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The OSI Group Brings a New Light to the Food Production Industry12.09.17

Many food industry companies are worried about one thing only: money. The OSI Group likes to think about their profits, but their main goal is something much more valuable. By focusing on how they can be sustainable in an industry that is not very eco-friendly, the OSI Group is pushing to help other companies see the right way to do business. There is no point in making a lot of money if they can not make that money last for years with the things they are doing. The OSI Group knows this and they also know their company can be the best opportunity for people to try different food company options.

While the OSI Group has been working to provide clients with everything they need, they also know there is a lot of value that comes with building great customer relationships. In fact, the OSI Group works so hard to maintain their relationships, their first client is still one of their clients today. Despite the company being one that is now a corporation, they have held onto the family values they originally had when they first started their business.

By doing this, the OSI Group has made sure they are going to help all their clients. They know what it takes to help them so they know they can try different things. They give their clients something to look forward to no matter what industry they are a part of. From big companies, like McDonald’s, to small restaurants in their own hometown, the OSI Group gives everyone the treatment they deserve. Because they know how to treat their clients, the OSI Group has done what they can to give their clients the best life possible. They know just what it takes to offer them the greatest opportunities in their lives.

As long as the industry has been a part of the food companies lives, the OSI Group has known what it takes to be successful. They continue to offer people the right type of options they can use on their own. The OSI Group does everything in their power to try different things. They also do things that will make them a better company. Everything they have done has given the customers a chance at a better life. It has also made things much easier for the businesses they work with in the food industry around the entire world.

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Sheldon Lavin- CEO of OSI Group11.20.17

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of the largest food production company in the world known as OSI Group. OSI Group is an American company that has its headquarters in Illinois. To become the CEO of this processing firm, Sheldon Lavin has worked tirelessly from a very humble beginning to finally managing to drive this company to become a global food processing giant. OSI Group has been around for very many years. It was started in 1909 as a small butcher shop. It developed gradually over the years until now when it is multinational. Initially, it was not known as the OSI group. It started as OTTO & Sons, named after the founder of company Otto Kolschwsky.

OSI Group, a company that has been existence for more than a 100 years have reached this point of growth due to good management by Sheldon Lavin and his team. OSI Group today can be found in more than 65 locations all over the world. It is also found in other parts of the world through partnership with organizations. Sheldon Lavin has built the company on 3 very important pillars. They are food safety, sustainability, and green practices. These are the core pillars that have been sustaining the company’s growth. Recently, he has been approaching a strategic market-focused method of expanding the market reach.

OSI Group realized steady growth after it was contracted to hamburger by McDonald’s. By then, McDonald’s was not a big company. As it developed, it demanded more from the OSI Group. This prompted the group to come up with a special facility that was used for supplying meat to McDonalds only. This was the first processing plant that the group would form. Sheldon Lavin joined the company later in the 1970s. He came in to help the sons of Otto with the management of the company. He joined them as an equal partner. His impact on the company was instant. Since he joined the company it has been a steady growth throughout.

Sheldon Lavin has pushed the expansion plan of the company to almost every corner of the world. As of today, OSI Group has a presence on almost all the continents. They have been acquiring other food production plants in various countries so that they can boost their expansion plan. Sheldon position in the company has grown steadily following the departure of the two Otto’ Sons.

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OSI Group, Food Processing Company10.07.17

OSI Group has the longevity as a food processing company which is one of the clearest indicators of a company’s positive impact as well as their great product. The retail and service food industries have been revolutionized ever since the inception in 1909 with the group bringing everything from meat patties, fish, poultry, vegetable products, bacon, hot dogs and pizza to new tiers of excellence. Otto Kolschowsky surely knew what he was doing when he immigrated from Germany in order to open up what began as a simple family meat market.

Sheldon Lavin has since taken over as the CEO, but the OSI Group continues to push forth with innovation and excellence in the industry. He has a special commitment to green innovations which is an area where a myriad of companies have found that they can have beneficial environmental impacts while at the same time being able to increase profits, improved brand awareness and customer loyalty, and decrease production costs. The improved environmental footprint is certainly something that works wonders all the way around.

There are still a number of plants in the Chicagoland area which are keeping honest to the Illinois origins, but there have also since been supplications which have added a number of other cities (all the way to California) to the US plant portfolio. They were able to adopt a number of innovations such as the cryogenic food processing which revolutionized the fast food industry in the 1960s. McDonald’s, Subway, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut have all found that they can get consistent great product through the food chain that the OSI Group can deliver. They have been recipients of a number of awards for the for the excellent management of health and safety risks. For more info about us: click here.

