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From puppy to adult, BENEFUL has an amazing selection of dog food to help keep your dog happy and healthy12.10.15

No matter what stage or age your dog is. BENEFUL has the right food that fits your dogs needs because they care. From the puppy stage to adult, they offer the most healthy, nutritious, delicious food, to keep your best friend in the best of health. Your growing puppy needs his calcium and nutrients, and with BENEFUL, HEALTHY PUPPY dog food, they will get all of the benefits they need to grow into a healthy, happy dog. Made with real chicken, with peas and carrots added, you can rest assure that you are giving your puppy the best dog food for your money and more. And as your puppy grows, you want to keep him playful and happy. So we recommend giving him the BENEFUL, PLAYFUL LIFE dog food because he will need it as he leaps and bounds with energy. Made with real beef and egg added, you can bet he is getting all of the nutrients needed to help him along his way to becoming a healthy adult dog and doing what he does best, playing. Next as he becomes an adult, his body needs to maintain it’s stamina and vitality, and the best way to keep him in great shape, is to feed him a healthy diet of one of the BENEFUL ORIGINALS dog food I saw o Facebook, made with real Beef, Chicken or Salmon. The choice is yours, and with all of the different choices, you can never go wrong. As he gets older and less active and if his weight becomes a problem, feed him BENEFUL, HEALTHY WEIGHT dog food, to help him maintain a healthy weight. This low-calorie dog food is mixed with crunchy and tender bites, and made with real chicken, and added carrots, green beans and apples, he will never miss the calories or the taste. Maybe you have a small dog who needs smaller bites, so The wonderful makers of BENEFUL offer the INCREDIBITES, just for your small fry, and made with real chicken and beef they are sure to be just as healthy and happy as the big guys. So whichever stage your puppy or dog is in, BENEFUL from Petco  is sure to have just the right dog food to keep your pets, not only happy and healthy but bright eyed and bushy tailed, because you wouldn’t have them any other way.

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