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The Investment Banker is A Major Position in Investment Banks11.10.16

Investment banking is an integral part of big business. Usually where many large businesses, corporations, and multi millionaires meet to conduct business deals that require significant cash, assets, or financial expertise, you will find a collaboration with an investment bank.

The need for investment banks sometimes goes under the radar because some businesses use investment banks as a background player to help put large business deals and transactions together or complete a financial matters behind the scenes. This is a normal occurrence for many investment banks. As the source of the money for many big business deals and transactions, the investment bank does not have to be front and center.

Many times the clients of investment banks prefer that people do not know that an investment bank helped to put a business matter together or completed a business matter. One of the reasons why clients work with investment banks is that the banks can be quiet and out of sight while helping greatly in the background.

At the center of the assistance provided by investment banks is normally an investment banker. The position of investment banker is a position that is responsible for a lot in an investment bank. Many business deals depend on the efforts of investment bankers. Clients depend on investment bankers, and investment banks depend on investment bankers.One of the investment bankers that has become well known over the years is Martin Lustgarten. Mr. Lustgarten has taken many investment banks to higher levels of success because of his efforts. A talented, smart, and savvy businessman Martin Lustgarten has made a name for himself as an investment banker who understands big business.

Martin Lustgarten has many years of experience in investment banking. He has learned how to attract clients, get clients, cultivate clients, and maintain clients. Also, he has used this expertise to establish his own investment banking firm. The firm he founded is Lustgarten Martin. In addition to establishing the investment banking firm, Martin Lustgarten is the CEO of the firm. He is responsible for the daily business operations and decisions related to his investment banking firm.

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Laidlaw & Company Services and Leadership05.12.16

Laidlaw & Company is an independent investment banking and securities brokerage firm that serves various clients including corporate entrepreneurs, private institutions and domestic and international companies. The company’s core investment banking services include acquisition financing, debt placement and raising capital through equity placement with institutional and high-net worth retail investors. Laidlaw & Company also offers advisory services on financial restructuring, divestitures, acquisitions and fairness opinions. According to, the firm has over 150 employees and operates offices in the US and Europe. Laidlaw & Company (UK) affiliate, Laidlaw International is authorized by Brokercheck.FINRA, which is incorporated in England and Wales.
Laidlaw professionals offer several market advantages to clients. First, the healthcare focused investment banking and capital market team is made up of senior professionals with an independent entrepreneurial, hands-on transaction management and bulge bracket experience. Secondly, the firm is well-placed to assist emerging companies raise capital through its fast and efficient retail sales force, which offers financial flexibility. The entrepreneurial and relationship driven culture present at the firm is driven by‘s“think outside the box” approach as well as sturdy work ethics. The entrepreneurial culture is further cemented by the fact that financial solutions distribution and asset gathering is conducted through captive and independent sales offices.

Company Management Team
The executive team at Laidlaw is headed by Mathew Eitner, CEO; James Ahern, Head of Capital Markets and John Coolong, the company’s Chief Compliance Officer and CFO. The other team members according to Bloomberg include Craig Bonn, the Senior Managing Director and Hugh Marasa, the Senior Managing Director of private placements. CEO Mathew Eitner joined the firm in 2010. Before joining Laidlaw & Company he was the MD of Aegis Capital Group, a leading private client group. He has also previously served at Casimir Capital, NDB and Deutsche Bank.

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