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Wikipedia Myths Unshrouded02.02.16

The Register, based in the United Kingdom published a solid article on the subject of Wikipedia myths. Mostly all of these myths focus on misconceptions people have about how to make a Wikipedia page, why the content is written, and if there is any real commercial gain by the parties involved. If nothing else, the Register article should provide the impetus for a business to get a Wikipedia page produced. 

The information published on a Wikipedia page creates a nice sketch of a business. The business is then better able to brand and market itself online.

Businesses are not the only entities that have something to gain by publishing a Wikipedia page. Private citizens who are prominent in a particular field should have a biographical Wikipedia page produced. The page would definitely prove helpful to someone dealing with a disastrous reputation crisis. The Wikipedia page helps direct focus back towards the positive things about an individual.

Messaging in important on the internet. Businesses and individuals who control positive messaging end up keeping commercial and personal reputations in the good graces of others.

Creating a Wikipedia page that delivers on this outcome is a job best left in the hands of professionals. Get Your Wiki is a service that provides access to legitimate professional Wikipedia writers and editors. The professional Wikipedia writers for hire at Get Your Wiki know what type of material to deliver. The finished writing will meet Wikipedia standards. Furthermore, the writing shall integrate good marketing principles. As a result, the business or individual promoted by the page is able to get the proper message out.

Content on the internet is definitely very helpful when trying to shape a message. The rules of Wikipedia do not allow content to be overtly promotional nor can material editorialize or offer opinion. Still, factual information with a positive bent definitely helps get a message out about a particular subject. For this reason, among many others, publishing a Wikipedia page should be a top priority.

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