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Skout is an online dating and social site that advertises itself as the largest global platform for meeting people. It’s a platform that has connected over 500 million people since 2007.It’s currently experiencing an explosive growth. It’s adding 1.5 million new users every month. Scout is available in 14 languages and spans 180 countries. It has 150 employees. It’s available for free download on Apple store and Google play. Seven months ago it attained profitability.

Skout was founded in 2007 by the Scandinavian duo of Christian Wiklund and Nik Lindstrom.It was one of the pioneers to emphasize particular user location. It has since spawned Nixter (a nightlife app) and Fuse (a timed group messaging app). Skout on techcrunch uses The GPS to triangulate a user’s location.

Skout features a minimalist design language with emphasis on user experience. The account creation process is very straight forward. It takes on average 10 minutes to download the app and start chatting. In the app, you input your personal details and picture. It allows you to specify what exactly you need in the app. You can determine the race, gender and location of your target friends. As a new user, your experience is limited by the number of points you have. It’s their way of monetising the system. For you to unlock some features, you need to buy points. It unlocks some unique parts of the app including backstage photos, ability to download photos and advert free app.

Among the unique functions include Shake to chart feature. Here you shake your phone, and you connected to a random person in some other place. It takes 40 seconds for you to know the identity of your mate. The person can be anywhere in the world and is usually online. It’s a great way of expanding your social circle. Scout also allows you to send out wink bombs. These are attention seeking emoji’s that are broadcast to all your charts. You can even send a friend a gift. With friend invites, you can earn points. Each friend who joins gives you 25 points. You can also buy points to unlock other features. Among these functions is skout travel.

Skout travel is a revolutionary feature that allows you to visit any part of the world virtually. In this feature, you connect with a friend in another city of your interest. This friend then proceeds to take you on a tour of the place through the app.It’s an excellent networking tool that provides a unique experience. This feature has already connected over 10 million people. Some of the people who have met through skout travel have proceeded to take actual tours. This convergence of virtual world with the real world is a new breakthrough in tourism.

Skout is a new way for people to network. It’s breaking new grounds every day through innovative products. In the ever crowded online dating site, it’s providing a unique way for people to meet. Its recent fast growth shows the guys running it are on to something. It will sure change how we meet.

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