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Nashville Charter School Parents Demand Respect09.26.17

The parents whose children are studying at the Nashville Charter School are demanding respect for the school to deliver their promises in educating their children. They also want the people who are working for the school to stop it with an immediate effect as the school needs to embark on their studies to develop fast communication schedules. According to Shawn Joseph of the Nashville Charter School, he is pleased to commend the parents for their positive response to the school haters who are spreading false information on social media regarding the poor performance of the school to deliver the most sophisticated form of education that prepares students for a future in the world of business.

Dr. Shawn Joseph is the Director of the Nashville Charter School based in Nashville. According to him, he is supporting the parents to help their children develop a new sense of belonging that works towards achieving better business in a manner that depicts their true leadership in the industry. According to the parents, they are happy that their children are among the thousands of children who are selected to study at the Nashville Charter School. The 350 of the parents also said that they would not sit down to tolerate the poor behavior exhibited by the head of officials in the Senate. They also signed down to testify that they are not willing to eradicate poor performance in a manner that is not capacitated in the industry. If education is delayed for our students, we will lose future leaders in the country.

The parents also united in one voice to say that the attacks launched against the school must be stopped. Most of the parents in the state exercise the school of choice to select Nashville Charter School as the best school for their children, while they always make a good selection on the internet, they have never lived to regret this moment when others are worming up with cooked allegations that are unacceptable. Most of these parents entered the lottery in line to wait for a chance to study at the school. This means that no one should deprive them of their choice for their children.

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Classdojo – Transforming Classroom Experience for Teachers, Students, and Parents08.16.17

Technology plays a significant role in many different sectors, and education is no different. In the last few years, we have seen smart devices make its way into transforming how the teachers teach and how the lectures are conducted, and more. Students can communicate with their peers and professors through the internet from their laptop, PC, or mobile phones, which have made it much easier for the students as well as teachers to stay, connected.

However, one of the recently launched and developed applications named Classdojo has taken the above accomplishments one step ahead. It has the potential to completely transform the classroom experience for the teachers as well as the students by creating a virtual classroom, where teachers, students, and even parents can communicate with each other. It would make the exchange of ideas and share feedback and suggestions much easier. The teachers would be able to connect with the parents much faster, and the overall progress of the students can be tracked with ease without any delay. It can make a positive influence on how the students progress with their studies and conduct themselves in the classroom.

Classdojo is primarily a communication application, but its implications are far more than communication as it helps in making it possible for students, teachers, and parents to get to know each other in a more refined manner. The communication gap between parents and educators can be removed with ease through Classdojo. It would help in making the classroom experience much more fun for the students as they would be able to share with their parents, even in real time, what they have been doing in the classroom. The teachers can also frequently update the parents about what is going on in the class. It is something that parents have always been curious about, but due to lack of a proper system, they could never peep into the happenings of the classroom for real.

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Wessex Institute of Technology’s Life Changing Workshops04.13.17

When one thinks of Wessex institute of technology, they consider it to be one of the most prestigious schools someone can attend. It is arguably Europe’s answer to America’s Harvard, Yale or Princeton universities. To put is simply, Wessex University will definitely raise the professional profile of anyone who is affiliated. As an institution of higher learning, Wessex Institute of Technology Wikipedia pushes students to their limits.Aside from degree programs, Wessex Institute of Technology offers short term workshop programs.

Some of these areas include Transport and Disaster Risk Management, Security System Integration, Circular Economy and so forth. For those interested in the Transport and Disaster Risk Management workshop, they will learn a great deal about the transportation industry. The workshop focuses on creating solutions to transportation and disaster events. It also focuses on improvements to infrastructure that will mitigate the possibility of such events.

Another workshop focuses on Security System Integration. To name a few, this website is designed for system analysts, system managers, and security personnel. Last but not least, is the workshop on circular economy. As the global economy consolidates into one, several challenges persist. Global warming and deforestation pose serious threats. Due to global warming, the Earth’s sea levels are reaching historic highs.Deforestation is eradicating wildlife in disproportionate numbers. The numbers are so disproportionate,many of these species are facing extinction. A circular economy aims to address these problems by restoring resources pertaining to natural and financial yields. The circular economy focuses on renewable flows.


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