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The Arrival of Premium Dog Foods Heralds Healthy Pets03.07.16


Optimal nutrition is not only important for humans. Animals do need to eat a great diet as well. Beneful boasts significant amounts of meat, poultry, and other sources of protein in wet food. Beneful then takes things to the next level. There are grains, fruits, and vegetables in wet foods, and they are all designed to provide nutrients to a pet. Beneful is one of the many premium dog foods on the market.

Per an article published in the Daily Herald, sales on premium brand dog foods are surging. Pet owners do realize there are tremendous benefits to better food selections. The incredible dollar figures prove this. Of the $23+ billion in annual pet food sales, 45% of those sales come from premium selections.

When premium foods were first released on the pet food scene, sales figures were low. Pet owners who were personally eating healthy and clean for their own meals seemed to be the bulk of the people buying premium dog foods. All that has changed. And the sales do not seem to be indicative of a fad. The slow increase in sales figures from year to year show steady growth, awareness, and acceptance among pet lovers.

Originally, smaller companies put out premium selections. Today, major pet food names are producing wet and dry food. Beneful is owned by the pet food giant Purina. And Beneful not only puts out wet and dry food, Beneful has a host of healthy dog treats designed to support health and wellness.

The arrival of major names in the pet food industry has led to improved manufacturing. Bigger companies have the budget to support extremely careful harvesting, cooking, and taste testing. Beneful’s Roasted Turkey wet food is not hype. Real chunks of turkey are in the wet food, and the turkey is cooked is a proper manner. Proper cooking and manufacturing takes steps to make sure the food meets the highest level of quality standards.

The top retail stores in North America are jumping on the premium dog food bandwagon. This makes the selections easier to find, and the cost ends up being more reasonable. With this in mind, pet owners should think about trying out premium brands.


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How Healthy Dog Food is Best for Your Pooch01.07.16

When it comes to your dog’s food, it is important that you find something that is filled with nutritious ingredients and wholesome nutrients. If you are using a lesser quality dog food, this can be a problem for your dog’s long-term health. One of the major issues with dog food is that it can be a problem to find a good brand that is not also overly expensive. Expensive dog food can be too pricey and may hurt your budget after awhile. This is why you need a good brand that is not overly priced but is also full of great ingredients. Beneful is a brand that you can feel confident in using. It is filled with only the best ingredients and has been backed by science and wikipedia research to ensure that you are getting a food that your dog is going to love. From some of the best flavors to some of the best ingredients, Beneful has it all with an amazing price point. In fact, Beneful is one of the most affordable healthy dog foods currently on the market. There are a lot of reasons to consider it for yourself, so make sure that you find an option that is right for you. One of the great aspects about choosing Beneful is their range of products on twitter within their line. From puppy chows to a range of senior varieties, it is simple and quick for you to get the right type of food that meets your needs. Be sure to consider this particular brand if you are making the switch. Switching from one lesser quality brand of dog food to one that is better is a great option for your dog. This is why a lot of people have been making use of Purina Beneful as their number one go-to brand because of the high quality that they are able to get out of it. Also, dogs absolutely love Beneful and all of its many flavors, making this one of the best brands to choose for yourself if this is something that you are considering switching to for your own dog’s benefit.

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