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Eric Pulier: An Entrepreneur of A Different Breed04.12.17

Eric Pulier is a technologist, columnist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, published author, public speaker, and the founder of over fifteen companies. After graduating from Teaneck High School, he went on to attend Harvard University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree. In 1988 he graduated Magna Cum Laude from the university after studying English and American Literature, Visual and Environmental Studies, and Computer Science. As an avid supporter of education, Eric has always believed that it is the foundation of which everything else springs out of.


Eric Pulier’s career started out with the founding of People Doing Things (PDT), which addressed education, healthcare, and other issues through technology. After three years, he moved on and started up the interactive agency, Digital Evolution, which eventually merged with US Interactive LLC. Along the way, he helped to put together Starbright World, which is a revolutionary social network for chronically ill children that allows them to connect with one another. In 2001, Eric created Akana, formerly known as SOA and Digital Evolution, which became a company that provides Mainframe SOA products and comprehensive Integrated SOA Governance Automation for the realization of Service-Oriented Architecture.


Recognized as a leader in entrepreneurship in enterprise and government technology, Eric Pulier companies have been financed by some of the top venture capital groups around the globe. He has also been named as one of the 30 e-Visionaries by VAR Business, and is a highly sought after speaker for conferences that cover premier technology world-wide. He coauthored the successful book “Understanding Enterprise SOA,” which offers business people and technologists a wider picture of inter-dependencies and other related issues and has written articles, such as, The Enterprise Industrial Complex, which was published in Forbes Magazine.


As a generous philanthropist, Eric Pulier has donated to numerous causes, and especially those that focus on the use of technology to solve issues in economically disadvantaged communities or that physically impaired children face, around the world. As a pioneer of the use of computers for multimedia education experiences, he built a device that used a laser beam to help people who had low to no motor control use a keyboard to interact and answer questions in an educational program. The world is a better place thanks to Eric.


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