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Securus Technologies Contain Wireless Communications01.18.18

Authorities are cracking down on cell phone usage by prisoners in America’s prison system. It is becoming increasingly common for inmates to obtain cell phone through various forms of subterfuge, smuggling, etc. Upon getting these phones, they frequently use them to orchestrate illegal activities, including setting up hits on their enemies. Securus Technologies is one of the major prison communication systems that that is striving to crack down on the abuses.


It became apparent that inmates obtaining cell phones was going to be an ongoing issue, when a Florida ex-corrections officer was targeted for reprisals by an inmate who had access to a cell phone. This inmate ordered a hit on the official and his wife. Both people were shot. He was shot six times, all at the urging of an incarcerated individual who ordered a hit by cell phone.


That was not the only example of the heinous use of cell phones by inmates. Three other inmates actually ordered the murder of an infant via cell phone. The uncle of the infant was a co-confederate of the inmates. When things went awry between them the inmates ordered the infant killed. His conspirators executed the child in its mother’s arms while she was walking down the street a Georgia.


The ex-corrections officer’s name is Robert Johnson. Since his shooting he has been on a crusade to insure cell phone usage is banned in prisons. He has spoken to the Federal Communications Commission and now he represents Securus Technologies as they spearhead this effort to crack down on inmate cell phone abuses. Securus Technologies is instituting a blocking system referred to as the ‘Call Defender‘ that prevents cell phones from being used by inmates to make calls or to send text messages to the outside from inside the prisons. This wireless containment system is acts as an internal cell phone tower and decides which calls to connect and which ones to drop. Inmate calls that haven’t been cleared are automatically dropped.


Securus Technologies is continuously utilizing technology to cut down on illicit acts within the prison system. They discovered a corrupt staff member through phone call usage. They also used a similar method to break up a prison ring that was selling alcohol to inmates. Technology has consistently been a very effective method for unearthing corruption in the prison system.


For 15 years, Johnson worked for the Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina. One of his jobs was to confiscate contraband. His shooting was directly tied to executing his job flawlessly. Now, Johnson is joining forces with Securus Technologies, which provides communications for inmates for 2,000 correctional facilities across the nation. By using their state of the art technology, inmates using unauthorized numbers cannot gain access to the outside world. The internal cell phone tower stops the calls. No longer can inmates plan hits or other criminal ventures from inside the prison system using cell phones.


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Richard Smith’s outstanding administration at Securus Technologies06.13.17

Securus Technologies is a top corporation that has majored in offering technology-based solutions for the North America-based prisons and law enforcement. It is currently headed by Richard Smith who serves as both the CEO and chairman. The company recently added a new senior sales executive to assist in the formation of high-tech software based sales teams that will ensure proper distribution of its 800 product to clients across the country. The new executive is John Bell, and he will be serving as the Senior Vice President of Sales.


According to Rick Smith, Securus Technologies is determined to stay ahead in the industry, and therefore, it has invested over $600 million in the development of hundreds of outstanding product. The company currently needs an excellent sells resource that will improve its sells team to enable all its products to reach the market. John Bell is knowledgeable in the transformation of organizational structure and development of competent sales professionals. He has been working in the sales field for about 35 years. Some of the major companies that he has served are IBM, AT&T, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, and NTT Verio. The experience that he has gained in the field will enable him to offer outstanding guidance to the company’s 100-person sales team.

The growth of Securus Technologies has been outstanding under the management of Richard Smith. Smith is a qualified electrical engineer who graduated with a degree from the State University of New York. He also holds masters in mathematics. The company’s management board offered him the president and CEO positions in 2008. One of the first accomplishments that he made was assisting the firm in the acquisition of Syscon Justice System in 2009. The company had specialized in offering offender management systems and it helped Securus Technologies in increasing its scope of services.

