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The Drumming Life and Musical Times of Cassio Audi.06.21.17

Before going to campus and vanishing into a self-imposed oblivion, Cassio Audio was an up and coming drummer in the world. Certainly, he was indispensable in his band and certainly, it was the greatest band in the world at its age. Even to date, no band with an average age of 14 years has ever been half as good as the Viper Band.
Who is Cassio Audio?
Cassio Audio used to be a celebrated person, an excellent musician with an uncanny and distinctive style of drumming. He is the man who took the music world by storm at a tender age of 13 years old, dominated it for all the while he was still interested and left when he had conquered all there was to conquer. Cassio Audio left the music industry to join the Sao Paulo University to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration before going into his master’s studies at Pontifical Catholic University. Cassio Audio is the musical phenom who never got to be a legend despite achieving legendary hallmarks. Cassio Audio is simply just another prominent Brazilian banker.
The Viper Band
The original members of the Viper band were
• Yves Passarel,
• Pit Passarel,
• Andre Machado and
• the maestro, Cassio Audio
The illustrious group began its journey in 1985. They were amply talented and avidly motivated to satisfy their musical curiosity. The kids, all between 13 and 14 years of age, explored different genres of music simply to put their curiosity to rest. Immediately they surpassed the mark of excellence in a particular genre; they moved move on to the next one. They were endowed with rich vocals and were excellent at their other musical instruments of choice.
They group got overrun by the then trending and newly-coined British metal rock popularly referred to like Iron Maiden. They quickly learned the style and released their first album, the Soldiers of the Rising Sun. The album was endowed with single hits that were embedded in its success. The single hits included;
• Killera
• the Princes from Hell
• and Signs of the Night and Nightmares
The album made Cassio and the other Viper Band members sensationally acclaimed. They released a second album, the Theater of Fate, which was released in 1989. It was released spontaneously across Europe, Asia, and the United States. The singles from the new album topped world charts and outdid even mature bands like the Van Halen and Nirvana. The album is said to have gained the traction it did since it was a classical mix of different genres including metal rock. Soon after, the same year, Cassio Went to University like other teenagers and settled down away from the music scene.

For more information follow Cassio Audi on Facebook.

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Integrative Approaches to Treating Cancer with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America06.09.17

When it comes to deciding where to go for cancer treatments, most people seek out different branch offices of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. These offices are geared toward making sure that people who have cancer have the best bet at beating their diagnosis. There are plenty of reasons why people seek out treatment at one of these centers, and the number one attraction to these centers are their integrative approaches to treating cancer.

What is an Integrative Approach to Cancer Treatment?

Integrative approaches to cancer treatment are some of the most innovative ways to treat cancer. It combines homeopathic techniques and nutritional diet changes with standard treatments. In essence, these integrative approaches take a holistic look at the patient instead of just thinking from a standard treatment outlook. The other therapies used in this approach mostly focus on seeing to it that side effects from treatments are dealt with readily and thoroughly. This field can be used to focus on different parts of oncology to make sure that all of the support services for a patient are in place when they are needed.

Ways to Improve Quality of Life

Many of the therapies offered as part of an integrative approach to treating cancer help patients to treat themselves. This statement means that their mind, body, and soul are all addressed. Therefore, some therapies that is in place at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America focus on spiritual needs and psycho-social situations, too. These features are meant to improve the patient’s quality of life. Patients in this program are often more readily able to deal with the process of psychologically handling cancer a lot more than patients who have not experienced this type of program.

How the Team Approach Works

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are known for taking a team approach when it comes to treating their patients. Most literature shows that cancer treatments are the most common form for this type of caring for the patient. There are many things that must be considered, like ethics and efficacy, to make sure that no, one treating provider breaks contract with their patients. Most patients actually end up seeking these therapies on their own outside of their oncology doctor. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America place each patient with an empowering team that has an oncologist at the center of the action. Each team stays together across a set of patients, and they all work to see a patient every time they visit a center. In this mindset, the patient is the coach of the team, and the team works to find the right treatments that the patient will need across the timeframe of their treatment. In this way, everyone is on the same page from the get go, so many patients’ providers are well aware of their needs, treatments being given, and so on.


There are many aspects to an integrative approach to cancer treatments. These teams are crucial for the success on the patient’s part, so they need to communicate well and make sure that the entire patient is treated instead of simply paying attention to only their individual diagnosis.

Find more CTCA on YouTube.

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Professionalizing Franchisees- Omar Yunes wins 2015 BFW05.24.17

Omar Yunes topped in the Best Franchisee of the World Competition, an international event which acknowledges the hard work and trajectory of franchisees of various brands who are keen on the franchisor’s goals and values as well as demonstrating professionalism. He won the competition based on his significant contribution to Sushi Itto. Omar Yunes is a franchisee of Sushi Itto and won the competition in December 2015 after winning the Mexico version of the event in November. The 2015 competition hosted representatives from thirty-four nations including Hungary, Portugal, France, Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. The franchisee was assessed based on aspects like quantity of influence to the network, savings implemented, knowledge contribution, employee motivation, and the amount of invoice.

