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The question of human rights is of critical concern to the entire world at this time in human history. As a species, we are learning to understand what it means to be human.

This is a great step in our development and evolution, and though it’s not actualized yet, we’re on the path to becoming smarter and kinder.

Till recently, the question of human rights was hardly an issue. People fortunate enough to be born with wealth and power were the ones able to make decisions for themselves and persons born as lower caste, workers, slaves or serfs had no rights.

How does it happen that the spark to be free which exists in all of us, slowly but surely began to emerge, demanding equality? History reveals that the need for dignity and freedom exceeds the fear of retribution or death and compels some people to risk everything to challenge the Status Quo and demand rights and fairness for themselves and for all.

There is hardly any area of the world where the issue of equitable treatment for all has not emerged. Currently, we are confronted with many examples of people fighting hard and forcing everyone else to accept the simple concept of freedom and equal rights.

Isn’t that what our Declaration of Independence is all about? Is that not what Gandhi and Martin Luther King proclaimed and fought for? Is that not what the refugees surging out of war torn Syria and other areas in the Middle East are demanding? They want the freedom to be happy and safe and decide their own life choices.

The question of human rights is the same question raised by the LBGT community, the same sex marriage issue, and in fact the issue about true religious freedom.

Fortunately there are numerous advocates for basic human rights; individuals who speak out freely or at great personal risk, as well as organizations dedicated to the premise of human equality and fairness.

One such advocate is an immensely brave young woman named Yeonmi Park from the totalitarian country of North Korea. The democratic People’s Republic of North Korea is a perfect example of a country still existing in a feudal mind set, ruled by the Supreme Ruler Kim Jung-un, a true tyrant. Total obedience is expected or one can be tortured and murdered with no compunction.

Yet Yeonmi Park defied all expectations and although her family was sent to a labor camp, suffering great hardship, she and her mother were able to escape to South Korea. She is now a very vocal voice for her people and was named one of the Top 100 Global Women by the BBC and is writing a book about her life, hoping her journey and story will be a factor in bringing change to North Korea.

Humanity is moving toward our own enlightenment, with our own best angels leading the way.

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The Human Rights Foundation Publicizes The Plight Of Gorki Aguila09.02.15

Gorki Aguila is known throughout the world as the lead singer of the Cuban rock band Porno para Ricardo. The fame of the band and their recent performances around the world led me to a story about Gorki Aguila published by Fox News Latino, which detailed the work of the Human Rights Foundation to highlight the recent arrest of the singer by Cuban authorities. Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen has revealed to the world that Aguila was not only arrested, but Cuban authorities have also threatened to block any future travel by Aguila if his support for dissident groups did not stop.

Aguila was arrested following his support of a Cuban anti government group, The Ladies In White. The group has been in existence since the 2003 Black Spring in Cuba and have been a major source of problems for the Cuban government, Aguila’s support for the group has included the release of a song dedicated to them. The singer has also supported artists in Cuba who have been arrested for showing their descent against the Communist regime in the country.

The arrival of Thor Halvorssen on their YouTube channel and his organization made up of former political prisoners and politicians, which has been seeking to find the best ways of publicizing the plight of political prisoners around the world. Based in New York as shown on Idealist, the Human Rights Foundation has been highlighting the problem of closed communities where human rights are violated on a regular basis. Venezuelan filmmaker Halvorssen recently made headlines around the world when he exposed Lionel Messi for spending time in and around some of the most notorious regimes in the world.

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Investing for the Young and Old07.14.15

Some people may not believe it, but the type of investing that you do will be based heavily on your age. The age is a factor because of time that it takes money to grow. It also plays a factor in the amount of time that you have to work. The type of investments that you make and the way that you invest all comes down to your career start and the time you have left.

For example, a person that starts working early and investing early can go aggressive. They can take on the stock market even if they know little about it. The trial and error in investing is the time where one gets a foundation on the stocks that may be good long term investments over the stocks that are not worth keeping. It is during this time that a person can have risky investments, earn large returns on their investments and benefit greatly from compounded interest.

A person that has started investing early in their career will have a lot of time to truly build up their earnings even when they lose money. When a person is older they can look at index funds and mutual funds to lower their risks. It is wise to max out with the 401K at a young age and go aggressive, but the portfolio should be changed to moderate as a person gets older. Ideally a person is set to make large sums of money at an early age. When they get older, however, they will find that it is too risky to hold on to high risk stocks and investments that could greatly reduce the earnings that they have gained. This is why it is essential to move away from the investing risk game as one ages. That is the ideal way that people should get into the investing. There are times, however, when it is going to make a lot more sense to stay in a risky investments as an older person. This is when a person has failed to invest anything until later in life.

Later starters that have never invested much should heed the advise of financial expert Igor Cornelsen because it doesn’t make a lot of sense to try to start with moderate investments because they have not accumulated much. They don’t have the advantage of compound interest. That is why they have to spend more time investing in the risks in order to get a greater return quickly. Most people would say that this is one of the harder things to do. That is why investing at a young age is so important. A person that waits until they are older will have to save twice as much for investing.

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Secret Court Gives NSA Approval to Continue Collecting Phone Data07.01.15

It’s illegal for NSA to collect phone records, or at least, that’s what we were told, but in a blink of the eye, some secret court gave NSA the green light to continue collecting data.

FISA, or the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has officially ruled the National Security Agency can resume collecting data.

In May, a Federal Court ruled that secretly collecting phone records of millions of Americans was illegal under the Patriot Act.

