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Sergio Cortes And His Approach To Business03.22.16

Sergio Cortes is a highly successful Brazilian doctor known for his new approach to business and marketing, along with his choice of developing in the latest technology that benefits specifically the medical field. With a widely successful career, you will find that this doctor truly knows the growth and development needed in order to grow in the right direction. Having served as a secretary of health and civil defense, he has helped the medical field with many problems that have arisen throughout Brazil. He has always maintained a strong commitment to helping maintain the population in Brazil and also increase health coverage.

As an avid tennis player, he has competed successfully in the US Open. As a successful performer and a stunning Michael Jackson impersonator, he has become quite a huge hit around the globe for being a professional MJ look-alike. Sergio Cortes has gained quite the following doing what he loves most through the help of his life as an MJ performer look-alike.

As a State Secretary of Health, his background has lead him down to different locations and brought him to helping solve many issues in Brazil. As a medical member of the Brazilian Olympic Committee back in 1996, he has helped build so many wonderful opportunities and also brought new light to different medical issues.

Strong Advocate

As a strong advocate for many different aspects in medical health and fitness, he is always working toward working with different people and issues. He truly believes in the importance of doing activities like Pilates. As a skilled hip surgeon, he knows first hand the importance of taking care of the hips and stretching them out with rigorous workouts that strengthen and improve their movements. The ligaments and joints throughout the lower body must be handled and taken cared of properly.

There are countless doctors in Brazil who try to develop a new approach to their business every time, and this guy truly knows how to create a solution to any problem. Sergio is one of the best doctors out there, and the best part is that their experience can help guarantee you grow in the right direction successfully. Sergio Cortes is ultimately a worthwhile doctor worth looking to if you need a professional to guide you. As a doctor who is constantly conducting research and development, he is worth working with for the best services out there to guarantee a solution.
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Sergio Cortes Helps Brazilian Citizens Relieve Back Pain11.26.15

Brazil is a place that is known for a lot of activity. There are a lot of people in Latin America that are dancers and soccer players. Yet, there are many other people that may be very inactive. For these inactive people there is always a greater chance of experiencing chronic pain from an injury. What Dr. Sergio Cortes recommends for Brazilians is exercise. The thing that is going to relieve back tension the most is activity.

What Dr. Cortes recommends may contradict what some people may assume. Many people that experience chronic back pain may assume that avoiding any type of muscle workout is best. Dr. Cortes has stated that exercising the muscles is really going to be the best way to provide the relief. This can be started with swimming. It is a joyous activity for many, and it has the added benefit of being an exercise that works out all of the muscles.

Another thing that Sergio Cortes recommends is Pilates. This is another exercise that works out the entire body. The exercises that are recommended by Dr. Cortes are the types of exercises that will help people build their muscle tone. Pilates may seem simple, but this exercise helps people improve their balance. It also helps many people strengthen their muscles.

The concept of pedaling can also be linked to better posture and better health. This is another recommendation from Dr. Sergio Cortes. He has become an advocate of pedaling because people can do it at their own pace. It also builds a lot of endurance. That may be the best thing about this exercise. It can also improve a lot of different things.

What Dr. Cortes also notices is that there is a lot poor posture with people that have back problems. There are also quite a few people that have experienced some level of pain from lack of stretching. This can happen when people exercise without actually take the time to stretch properly. These are simple things, but Dr. Cortes notes that a lot of people simply forget to implement the practices of stretching or sitting correctly when they are sitting down.

A lot of people that want to improve their health will certainly benefit from what Dr. Cortes recommends. He has helped many people relieve their chronic back pain in Brazil with simple things that don’t require a lot of money or time.

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