Omar Yunes was glad to receive the honor and acknowledges his success to the contribution of his workers and Sushi Itto for allowing them to innovate. The employees of the various units work hard and are responsible for ensuring that all clients are satisfied. Even in tough business times, the workers put the best foot forward to provide the best service to customers.

Mr. Yunes also won the first position in the national qualifier. The organizer of BFW Mexico, Diego Elizarrarras, said that Omar received the highest award because of playing the role of a significant change factor in the relationship between franchising and franchisee. Through better information management and executing control boards, Omar Yunes achieved clearer measurements of every unit he owns. This award boosted the reputation of Sushi Otto and the Mexican franchising sector. Omar Yunes made his brand as well as the entire Mexico proud.

About Omar Yunes Career Journey
The journey to success began when Yunes became a franchisee of Sushi Itto, a Japanese food chain when he was only twenty-one years old. Presently, Omar owns a total of thirteen franchise units with four hundred employees in Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz. This is nearly 10% of the units that Sushi Itto has. He says that the secret to succeeding in the franchising business is by choosing a franchise that supported him. He also socializes with individuals who know more than him and thus gain much on how to effectively manage his units.

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NuoDB, Making Great Strides in Cloud Technology04.19.17

NimbusDB Company was founded in 2008. It altered its identity in 2011 to NuoDB. The company co-founders include Jim Starkey and Chairman, CEO, Barry S. Morris. It is headquartered in Cambridge, MA. NuoDB copyright dubbed ‘elastic, scalable database’ was documented on March 8, 2011, and eventually approved on July 17, 2012. Jim Starkey is the registered inventor.

NuoDB is an SQL flexible catalog for cloud applications. The file is SQL compliant called -the New SQL. The database has a disseminated object design that runs in cloud mode. Meaning, new extra scale out servers makes it run faster, without sharing. The files distribute tasks between some processors to evade blockage of data. It utilizes peer points that direct jobs to nodes. It is ACID certified.

The database utilizes a layered method — involving numerous, superfluous layers of (TE) transaction engines and (SM) storage managers. It facilitates data scaling predictively in cloud mode. The App domain involves various outmoded TE and SM capable of running on a similar App. Adding extra TE or SM accumulates the database capability.

The launch of Cloud App 2.6 enhanced support for active file operation from several Amazon Web accessibility zones. This app expands its databases by accumulating more servers instead of replacing hardware. Its design allows for alignment, expansion and the ability to operate anywhere with circulated security. The cloud database structure can route over one million connections per second. It is accessible in developer version (free Community Edition), a project version and a paid version.

Further info on NuoDB can be found on Wikipedia.

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Wengie Brings Life Hacks to Life for YouTube Nation11.30.16

There are people all over the world that are checking out YouTube videos. Wengie has become a pro at getting the word out about life hacks. She takes this very seriously because this is how she makes her money. There are a ton of people that are going to listen to what Wengie has to say because she has presented some of the best hacks for all those that need a way to make their lives simpler.


What many people know Wengie for is her large variety of beauty videos. She became Australia’s top beauty blogger long before she decided to venture out into life hacks. People that knew her for the beauty hacks can still see that she is a beauty consultant at heart. She has interesting hair colors on each video, and she knows how to make people take interest in what she is saying. The thing that makes her videos work is the delivery. Wengie has been doing this for a long time so she is a real professional when it comes to posting YouTube videos.


There are lots of people that have become interested in what Wengie has been doing online because these hacks can save people a ton of money. She takes lemons and sugar and makes a lemon scrub. At other times she takes cocoa and gives herself a tan. Wengie is someone that has been thinking outside of the box, and it has paid off. She has made it possible for people to see that there are some clever ways to save money. It doesn’t take a lot of money to give people access to things that can make their lives easier. They just need someone that can help them change the way that they do things.


Life hacks are very important, and it is easy for people to follow what Wengie is doing. She is one of the most interesting personalities around; she has 4 million subscribers. All of these subscribers give her access to large streams of revenue. This is her only form of income, and really she embraces this.

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Avi Weisfogal Launched a Campaign to Raise Money for Operation Smile03.03.16

Avi Weisfogal is a well-known dentist from New Jersey. He began his career at the Old Bridge Dental Care center located in his home state. Not long after beginning his career as a dentist, he opened Dental Sleep Masters Seminars. This is also based in New Jersey. By means of this business, Avi Weisfogal teaches individuals and medical professionals how they can treat sleep disorders. He is especially interested in teaching how sleep disorders are connected with dental issues. After working in this field for more than 16 years, he has accumulated much experience.

