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Why Brazil is Able to Withstand any Financial Storms03.10.16

Two years ago, the banking industry was left wondering because of the abnormalities happening in most of the banks found in Brazil. The country had not experienced any economic growth while under the leadership of Dilma Rousseff’s populist policies. By the end of the year 2014, the economy of this country was in big trouble, and the financial experts were looking for a way to get a long-lasting solution. The country has to main banks: Itau Unibanco and Banco Bradesco, and during the troubled year, the shares from these two privately owned banks rose up by one-third. The two banks also had some solid profit increases.

Many individuals all over the world have been left with so many questions concerning the countries survivals tactics especially during storms in the banking industry. Igor Cornelsen, a very famous investment expert, based in Brazil all the answers for these questions. According to him, the country has managed to survive the difficult economy because of the knowledge they have in the market. The country has also experienced these moments in the past, giving them the experience to handle this cases when they occur.

Igor Cornelsen has been observing the Brazilian bankers for some time now. In the private sector, the bankers are only lending their money to borrowers who have proved to be worthy of the credit. This has ensured that the people who have less credit can only go to borrow in the public banks or even forget about their business plans. This leads to a big challenge, especially in the macro economy and also the good development of the country. The Brazilian government can solve this problem by helping the less fortunate investors to fill more secure and bring in some reforms to ensure that they get the right funding.

The Brazilian economy is so uncertain, but many people would still consider it. The country is famous for having the best natural resources. The country has an increased requirement for infrastructure development that is required to support the growing population, and this makes the country very attractive for the market in southern America. The country is among the top food producers internationally, and apart from these qualities, the county is the biggest in the continent.

As 2015 was starting the street reported, many investors were trying by all means to follow what Brazilians are doing, because they are amazed because of the Brazilian banking sector. Igor Cornelsen advises investors to look at investments when they have identified all the basics, and just like Brazil, they will do very well. Igor Cornelsen is a famous investment advisor who has a lot of experience in this industry. He has worked for several year in the industry gaining a lot of expertise.

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