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The Success of Dick DeVos05.28.16

Dick DeVos is a family man, an entrepreneur, as well as a businessman who has dedicated decades of his life towards helping expand as well as preserve the family legacy. Dick DeVos started working for the family company known as Amway Corporation in 1974. During his first few years at Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos rose through the ranks and held several executive positions in various divisions of the company. These divisions include research, manufacturing, marketing and sales, as well as finance. Within only ten years of making his way up the success ladder, Dick DeVos was promoted to become one of the company’s vice presidents.

His his position as vice president, Dick DeVos was in charge of international sales with the 18 other countries that the company did business with. Under Mr. DeVos’ leadership, the company tripled their international sales. Under his leadership, the company for the first time made more money off of the international sales rather than the domestic sales. According to records of the company, during Dick DeVos’ position as vice president of international sales, the international sales rose by 45 percent overall. Six years later after serving much time as vice president for the company, Dick DeVos had shown his capabilities enough to become the CEO of the company. Dick DeVos, in total, served as the company’s CEO for close to ten years.

As a successful businessman, Dick DeVos has dedicated much of what he has earned to worthy causes. One of the worthiest causes in the opinion of Dick DeVos and his wife is the cause of education. Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy, have given millions of dollars to not only scholarships for merit-based individuals, but also towards building new schools for children and teenagers. It is the belief of Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos that schools are a way to raise human capital and should be allowed to those that deserve them based upon merit and not based upon family income.

As Dick DeVos focuses more on philanthropy, he has appointed a new candidate to take care of the business end of his family’s legacy. Dick DeVos has recently appointed Phil Dolci, a marketing expert, as the leader of his business. With Mr. Dolci’s leadership skills, Dick DeVos is confident of how far Mr. Dolci will continue to build his family name. Dick DeVos chose Mr. Dolci because he is an individual that Mr. DeVos truly trusts.

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