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Andrea McWilliams is involved in community developments and plays a major role in ensuring that women and young girls are empowered. She is also a philanthropist who has been a member of the town committee, the long center notable women and the chair of the mamma jamma ride. Her residence is in Enfield she is a wife, mother and an entrepreneur. Andrea is the founder of a company involved in consultation of government affairs. Prior to that she has been involved in non- profit organizations such as the Austin children and the Texas asylum where she provided financial assistance to them. McWilliams also took part in the cancer foundation where they were raising money for those affected and educating people on measures to take in order to prevent the disease. Moreover, she was a celebrity dancer in a fundraising event in Austin’s inaugural. Additionally, McWilliams was the chair of charitable events and member of a scouting team. She has taken part in politics where she ensured all persons in any particular political party was well represented politically.

Due her hard work she has been awarded different awards which include the Texas businesswoman of the year award, woman of distinction award and the style setter award which came about after being recognized for her dedication and hard work in the different organizations in which she participated. The recognition came about because of strategic skills she possess, patience, persuasive power and her unique expertise. Andrea’s company is dedicated to providing meaningful outcome for organizations and businesses in the country. She is passionate about the work she does that is helping the community with provision of funds. Her involvement in different fields and the passion she has for her work has made her one of the outstanding women in the country who are doing extra ordinary things.



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