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The Number of Heroin Deaths Triple in the Last Three Years03.05.15

¬†According to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) the number of deaths from heroin overdoses has tripled between 2010 and 2013. The number of fatalities from prescription painkillers has stayed the same. Despite this rise in heroin overdoses, the death rate of death from opioids is still higher. In 2013, 8,257 people died from heroin while 16,235 persons died from pain killers. While most deaths from heroin used to occur among older black men today the victims are white men between the ages of 18 and 44 stated here for full article. The reason for this increase has to do with the availability of painkillers particularly Oxycontin. Between 2002 and 2011 about 25 million persons began to use opioids. Approximately 12 million did so without a prescription. In order to combat this Purdue Pharma, the company that produces OxyContin reformulated the drug so that it couldn’t be crushed and snorted. The U.S. government rescheduled the drug making it a schedule 2 drug that makes it much harder to get. Sadly an unintended side effect was that people began to use heroin at a higher rate when they couldn’t get the Oxycontin. It will not be easy to solve according to health officials.

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Do You Want Some Fries With Those Human Filled Empanadas?11.17.14

On Thursday, November 14, 3 people went to trial within the Country of Brazil, due to their arrest, which occurred back in 2012, on the basis of allegedly slaughtering 2 women, whom they ate and baked into empanadas- a long time favorite pastry of Brazilians-that they subsequently sold to the public.

It’s believed that the group was able to bake human filled pastries by luring at least 2 women to their residence by falsely promising them nanny positions. After killing their victims, the group would eat various parts of the the victim’s bodies. The other parts of the bodies that they did not eat directly, where grounded up like beef and used as a main ingredient of their cannibalized empanada-like pastries.

What’s really disturbing about this trio is not that they just killed and subsequently cooked and eat their victims, they gave their human filled empanada to a small 5 year old child that lived with them and sold it to other people within their community.

And as if things couldn’t get even more disturbing, it’s also reported that they would inflict a gruesome death on their victims via a “purification ritual” which entailed, beating them to death, hacking up their bodies and draining their blood. Brazilian authorities were able to make an arrest when they found the remains of two women, that partially buried on their property. When questioned about the motives of their killings, the trio said that they belonged to a group that believed in the purification and reduction of the world’s population.

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