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White Shark Media- A Review Worthy of a Shark08.22.17

White Shark Media is a company focused on delivering online marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses. The company, which has a strong online presence, is centered around search engine optimization as well as helping companies focus on increasing revenue for their online communities.

Founded in 2011, White Shark Media has an ever-growing customer base and a staff of 150 employees. The services provided to the growing number of clients has led the company to receive positive ratings. They are also a partner with Google AdWords Management.

“They are great, responsive, and up to date in terms of knowledge. We are sure to use their skills in the future for further business development.” -Catalin S.

“We recommend White Shark Media to anyone looking to advertise.” -Rafael J.

“We have had a very positive experience working with White Shark Media.” -Melissa F.

From these reviews, it is easy to see why White Shark Media comes highly recommended for use in online marketing operations.

Another great advantage of using White Shark Media is that they have a referral program in which you can earn $250 for referring a friend. You simply have to fill out the referral form. Once the referral joins the company you will get a $250 gift card.

Overall, White Shark Media is a company that works for your benefit in helping you to develop your online marketing programs and towards increasing revenue for your company. You can contact them today by calling (305)-728-4828 and getting a free evaluation for service!

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How is your Online Reputation?08.02.16

Reps take the time to build. A good reputable firm will always have increased sales and loyal customers willing to tell you as much information about the company so you can be a frequent customer as well. The reputation that has taken the time to build however may just crumble in a split second due to online comments or negative reviews by just one person about a firm.

Businesses understand that a good reputation is fundamental for any business undertaking. Therefore, there are several online reputation management (ORM) companies to help you get the negative publicity and back on your feet in time before all the negative publicity takes a toll on your business. ORM enables you to overcome the negativity, by allowing you to recover, for the startup business, it helps them get good publicity and reputation first hand and in times of distress, prevent any negativity.

A good reputation manager is hence critical to overcoming all this. Having a firm with an excellent reputation is the first step to your company, making a better reputation, or molding the tainted reputation. The better reputation management company is among the few that can stand countable in this line. It has in the past helped business get back on their feet after rebuilding their reputation, as well as facilitating build a fresh start, not only for those recovering but also for a new firm. Certainly, you only need a good reputation and need no further marketing; your deeds speak for you.

Some of the tasks undertaken by Online Reputation Management firms; in a bid to help your company or you as a person (employers search for employees or future employee’s content online as well) attain a better reputation. They include Search Engine Optimization Management, content development; this enables you to build great content, probably replace the already posted content, social media management, third-party web monitoring, which prevents dissatisfied employees from posting negative content online. However in as much as you like your reputation build, take the time to learn about the techniques the reputation management firm is using, and evaluate whether they are in your best interest.

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White Shark Media Addresses Complaints01.28.16

White Shark Media is capable of launching and managing a comprehensive Adwords campaign on Google and Bing. The firm also handles logo, website, and SEO evaluation work among other tasks. The company’s website reveals all the many services White Shark Media offers. Published reviews and testimonials draw attention to the positive things the company can do.

Not every customer who works with White Shark Media is automatically going to speak glowingly. No company is able to deliver 100% satisfaction. All companies could work hard at bringing up the level of satisfaction to a higher notch. Per a blog post on the firm’s website, White Shark Media has agreed to make operational changes in response to customer criticisms.

The blog post covered a lot of territory. Among the most important statements the company has made is a commitment to improving communications between customers and search engine marketing (SEM) specialists. Direct extensions have been installed on the phone system. Clients can reach the SEM specialists directly and without having to go through an operator. Also, the SEM specialists are assigned a supervisor who oversees all the work they are doing. The improvement in accountability aids in delivering solid service.

Communications have been expanded in other ways as well. A monthly GoToMeeting session is being instituted. This way, clients and specialists are able to have a virtual face-to-face discussion about the current status of the campaign. Reports are going to be more detailed. Clients who receive incoming phone calls from would-be customers are not always sure if the Adwords campaign is the reason behind the calls. Better analytics in the reports helps determine what percentage of calls are likely the result of the Adwords ads.

Many new clients are those who already have an Adwords campaign running that is doing decent business. They just want to increase sales figures and surely do not wish to see any aspects of the old campaign that is working to be dismantled. White Shark Media is now committed to keeping the working aspects of the old campaign in place.

White Shark Media is very responsive to its customers. The new approaches the company is taking is evidence of this.

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Tips On The Proper Keyword Strategy10.09.15

Keywords forms an important part of every SEO plan as well as in every marketing strategy for search engines. You will apply SEO to categorize your business and aim at the right audience, and at the same time dictate the kind of content your website will have. Over the years, SEO has significantly transformed to give good results. Through the use of keywords, SEO has risen in SERPs since the final user can get the best results from the search engines.

Keyword stuffing has previously been used as a trick so that search engines to position keywords and variations as many times as possible. This has been used by stuffing the keywords in the title, content and meta descriptions. Keyword stuffing has always been used regardless of whether or not it makes sense. As a result, the final user does not get the search result that can be relied upon. To avoid keyword stuffing when applying your keywords, here are some tips that will guide you through.

Before implementing your keywords strategy, the main question should be, how many keywords should you use? Although you should employ the keywords that you want on your page, it is also important that you focus on the audience you want to attract. Have a look at the following tips.

Your page title should have the keyword. This is important because it communicates to the search engines as well as the searcher about your page.
Put your keywords in the headline. This will help the users to get a compatible topic between the landing page and the search snippet.
Always remember your meta description. This helps to raise your rankings as well as the rate of click-through.
• Use your keywords in the page content. Your keyword should be part of your content.
• Use the keyword in the images. The ALT text and your image filename should include the keyword.
• Avoid extremes. If you feel you have overused the keywords, remove the unnecessary ones.

White Shark Media, a Digital Marketing Agency has become a leader in online marketing solutions. Their services are mainly for small sized and medium enterprises. They have assisted many companies in America grow through the use of online marketing tools and techniques. White Shark Media are committed to the success of their customers. In this regard, they look forward to being more innovative through their affordable marketing solutions, with complete honesty without contracts.

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