Recently, Avi Weisfogal set up a GoFundMe campaign. It is his purpose to help Operation Smile. As an individual who is interested in helping others, he realizes that helping to raise money for this organization is going to do a lot of good for others. Since 1982, Operation Smile has been helping young individuals in many countries around the world to fix facial deformities. This organization was started by William MaGee. He is a doctor and plastic surgeon. His wife, Kathleen MaGee, who is a nurse, has also been heavily involved in Operation Smile. They started this charity organization to help children in the Philippines. They saw that there were many young people who were seriously affected by things like cleft palates and cleft lips. They knew that these problems were not only having serious physical implications, but they negatively affect the way individuals are viewed and how they feel about themselves.

Operation Smile has helped more than 250,000 children around the world. Even though the organization started by helping children in the Philippines, it expanded to help children in more than 60 countries around the world. Money that is raised to to help this organization is used for things like purchasing supplies and equipment that are needed for surgery. There is a large group of medical professionals who volunteer with this organization. There are many dentists, doctors, nurses, and others who regularly volunteer their time in order to help young people who suffer from physical facial deformities.

Avi Weisfogal has started a variety of businesses that have education at their core. About five years ago, he started Healthy Heart Sleep. The purpose of this business is to teach medical professionals about sleep problems. About three years ago, he started the business Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients. By means of this business, Avi gives lectures that educate other dentists on the connection that exists between sleep problems and dental health.

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Adam Sender–Art Collector Extraordinaire09.06.15

In preparation for a journey down a road less traveled in his adult life, hedgefund guru, Adam Sender is divesting himself of a portion of his massive art collection via sale and donation. Despite what many in the business world deem a challenging situation, Sender says ” I will still be lucky enough to live with a lot of art.”

Sender cites Tod Levine and unnamed Chelsea art dealers as his mentors/advisers whose expertise enabled him to build an art collection estimated to total 800 works created by 139 artists. The divestment of Sender’s collection with an estimated value of $70 to $80 million and expected to entail an 18-month time span began in May 2014 with a special evening art event hosted by Alex Rotter, who is associated with Sotherby’s Worldwide Contemporary Art Department.

In addition to a 1969 work entitled “Commissioned Painting: A Painting by Edgar Transue” that is believed to have been created by an amateur artist and estimated to carry a price tag of $2 to 3 million, the event will highlight a most interesting painting listed as “Untitled #93.” Anticipated to sell in the same price range, this painting exhibits the backs of two dress/casual attired men negotiating their way along a busy sidewalk.

Among the works that Adam Sender plans to donate to museums is “Other Voices for a Second Slight,” by Vito Acconci. Created in 1974, this art work requires a large amount of space to be properly displayed. During a Miami art event in late 2011, would-be Sender art collection aficionados were treated to a visit to a Sender residence where some 70 paintings were rumored to occupy the walls and ceilings of rooms and closets to include less traditional areas such as a bathroom where hanging above the bathtub is a painting by Richard Price of Brooke Shields as a scantly-robed child standing in a bathtub. Check out Adam Sender’s FB profile.

Adam Sender, who began collecting art in the 1990s was lauded by Lisa Dennison for his appreciation of female artists such as Mickalene Thomas and Sarah Lucas. Unlike most art enthusiasts who collect pieces solely for private display and enjoyment, Adam Sender created a website that has evolved into an art appreciation library. Adam Sender is a well known part-time art collector.

Following graduation with honors from University of Michigan, Adam Sender embarked on a career in the financial world where his lucrative earnings enabled him to pursue his appreciation for contemporary art and to amass an extremely impressive 1960s era collection.

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Eric Pulier’s Approach to Success08.25.15

Best talents that are not used on a regular basis can make the company become progressively weaker. There is a lot of truth about the saying that we all have heard of – “Use it or lose it”. The primary reason why a company grows beyond expected results in a particular industry is because of the many talented personnel working day in and day out for it. The fact that more companies are paying attention to whom they hire for higher management is an encouraging step toward improving it credibility.

There is no doubt that social image and skills of a person in a higher position will make or break a business. Take Eric Pulier, for example, one of the pioneers in startup companies. He had a great liking for computers during his childhood, a trait commonly seen in popular people. Being raised in Teanech New Jersey in a humble family, he began programming at the age of 8. His first company started when he was still in high school. After getting admission to Harvard University, Eric focused on turning his passion into a profession. He wrote columns for “Harvard Crimson” and took classes at MIT where he graduated Magna cum Laude.

