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A Russian Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Venture Capitalist11.16.16

Alexei Beltyukov holds an MBA degree from INSEAD, which he obtained in 1997. He is currently a venture capitalist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur and has founded many different companies which have influenced his ability to do great things in the world.

He is currently working to help startups succeed and was named as the Chief Operations Officer of Solvy, which is an educational startup that is designed to help children learn. Solvy is designed to allow High School teachers to generate homework problems which they are able to provide to their students.

Alexei Beltyukov is also the owner of A-List Ventures, which is based in Russia. This is a company which is designed to help Russian companies, particularly at times when they are struggling with their finances. The company has $400 Million in assets under management, which is evidence of the company’s success in being able to help many struggling businesses in Russia.

Alexei also became the Executive Director of the Renova Project, which is there to manage a large portfolio and design strategy/implement the portfolio decisions on behalf of the companies for which they are responsible.

Most of the investments in the portfolio are commercial enterprises: a commercial bank, pension fund, sea port, and other enterprises can count themselves in as being beneficiaries of the Renova Project.

Alexei is also partnered with the Skolkovo Foundation, which is affiliated with the Russian government and provides opportunities for tech startups. This group provides economic guidance and support for entrepreneurs and technology companies throughout Russia.

As a Vice President, he has the opportunity to expand opportunities for businesses throughout Russia. He has also worked to make leadership/business courses more affordable so that more people can benefit from the same type of opportunities that he has had to learn from the best and brightest.

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