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Getting a company that will deliver the best marketing agency is not a walk in the park. We live a world where many companies are sprouting everywhere all with the aim of marketing a good, a product or even manage a brand like Coca-cola. These companies have played a very important role in a world where technology has taken the competition to the nest level. One of the few reasons why marketing firms are on the rise is because many companies have now realized there is need for the public to know exactly what they do and the services they offer. This, in turn, helps maximize profit and increase their client base, one of the most notable marketing firms is White Shark Media.

Two thousand and eleven is the year the company was established, and by the year two thousand and fourteen was about, they were so good at what they were doing that their expertise was acknowledged by Google by allowing the company enter into the Google Ad words Premier SMB Partnership. Shark media not only offers the best services, but they are also affordable and time cautious whenever they are handling your projects. Through the years they have used Google analytics and one of their prototypes reporting software to ensure that they remain accountable to all their clients hence serving them the best possible way.

The company has estimated 201-500 employees who work hand in hand to make sure that all your needs are met. The teams are led by an individual that has mastered the art of marketing and all the loopholes in the business. Working with a crew that has your best interest at heart not only gives you peace of mind but helps put investors and shareholders at peace. Learning how to market your business, advertise it and run it the right way has never been this easy; thanks to White Shark Media these services are now readily available and very affordable prices.

One would then ask, how do I get in contact with White Shark Media, they are all over the internet, by browsing through the network, you can visit their website and see some of the packages that they offer to different people in all social class irrespective of whether the poor or the wealthy. Each package is designed specifically to help your business maximize and make more profits.

In conclusion, to really understand the level of expertise that White shark Personnel have with them you can visit their website and see some of the reviews left behind by customers and clients that were satisfied. The company has proved beyond any doubt that it has the potential to talk the talk and walk the walk.

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Nizan Guanaes Makes a Difference in the Marketing Industry09.19.16

Marketing and advertising are great avenues for ensuring that the products and services of a business reach existing and potential customers. This strategy involves using creativity, innovation, imagination, concepts and ideas to promote new products and create awareness on changes in old ones. Advertising is crucial in introducing a new product or service in the market. If advertising is done correctly at the right time, via the right media and in a certain time frame, it can attract new customers. It assists in capturing the market and heightening sales of an adman.

It is also essential for an organization to build strong customer relationships for it to grow. This is where an integrated marketing plan becomes relevant. An extensive, integrated marketing plan can effectively communicate the organization’s values, missions and messages to target audience.

Companies normally spend a lot of money on advertising. Nizan Guanaes is an executive marketer who understands that many media outlets like television, newspapers, and radio would not be in business if they did not generate revenue through the sale of advertising.

Mr. Guanaes is a partner and co-founder of ABC group, the national capital company in the Brazilian advertising market. The group operates 18 companies that focus on content, entertainment, advertising and marketing. Nizan Guanaes and Guga Valente founded ABC group in 2002 after merging several companies that they had established. Mr. Guga serves as the chief executive officer of ABC group.

Mr. Guanaes is also the president and founding partner of DD9DDb, a marketing, and advertising agency. Nizan spearheaded the firm’s growth from position 94 in the Brazilian ad agencies to one of the three largest in the country.

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