He watched what other people were doing in the industry of his liking and “designed” himself a plan that included many innovations related to technology. After moving to LA, in 1991, he opened “People Doing Things” a company related to solving education and health care issues through technology. His “Digital Evolution” in 1994 focused on interactive technology that later merged with a leading advertising agency called US Interactive LLC

What Eric realized is the need to have extraordinary leadership skills in every venture he took. His one more establishment called “Starbright World” took a different approach by providing a platform for kids suffering from chronic illnesses. This company is a boon to parents of those children where they were able to discus their kids’ illnesses, find solutions, connect with other parents in similar situations and find peace. Many parents appear in these discussion groups explaining of their kids’ symptoms and find solace with answers and cure as well. Eric’s Starbright World has positively affected the lives of so many families in these groups. His credential has shined brighter to a great extent as well. Eric Pulier is one of CSCs most popular and renowned CEOs.

Eric Pulier has founded many other companies such as Desktone, Media Platform, Akana and so on. His book on service oriented architecture called “Understanding Enterprise SOA” is a must-read. Eric is also a philanthropist and has donated generously to various organizations including X-Prize Foundation where he serves as a board member. Eric is also a part of Painted Turtle – a camp for kids with life-threatening diseases.

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BRL Trust Investors Are Studying The Life Sciences Cloud Platform For Investment Opportunities08.24.15

TraceLink Inc. recently announced that their Life Sciences Cloud Platform is the first compliance solution to adopt the Brazil Traceability Guideline based on EPCIS standards for Brazil’s marketplace. TraceLink is the world’s largest track and trace network for eliminating counterfeit prescription drugs. BRL Trust thinks TraceLink Inc. may be a good investment especially since the Brazil Ministry of Health is behind the platform. TraceLink is offering its commercially available track and trace platform with the new EPCIS-based implementation guideline to the Brazilian marketplace. That track meets the track and trace requirements of the domestic Brazil supply chain.

Every investment that BRL Trust makes is researched extensively. The three executives that do most of that research are Mauricio Ribeiro, Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes and Rodrigo Cavalcante. All three men focus on different aspects of each investment before a decision is made. The main ingredient in a solid investment is longevity. BRL Trust isn’t looking for companies or products that can’t produce returns over a long period of time. Ribeiro likes to focus on export businesses and other solid commodity investments. Gomes likes to study liquid alternate platforms as well as the typical investment platforms. Tech companies like TraceLink fall under the typical investment platform.

What attracts BRL Trust to TraceLink is the fact that there is an absence of Brazilian compliance standards when it comes to prescription drugs. Prescription drugs are a large part of the retail marketplace, and anything that will enhance the effectiveness of reducing the number of counterfeit drugs in the marketplace could be a good investment, according to Rodrigo Cavalcante, the managing director of BRL Trust.

BRL Trust hasn’t made the decision to invest in this particular prescription platform, but there are conversations about the possibility of investing in this type of technological venture. Whatever BRL Trust decides to do, it will help all their clients maintain exceptional returns on their investments. Here, BRL Trust was written about by

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QNet’s Move to India Helps Set The Stage For Interest Product Developments08.20.15

India is quickly becoming the new home to a huge amount of manufacturing. India’s neighbor, China, still remains a prime location in which companies choose to move their production facilities. India is drawing a lot of companies to its borders and is primed to give China a lot of competition. Recently, QNet has decided to make India its new home for production. And India will be the main hub for the direct selling company’s manufacturing duties. In time, 100% of the products sold by QNet are going to be produced in India. The ability to save upwards of 12% of production costs is factoring into that decision.

QNet is a top e-commerce business that promotes the retail sale of its products through a series of affiliate members. Entrepreneurs who wish to earn money through partnering with QNet can amass profits via commissions on sales. Unlike a host of other direct and multi-level marketing companies, QNet provides a tremendously diverse array of products.

The products range from health and wellness items to exquisite jewelry along the lines of Swiss watches. Through having access to a broad array of products, sellers can target more customers.

Then, there is another valuable benefit achieved from having numerous products available for sale. The seller can select those products he or she feels more comfortable selling. Promoting a product you are not familiar with can be a bit difficult. Someone might not be very well versed on watches, but health and wellness items could be something that same person knows a lot about. Knowledge about a product does help enhance the confidence a person needs to be a successful salesperson. With so many products to choose from. an entrepreneur has the ability to select the one most capable of leading to great success.

All of this brings us back to the news that QNet is moving its production facilities to India.

No matter what type of product an entrepreneur hopes to sell, the price has to be right for the consumer who is being targeted. When the price is too high, a lot of customers end up passing. With a competitive price, greater sales figures become possible. QNet is an exceptional marketing firm growing at a rapid pace.

The lowered production costs achieved by moving production to India makes QNet’s products more competitive price wise. Eventually, that competitive pricing should prove helpful to QNet and all its supporters.

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