In more recent years, the company has been able to further expand globally into more of the international markets which has continued to increase their brand recognition. Eastern Asia is one of those markets where China has been the forefront of great additions. There is a Beijing plant, and the company was able to provide much of the product for the Beijing Olympics as well. India and Eastern Europe have also been areas of further expansion. A number of acquisitions have added to their ability as well, with Flagship Europe and Hynek Schlachthof GmbH being two of the larger names in that regard. There have been a number of divine influences which keep the OSI Group reigning at the top of such a market.

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Meat President-Sheldon Lavin09.26.17

He can be described as a meat profession an industry he has been serving for more than 43 years. Sheldon Lavin is experienced in the meat processing sector with him working at OSI Group. Before the start of his career in the meat industry; Lavin worked in the financial sector where he also very successful. Sheldon Lavin had his own financial consulting association. As time went by, Sheldon climbed the career ladder and he became the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. Mr. Sheldon is devoted to whatever task he undertakes, and him being the Chief Executive Officer of OSI he has been working effortlessly to see the expansion of the organization. OSI Group has been growing tremendously becoming an international supplier of food of various retail food brands.

The meat processing company has been delivering its services as well as products through different subsidiaries which include; OSI Industries, and OSI International Inc. Mr. Lavin began his journey working at the meat industries many years ago; 1970 when he was responsible for coordinating Otto & Sons which is a pioneer Association for OSI Industries. The Otto &Sons had an opportunity to establish a meat handling office and Sheldon got a chance to be a McDonald Corporation hamburger supplier. His experience in the financial sector made one of the banks to recommend Lavin to become a possessor at Otto &Sons a position he declined. Instead, Mr. Sheldon Lavin opted to be a consultant and he went ahead to set a requirement with the Otto family.

Sheldon Lavin is not the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the meat group, but he is also the President of OSI International Foods Ltd. The Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the meat processing firm became involved in the business in 1975, when the McDonald was in high demand; Lavin decided to fully engage in the business. He also has other leadership responsibilities in other facilities among them; Rush University Medical Center where he is the General Trustee and the Director for National Fish & Wildlife Foundation. Lavin has been responsible for managing the over 20000 staffs all over the world, and he is proud of what he does to make the OSI Group a family.

Sheldon Lavin has also received various Awards among them; Life Achievement Award from RSM US LLP which he received in 2015. Sheldon’s dreams and goal is to see OSI Group expand as it delivers their services and products to the world. Mr. Lavin believes that OSI has the talent and ability to take the organization to the next level even after his retirement.

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A Review Of Sheldon Lavin’s Career In The Meat And Food Processing Industry07.24.17


Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and chairman of OSI Group, a global supplier of food products to leading retail and foodservice brands. Lavin has proved to be an exceptional leader by growing the brand from a domestic supplier of hamburgers to a worldwide supplier of meat products and other foods like sandwiches and pizza. Lavin has been honored severally due to his contributions towards enhancing the performance of OSI Group. In 2016, India’s Vision World Academy honored him with a Global Visionary Award for contributing to job growth across the world. In 2015, he scooped the Lifetime Achievement Award by RSM US LLP for his excellent service to the community of Chicago.

Sheldon Lavin’s journey in the meat industry began in 1970 when he worked as a financial consultant. He arranged funding for OSI’s predecessor company, Otto & Sons. Otto & Sons had a meat processing factory that supplied hamburgers to McDonald’s in the Midwest. Later, he became a partner with the two sons after their father retired. To this end, he started engaging in the daily activities of the company. Lavin helped OSI Group to expand to new markets across North America and Europe. In 1980s, he expanded the company’s operations to South America and Taiwan. Eventually, the two sons retired from the business, leaving Lavin in full management of the company. He has since then concentrated on expanding the OSI Group’s foot print to China, Philippines, Japan, India, Australia and South Africa. Sheldon Lavin at LinkedIn.

Presently, OSI Group has three subsidiaries, which are OSI Industries LLC, OSI International Inc., and OSI International Foods, LLC. Sheldon Lavin has cultivated a family culture at the company where all employees maintain transparency, trust and respect. This situation has helped them to attract and retain their employees. The entity has more than 20,000 employees. Besides his corporate duties at the company, Lavin actively participates in various charitable initiatives in the community. The executive supports different charities, including Ronald McDonald House of Charities, the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, Evans Scholarship Fund and The National Sclerosis Society. He serves on the boards of Rush University Medical Center and the Goodman Theatre. Lavin is also the president and director of The Sheba Foundation. for more.

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