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Richard Smith’s outstanding administration at Securus Technologies06.13.17

Securus Technologies is a top corporation that has majored in offering technology-based solutions for the North America-based prisons and law enforcement. It is currently headed by Richard Smith who serves as both the CEO and chairman. The company recently added a new senior sales executive to assist in the formation of high-tech software based sales teams that will ensure proper distribution of its 800 product to clients across the country. The new executive is John Bell, and he will be serving as the Senior Vice President of Sales.


According to Rick Smith, Securus Technologies is determined to stay ahead in the industry, and therefore, it has invested over $600 million in the development of hundreds of outstanding product. The company currently needs an excellent sells resource that will improve its sells team to enable all its products to reach the market. John Bell is knowledgeable in the transformation of organizational structure and development of competent sales professionals. He has been working in the sales field for about 35 years. Some of the major companies that he has served are IBM, AT&T, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, and NTT Verio. The experience that he has gained in the field will enable him to offer outstanding guidance to the company’s 100-person sales team.

The growth of Securus Technologies has been outstanding under the management of Richard Smith. Smith is a qualified electrical engineer who graduated with a degree from the State University of New York. He also holds masters in mathematics. The company’s management board offered him the president and CEO positions in 2008. One of the first accomplishments that he made was assisting the firm in the acquisition of Syscon Justice System in 2009. The company had specialized in offering offender management systems and it helped Securus Technologies in increasing its scope of services.

Rick Smith Securus has served various corporations as during his career. In 1972, he was hired by the Frontier Corporation, which offered him various management roles for the 25 years that he served it. Richard served departments such as business development, information technology, operations, and finance. He left the firm in 1997 and was offered a job by Eschelon Telecom in 1998. Richard served as the COO of the company for one year and was promoted to act as the CFO. In 2002, the company appointed him to serve as its CEO, and he held the position until 2007. During Smith’s time at the company, its EBITDA increased to $80 million, and CAGR grew by 48 percent. The total revenue of the business also increased from $30 million to $350 million. Richard currently sits on the board of directors of Eschelon Telecom. The experience that he gained as an administrator has been beneficial in the growth of Securus Technologies. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

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Wessex Institute of Technology – Great Career Opportunities in Science and Technology05.07.17

The Wessex Institute of Technology offers plenty of great career opportunities for those whom are inclined to having a career in STEM fields. The Wessex Institute was established for the purpose of being able to serve the scientific community, which means that they are a very unique organization in that sense. Academics and Industry use the Wessex Institute as a vehicle for knowledge exchange. In order to better serve the international community, the company has even established an American office in Boston, MA. Much of their technology surrounds mechanics, environmental models, and information technology. That being noted, they have also created graduate Programmes for students whom are looking to further their careers in technical fields. For those looking to further their careers, they can apply to the Wessex institute and consider one of the many opportunities which the organization has to offer. Opportunities exist for both new graduates and experienced professionals alike.

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Visual Recognition Software Is Changing Online Retail Sales04.26.16

Searching through an online retailer’s catalog can prove to be a fun experience. There are a great many items of interest to be found on the various pages and subpages of the catalog. Finding these things is only a joy when they are actually found. This is not always possible due to the limitations of traditional search boxes.

All of that is now changing. Image recognition search apps and programs have emerged. As the name of the programs suggests on, they are designed to search for matches based on pictures. So, a photo taken by a smartphone could be run through an image recognition system to locate a similar matching image.

This opens the doors to many possibilities beyond exact matches. A consumer may like a particular look and style to a top name brand. The cost of that name brand item could be well out of the price range of the customer. This does not automatically end the consumer’s adventure on the retail site. If similar and cheaper merchandise is revealed, the customer does have the option of purchasing the matching products.

Retailers working with the image recognition program developed by Slyce have noted a larger percentage of “second-choice customers” are emerging. Since the customers are presented with more choices, they become more willing to make a buy rather than depart.

Slyce remains one of the top providers of image recognition and other apps/programs. Fortune 500 companies have signed agreements with Slyce and are thrilled with the results. A toy retailer, in particular, saw its revenues experience a marked improvement. All of this reflects another aspect that should never be overlooked. Consumers are very happy with the app.

Advancements in retail-oriented technology are sure to continue since these businesses have to always offer cutting-edge service to prospective customers. An easier shopping experience translates to better online customer service. This is why shopping cart software was developed, and it is why visual recognition and coupon apps are being designed and released.

The speed of purchasing is another overlooked benefit. Customers do not want to waste a lot of their time searching through a retail site by constantly typing different search terms. With visual recognition programs, an alternative option exists.

Speedier service, cheaper prices, and the revelation of a greater selection are all great features of image recognition programs. As the software continues to evolve, more features are sure to emerge.

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How Shaygan Kheradpir Has Been Involved In Building A Better World Through Communication10.29.15

Shaygan Kheradpir is a respected and well-known technology and business executive. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant and is bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. recipient from Cornell University in electrical engineering with a bias in control systems. All through his professional career, he has been involved in building mission-driven teams that have driven the change that matters to the community, organizations and also to the customers. He has been involved in rigorous straddling, connecting and innovation at the boundaries of disciplines that were considered traditional in different segments of the industry.

In the very recent past, he was announced the Chief Executive Officer as well as Board Chairman of Coriant. Shaygan Kheradpir on twitter joined the company after having worked with its senior management team at an Operations Partner role at Marlin Equity Partners. Because of his active involvement in the company’s operations and strategic planning, he assumed his new position and many were confident that his leadership would to a very large extent drive the company’s growth strategy forward. Many also expected that during his leadership tenure, the company would have a better focus on the solutions that matter most to its customers in the current dynamic and competitive end-user market.

Before joining Coriant, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Jupiter Networks, a company dealing with networking in the Silicon Valley. In the year 2011, he joined the Barclays Bank in London as the Chief Operating Officer in charge of wealth, investment and corporate banking. At the bank, he was the most needed catalyst for the cultural change that was very necessary for the transformation of the bank to be operating along the lines of the 21st-century processes in industrialization.

His career started at GTE Labs where he worked in the control, networking management, and routing department. He rose through the ranks to eventually become the software systems lab leader and played a very big role in building a world-class lab that developed integrated infrastructure and switching and transmission using the TONICS system. The systems enabled the company to consolidate its network into becoming one of the most consolidated network operations at the time.

He then moved to Dallas where he was instrumental in leading a systems development for all of the company’s units in interworking, wireless, wireline and information. During the period, the company was able to nationalize and rebuild its core systems based on principles about modern computer science, therefore, driving operational excellence without having a big dent on the finances. When the company merged with Bell Atlantic, he moved to New York and got appointed as the eBusiness Unit head and within a short time, he had risen through the ranks to become the Chief Informational Officer for the entire company. He worked very hard to deploy modern methods so as to achieve breathtaking results for the company by recruiting the creme de la creme in the technology and engineering arena that understood the need for products and services to be delivered in a modern environment so as to be useful even in the future.

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