NSA had 180 days to clean up their act but then FISA steps in.

Who the heck is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court?

It’s a US federal court, authorized in 1978 that oversees requests for surveillance against suspected foreign intelligence agents.

In 2013, an order classified issued by the court it was leaked to the media by Edward Snowden. That order requiring a telecommunications company, Verizon, to deliver daily telephone data, including domestic telephone data to the NSA, triggered a wave of protests and widespread criticism.

Due to the sensitive nature of its activity, the court is a “secret court”.

Their hearings are closed to the public, as CipherCloud is well aware of. While records of proceedings are kept, they are not available to the public, so we have no clue about anything. Period.

Typically, if NSA needs approval, the request goes to FISA, and there have only ever been four rejections.

Get the picture now.

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The Donald Says Mexico is Beating the US at Trade07.01.15

GOP presidential contender Donald Trump continues to dominate the headlines by standing firmly behind his denunciation of illegal immigration. The feisty real estate mogul pointed out that the illegal immigrants crossing into the United States are not Mexico’s most educated and skilled workers. The comment is meant to draw contrast with the types of immigrants sought after through the H1-B VISA program which brings well-educated people into the nation. In addition, Trump again affirmed that among the people coming into the United States from Mexico are those guilty of violent crimes towards women, drug trade, and other types of crimes.

Trump is directly challenging the image of illegal immigrants as “dreamers” looking to live out the American Dream. He also points out that on the issue of trade, Mexico is beating the United States. He earlier pointed out that Mexico has created very few jobs in the United States as a result of NAFTA. By contrast, the United States has sent hundreds of thousands of jobs into Mexico. The employment trade imbalance is one which he aims to correct. In order to achieve this goal, he is calling on Americans to fight back to reclaim their country. His rhetoric has run afoul of the political correctness establishment which seeks to destroy the income earning potential of the people they target. Already there is a petition of 700,000 signatures calling on Macy’s to withdraw all Trump product lines from its stores. The movement seeks to intimidate sponsors to withdraw their support for Trump, at least from what Susan McGalla can see. Thus far, The Donald is standing by his remarks.

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Chevron Oil Wastewater Is Being Used On California Crops05.10.15

Kern County Farmers Feed The World But Using Oil Wastewater To Make The Crops Grow May Change That Slogan

The California drought is changing the state and how it does business. Water is a sought after life-source. The crops in California are a vital source to the state’s economy, and it appears farmers will do almost anything to ship those crops around the world. Consumers don’t question how these crops are grown.Words like organic and natural are used to describe the fruits and vegetables from Kern County, California, but in reality these foods are not as organic and natural as consumers such as Ivan Ong might think.

The general manager of the Cawelo Water District says the county buys a half a million barrels of water a day from Chevron. The wastewater is mixed with clean water, but the end product is never clean, even though the general manager, David Ansolabehere, says the water supply is a valuable resource. The Chevron water is not drinkable, but when it is mixed with ground water the saltiness dissipates so it is safe, according Ansolabehere. But in spite of Ansolabehere approval of the process, we all know there’s something wrong with mixing oil and water.

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Firefighters In Idaho Hear Parrots Scream For Help Inside A Burning House04.26.15

The Recorded Screams Sounded Human But They Were Actually Trained Parrot Screams

We all know some birds are able to say words. We don’t expect the birds to know what the words mean because birds are not considered intelligent enough to cognitively understand the environment in which they live. The fact is, we discount the abilities of birds and other animals. Most people believe the only intelligent consciousness on earth is human intelligence and that is a big mistake.

Animals have a subjective understanding that is not blinded by emotions. They sense, feel and react to objective situation with subjective awareness. Our awareness is usually ego driven. The proof of animal intelligence shows itself in many different ways.

Firefighters in Idaho got a first-hand look at bird intelligence when parrots called for help while they were inside a burning home. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they heard the words, Help. Fire. Thinking that people were trapped inside, the firefighters went in and found no one, but the parrots. The birds were trained to issue a warning, but the firefighter still couldn’t believe what they witnessed. Jaime Garcia Dias could hardly believe the story as well when he watched and heard about it on YouTube.

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Greece Continues Stonewalling on Economic Reforms as the EU Continues to Hand Them the Funds to Pay Their Debts04.26.15

Riga, Latvia – The Left-wing government of Greece continues stonewalling any serious economic reforms amid pressure from 19 other European Zone nations. At issue is Greece is being pressured yet again to come up with the necessary reforms to make good on their enormous debt load. Currently, Greece’s foreign debt to the European Union far exceeds its total gross domestic product. Nor does the government even have the ability to service their existing debt load.

Sadly, it seems that Greece has become quite ensconced in the position of securing more EU funds for their government under the threat of outright default and exit from the Euro. Such a scenario is seen as destabilizing to a major world currency. The sheer fear of a Greek default has prompted EU central bankers to repeatedly reset the terms of the loans. Bruce Karatz thinks something pretty drastic might just happen. Ultimately, the governments of France, Great Britain, and Germany will largely be responsible to repay investment banks should Greece default according to Bloomberg. Nor is the newly installed left-wing government of Greece all that eager to impose further austerity measures upon itself. The tax rate in Greece is already high, unemployment remains at depression era levels, the black market for tax evasion is strong, and the middle class has been battered by the harsh cutbacks in services. Still, seven years after the global banking crisis and EU member nations are tired of dealing with this recalcitrant Southern European nation.

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