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Olympic Valley Incorporation Effectively Stymied02.18.16

Andy Wirth also known as the CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings has been mentioned in the press recently for his continued effort to make the Squaw Valley near Lake Tahoe one of the world’s top winter vacation areas. He is involved in both community and environmental service organisations in his home the Squaw Valley. Andy Wirth’s main focus is to improve the area for residents and business’s both young and old. However his recent involvement in a near fatal skydiving accident has changed the course of his efforts slightly. During his recovery he came in contact with Navy Seals in the Squaw Valley area and decided to launch a community called the Wounded Warrior Support.

This Navy Seal foundation raises money to aid Navy Seal members and their families once they return home from deployment. Andy Wirth has made true friends during this difficult recovery period and pledged to give back to their families and community as a whole. This period in his life was very difficult but thanks to members of the Navy Seals who have given him the strength to recover and start life with a fresh purpose.

The summary of the article by the Reno Gazette-Journal can be found below which makes mentions of Andy Wirth.

In recent years the communities around Lake Tahoe and especially Squaw Valley have had difficulties due to bad weather conditions and the threat of an incorporation battle. The weather has not provided for the necessary conditions to let theses winter holiday destinations thrive. The incorporation battle was over the Olympic Valley which is also the home of the Squaw Valley. It’s CEO, Andy Wirth has mentioned that there will be relief to come in the future in the form of favourable weather and the withdrawal of the threat of incorporation. Mr Wirth and his holding have been opposing the incorporation for some time now as he says it would result in higher taxes as well as a drop in services that people depended on. These include snow plowing and necessary road maintenance. However those who where in favour of the incorporation said that Mr Wirth had his own agenda to improve local development and the construction of a gondola which will connect Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley. The incorporation was halted and now efforts can be made to start a healing process.

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