Rick Smith Securus has served various corporations as during his career. In 1972, he was hired by the Frontier Corporation, which offered him various management roles for the 25 years that he served it. Richard served departments such as business development, information technology, operations, and finance. He left the firm in 1997 and was offered a job by Eschelon Telecom in 1998. Richard served as the COO of the company for one year and was promoted to act as the CFO. In 2002, the company appointed him to serve as its CEO, and he held the position until 2007. During Smith’s time at the company, its EBITDA increased to $80 million, and CAGR grew by 48 percent. The total revenue of the business also increased from $30 million to $350 million. Richard currently sits on the board of directors of Eschelon Telecom. The experience that he gained as an administrator has been beneficial in the growth of Securus Technologies. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

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Securus Technology Solutions Help Make Inmates Safer In Prisons03.24.17

With Securus Technology’s solutions for corrections facilities, crimes are stopped before they occur, which makes inmates, corrections officers and the public safer. After recently reading a press release where Securus shared a few of the thousands of emails and letters that they receive from their jail and prison customers, I realize that corrections customers count on Securus to make the incarceration environment safer for everyone.


In one facility, monitored calls revealed alcohol and drug use inside the prison, which the guards must have missed, but now they are aware of it and can take steps to stop crime in their facility. Other calls that were monitored revealed other suspicious activity, including an unusual money transfer. Whenever there is drug and alcohol use in prisons, inmates who were addicted to these substances before entering the prison have no incentive to stop using either alcohol or drugs.


In another case, a corrupt staff member was caught bringing contraband into the facility. Thanks to information obtained from a phone call with Securus’ technology, a search warrant was issued. The facility was so glad to have found the source of the contraband that they wrote to Securus, thanking them.


Effective communications management in prisons and jails has a direct impact on inmates and guards, as Securus Technologies solutions offer crime-fighting abilities. While inmates were convicted of a crime, they deserve a safe facility, free of alcohol and drugs, to serve their sentences.



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Securus video visitation makes institutions safer for everyone01.30.17

Securus Technologies, a leading provider of prison communication services, has been developing and implementing its video visitation systems throughout the last decade. These have proven enormously successful, with both inmates and staff acclaiming the system for its efficiency and savings. But as much as inmates and their families have loved the ability to allow for almost constant communication between them, some of the largest benefits have accrued to officers in the form of increased safety of the institutions themselves.



Detecting and preventing crime


Historically, one of the largest problems that prisons have faced in the United States has been the ongoing criminal enterprise perpetrated by gangs with highly structured hierarchies and military-like discipline. One of the things that have made these gangs so shockingly dangerous is their ability to operate criminal enterprises not just within prison walls, but on the outside as well. Cases of individual gang leaders amassing fortunes while incarcerated have been known. Another lurid problem is gang leaders being able to order brutal murders and physical assaults to those on the outside, including witnesses, snitches and their families.


Video visitation and other systems in Securus’ line up have allowed officers to fight these problems like never before. Voice, facial and other biometric data is used to identify any unauthorized persons talking on any device on prison property. This can be achieved within milliseconds and officers alerted so that they can begin to monitor the call in real time. All text messaging can also be analyzed for any kind of anomaly, including the use of code words or other keywords that may indicate criminal activity.

Securus’ products have the capability to monitor every word spoken and typed within institutional walls, including, where permitted, non-electronic voice conversations occurring between two inmates anywhere within the facility. These measures are keeping prisons safer than ever before.

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Securus Technologies Installers Awarded Prestigious BICSI Certification10.20.16

Dallas, TX based telecommunications service provider Securus Technologies has a new feather in it’s cap. The company recently announced that 11 of it’s Field Service Specialists have been anointed with the Installer 1 certification by BICSI, a respected industry standards organization. The highly sought-after certification is granted to technicians and engineers who demonstrate a mastery of the theory and application of industry best practices in the installation of copper cabling, including safety, professionalism, and building codes. A combination of practical experience, self directed study, and classroom instruction by industry experts provides candidates with the background for the examination, which is professionally proctored, and offered in various major cities throughout the United States.

The telecommunications industry is standards based. Securus Technologies, in seeking high level certifications and advanced training for their employees, continues to show leadership and direction in the dynamic, rapidly changing industry. By aligning their company with standards organizations, such as BICSI, they are able to help shape those standards by being able to provide real-world perspectives on the challenges facing technicians and engineers.

BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Service International) traces it’s roots back to 1973, as a small group of professionals in the telecommunications industry met once a year to discuss problems and best practices.

Securus Technologies is a privately held company with a proven history as an industry leader in providing leading edge telecommunications services to civil and criminal justice organizations throughout the United States.


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