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Karl Heideck Comes Across Some Unusual Laws09.07.17

One lawyer who has worked in and around Philadelphia has imparted some of Pennsylvania’s strange and peculiar laws that span from paintball fights to marriage.

With regard to marriage laws, Karl Heideck discloses one law makes it illegal for the public to discharge cannons, guns or similar weapons during weddings. Another ruling relates to ministers and excludes them from assisting intoxicated people to get married.

With reference to paintballs, Pennsylvania law forbids a person from shooting at anyone who is not taking on the sport themselves. Another law looks to penalize any paintball follower who causes harm to someone else’s property while a further rule recommends appropriate ways to carry a paintball gun in a vehicle.

On the subject of beverages, state law only allows for a government run store to sell hard liquor. An update to the law last year, now allows private restaurants and supermarkets to put wine up for sale and convenience stores to sell beer.

Hunters and fishermen also must deal with a few uncommon rules. For example, the state government does not tolerate people hunting animals in cemeteries while another law forbids hunters from pursuing large beasts while they swim.


When anglers run out of bait, Pennsylvania’s Fish and Boat Code specifies no one can make use of goldfish, comets, koi or common carp to entice fish or other animals.

Karl Heideck also pointed out laws that target parenting. One law requires children living in Pennsylvania must have bathrooms situated within 200 feet of their bedroom as well as contact to nearby showers or bathtubs.

According to Karl Heideck, there are also several eerie local laws. He gave the examples of Pittsburgh banning trolley users from hauling mules or donkeys and women in Morrisville being required to gain permits before using cosmetics.

Before becoming an experienced attorney, Karl Heideck graduated from Swarthmore College with his Bachelor of Arts degree. He went on to earn his law degree from Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law.

He is currently employed at Hire Counsel where his expertise takes in corporate litigation, employment law, risk management and strong research skills.

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Ricardo Tosto: How To Choose A Good Lawyer For Your Business02.09.17

If you are in need of expert representation or guidance regarding business law issues, it is extremely important that you get in touch with a good lawyer. Take the time to research business lawyers in Brazil, then choose one that has a lot of experience in the industry. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has the knowledge and experience to help you.Just because your lawyer or attorney has a spotless disciplinary record does not necessarily indicate he or she is the best choice for your case or business advice. Beyond avoiding trouble, a good lawyer should secure the best result for his or her clients. As much as possible, ask friends, family, or colleagues for attorney recommendations based on people they trust or have dealt with in the past.

If you are having a difficult time getting a personal recommendation, there are credible lawyer websites that provide listing of the best attorneys by location, practice area, and reputation. These websites typically create a comprehensive listing of attorneys based on peer selections and independent research into their experience, awards, and record of verdicts and settlements.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has gained a reputation for outstanding service in the legal field. He is well experienced and reputable and comes highly recommended in Brazil.Ricardo Tosto has rendered top notch legal solutions to clients from all walks of life, including small and large businesses, entrepreneurs, institutions and high-profile individuals.You will always receive genuine, sincere, and professional counsel from Ricardo Tosto. He places top priority on informing his clients about their legal options so they have knowledge of how to tackle a particular challenge, especially when it comes to business issue and cases related to corporate law.As a business person, when you need to sue your business associate who has not fulfilled his or her contract, causing your project to fail, you feel the necessity for experienced counsel with a history of correctly litigating problems. Ricardo Tosto delivers representation in either issue, safeguarding the rights of companies and professionals when those rights have been violated.



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The New Minister Of The Superior Electoral Tribunal In Brazil Is A Woman06.12.16

Brazil is known for white sandy beaches, scantily clad dancers, the bright lights of Rio and the endless poverty in its big cities. Brazil is not known for women politicians. Dilma Rousseff broke that glass ceiling seven years ago when she became president, but the love affair with a woman president didn’t last long. Rousseff may be removed from office because of corruption allegations and fudging the facts about the state of the economy. Rousseff’s actions have not helped the women in Brazil that are fighting to become legitimate members of the political system, but a few women are still moving forward in spite of the Rousseff debacle.

One of those women is Luciana Lóssio, the attorney that thrives on legal challenges. Luciana Lóssio always wanted to be an attorney. It was the one occupation that she believed could make a difference in the political system in Brazil. Lóssio earned her law degree in 1999, and it didn’t take long for her to land a job with the Attorney General of the Republic. Lóssio made a name for herself while she worked for two Attorney Generals during her seven years there. Her job was to prosecute, and she was an effective prosecutor. Lóssio was also a skilled and articulate speaker that had the ability to get her points across under difficult circumstances.

Lóssio’s reputation spread across the country, and she was in demand for her electoral law knowledge and experience. When Arnaldo Versiani decided to leave the Superior Electoral Tribunal, Lóssio was nominated to replace him. The Superior Electoral Tribunal is composed of seven members. Two members are lawyers, and five are judges. The members have always been men, but the nomination of Lóssio puts an end to the all-male Tribunal.

Luciana Lóssio has the experience and the knowledge to help bring order to the electoral system in Brazil. Brazil is known for its phony voting system. The voting system is the main concern of the Superior Electoral Tribunal. The mission of the Tribunal is to make the election process legitimate, and that is not a simple task. For years, voting in Brazil has been tainted by corruption, and that continues even though the corruption is well known.

But as a Minister of the Superior Electoral Tribunal, Luciana Lóssio has the opportunity to make a difference and change the electoral system so it is fair and the corruption disappears. That’s her mission, and she usually completes her missions.

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