression seem unlikely. Others may be admired for their beauty and it may seem like depression is something that they would not have. There are a lot of false perceptions about depression, and it will often take help from someone that is a licensed professional to address the problem. This is what the Talkspace app provides.

 There are certainly a number of people that have different issues that they need help with. All it takes is a text message to get started and people can be on their way to getting much better advice on how they can deal with their personality disorders. Some people experience things like borderline behavior disorders. The thing that makes Talkspace so great for users is that it in enlightens people on things like this that they may have never known about. People have a better chance of controlling disorders once they acknowledge these things upfront.

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Sahm Adgrangi Raises $100 Million through Kerrisdale Capital10.10.17

A New York short seller Kerrisdale Capital Management has raised 100 million dollars from investors to bet against a single stock. This seems to be a new practice by the relatively small company since the company whose stock is being bet against has not yet been revealed. Usually, hedge fund companies raise money towards a particular investment thesis such as buying distressed companies whose stock price and value can be analyzed. However, Kerrisdale Capital Management chief investment officer Sahm Adrangi says that the fact they have raised such a huge amount of money over such a short periods evidence that they have caught the imagination of the alternative community.

Mr. Adrangi explains that they have taken a company which is worth over 10 billion dollars and sought to explain to investors their thesis on it. They are currently preparing a reporting website and video data to try and convince others on their thesis. While the company will be revealed later, Kerrisdale Capital is seeking to establish its position with the enterprise in real time. The fund is now worth an approximated 500 million dollars including the 100 million raised for this short sell. It has a history of betting against companies and taking their case to the public. These positions have often paid off, including the recent short sales on drug companies satellite company Globalstar and Sage Therapeutics and Zafgen. It has had an approximated annual return of 28% over the past five years and is down 7% in 2016 through March.

33-year-old Sahm Adrangi is the chief investment officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management, a New York Hedge Fund. Before founding Kerrisdale Capital, Adrangi worked for Longacre Fund Managemen as an investment analyst. He conducted research and investment analysis for both equity and credit funds at the 1.2 billion dollars worth company. Banking on experience gained working at this firm and many others before that, Sahm Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009. The Kerrisdale focuses both on value and special situation investments which are driven by events. Sahm Adrangi has spent the past eight years growing the company, both in size and in reputation, and has made it one of the most respected hedge fund managers in the country.

Read More : http://www.afr.com/business/banking-and-finance/hedge-funds/kerrisdales-sahm-adrangi-makes-a-killing-by-raiding-the-dodgy-dealers-20130520-jhs4c

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The Role of Jim Larkin & Micheal Lacey In Fight for Human Rights10.09.17

Various nongovernmental organizations aimed at fighting and upholding human rights in the United States. Most of these groups have a different mandate that thy use to discharge their duties. However, despite all this, they all have a common objective.

The goal is to ensure that the rights of children, women, immigrants and the minority in the society are upheld. Some of these groups are;

The Lacey and Larkin Fund.

Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey have decided to support most organizations across Arizona. The two journalists intend to avail funds to human rights groups fighting for the rights of immigrants and refugees in the country.

Considering that the money will be issued as a grant, the two would wish to see how their funds will be put to proper use. The two will be having the money to use for compensation that they will receive from the county.

The amount of money that the two journalists intend to use is $3.75 million. The number will be coming from the county coffers. The sum is an unliquidated damages awarded to them by the court as a result of unlawful arrest and detention by the sheriff. After filing a suit in court, the judge bought all the pleas from the petitioners and awarded unliquidated damages.

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Group

The core mandate of this group is to ensure that fundamental human rights are upheld. To achieve this objective, the team is actively involved in seminars, advocacy, litigations, and workshops. For the attainment of results, the group ensures that all the activities are well coordinated to create harmony. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

ACLU right’s group is the body behind so many petitions in the courts of law. Where adjustments to the law are needed, the group does not hesitate to call the Assembly to act on the agenda.

To achieve the main agenda, the group prefers to go to court and challenge the constitutionality and validity of various bad laws in the nation.

The Advocates for the Human Rights

The Advocates for Human Rights’ is an international body. The core mandate of the group is the realization of the real change in the legal fraternity. Being a global organization, the firm has various representatives across the world.

The group consists of some volunteers. These are in the areas of partnership and volunteer secretariat. The group has been existing for the last three decades. During this period, the organization has had a tremendous record of achievement.

The Amazon Watch.

The Amazon Watch is a group based in the Amazon forest. The group is highly concerned with the rate and extent of environmental degradation. Among other roles, the Amazon Watch intends to protect the life and habitat of the ecosystem.

The primary objective of the task is to ensure that rights of the indigenous people in the area are well catered for. One of the main disturbing revelations that the panel has cautioned is the continued excavation of oil in the area.

The reasoning being that the oil from the region may alter the natural life of plants and animals in the area. By so doing, the lives of the natives will also be upheld.

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OSI Group, Food Processing Company10.07.17

OSI Group has the longevity as a food processing company which is one of the clearest indicators of a company’s positive impact as well as their great product. The retail and service food industries have been revolutionized ever since the inception in 1909 with the group bringing everything from meat patties, fish, poultry, vegetable products, bacon, hot dogs and pizza to new tiers of excellence. Otto Kolschowsky surely knew what he was doing when he immigrated from Germany in order to open up what began as a simple family meat market.

Sheldon Lavin has since taken over as the CEO, but the OSI Group continues to push forth with innovation and excellence in the industry. He has a special commitment to green innovations which is an area where a myriad of companies have found that they can have beneficial environmental impacts while at the same time being able to increase profits, improved brand awareness and customer loyalty, and decrease production costs. The improved environmental footprint is certainly something that works wonders all the way around.

There are still a number of plants in the Chicagoland area which are keeping honest to the Illinois origins, but there have also since been supplications which have added a number of other cities (all the way to California) to the US plant portfolio. They were able to adopt a number of innovations such as the cryogenic food processing which revolutionized the fast food industry in the 1960s. McDonald’s, Subway, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut have all found that they can get consistent great product through the food chain that the OSI Group can deliver. They have been recipients of a number of awards for the for the excellent management of health and safety risks. For more info about us: https://www.facebook.com/OSI-Group-106191179472361/ click here.

In more recent years, the company has been able to further expand globally into more of the international markets which has continued to increase their brand recognition. Eastern Asia is one of those markets where China has been the forefront of great additions. There is a Beijing plant, and the company was able to provide much of the product for the Beijing Olympics as well. India and Eastern Europe have also been areas of further expansion. A number of acquisitions have added to their ability as well, with Flagship Europe and Hynek Schlachthof GmbH being two of the larger names in that regard. There have been a number of divine influences which keep the OSI Group reigning at the top of such a market.

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