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Brief History of Handy Inc.01.05.17

Early in the year of 2015, Handy Inc. CEO Oisin Hanrahan was worried for the future of his company. Every team leadership meeting saw him faced with the unenviable experience of watching slide shows about the failed idea that he so strongly supported in the past. The company was transitioning the way it hired its cleaners, otherwise known as pros. Hanrahan had been a strong supporter of the idea to use online on boarding to hire, rather than have employees guide prospects through the application process. Harrahan’s fellow co-founder, Umang Dua, had been strongly resisting the idea since it was brought up in 2014. The company agreed to do a trial run of the process in Miami and Washington, D.C. markets, At the same time, the company was looking for new investors, who questioned the future of this type of business in today’s market. They may have been right, as other competing companies were struggling to gain a profit at the time. The company thought it would save money by implementing the new online on boarding program, but numbers slipped and due to a lack of available cleaners to work, the company was forced to cancel more than a thousand appointments. The company had to figure out how it would be able to shift from growth to profit, sacrificing some of the former in hopes of gaining the latter. Previously, Handy had outperformed competitors and facilitated its own growth by spending more money. Now with many of its competitors being driven out of business, the company must figure out how to succeed in today’s market. The company would eventually begins outsourcing its customer experience department to call centers in Florida and Missouri, meaning letting go of many employees. This proved to be successful, and today Handy’s numbers are on the rise.


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