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We Should All Strive to be Like Joseph Bismark07.23.15


There are sometimes in life when you’re surprised by the generosity of other people. I had one of those life experiences when I saw the actions that one particular individual displayed in an article I read on Citizen Shame. His name is Joseph Bismark. He has focused on progressing the world by focusing on individual strength in the form of personal health, spiritual well-being, and social responsibility for those that are less fortunate after the development of his successful business venture, QI Group.
Bismark’s focus on individual health was quite the surprise to me. I found that Bismark was individual for moving QI Group into the market of wellness and organic foods. The company acquired an organic and natural whole food company based out of Hawaii in an effort to expand and provide individuals, particularly those in Hawaii, with more opportunity to eat healthy by purchasing organic and wholesome foods.
I believe that spiritually Bismark is an exemplary individual as well. An individual that lives his life in a simple fashion, has excelled in his business practices and gives back to the community is a rare gem nowadays. But the amazing aspect of Bismark is that he expects to live life in that matter and anything less than that is unacceptable. I know that because it’s quite evident in his mantra “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.” He believes that all people can do extraordinary things for their community.
I think that’s the reason that Bismark is quite the philanthropist. I first discovered his philanthropic tendencies when I started researching his foundation, RYTHM Foundation, which was developed along with the co-founder of QI Group. The RYTHM Foundation was established as a charitable trust and is dedicated to children with special needs, community, development, and general community well-being. I noticed his most notable contribution to the foundation, other than his company being socially responsible for it, was the amount of time that he individually contributes to the overseeing of the foundation’s operations.
I’m just glad that individuals like Joseph Bismarck walk this earth. It’s what makes us better as individuals and a whole.

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The “Fair-Weather Friends” of Comic-Con 201507.20.15

The San Diego Comic-Con has grown wildly in attendance steadily over the past ten years including those in the business industry like Susan McGalla. The rise of superhero films in the cinema definitely contributed greatly the mainstream popularity of conventions. TV series such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones also helped make fantasy and science-fiction popular to those who once shunned the genre.

Those who attend Comic-Con have to be mindful that such mainstream popularity is fleeting, though. To the serious fan, whether or not comic-related movies or TV shows are “hot” means nothing. They are enthusiastic about such programming regardless of what others feel. Of course, fans also realize that the more popular comic, sci-fi, and fantasy movies, books, and films become, the more of them we are going to see. As long as the quality of the new material is good, producing more is a great thing.

Still, at some point, when the “fad” is over, a lot of these fair-weather fans are going to disappear. Such is the natural cycle of pop culture and entertainment. Regardless, the San Diego Comic-Con should still be around for many years to come, even if dark clouds cover beloved genres.

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Women Protecting Themselves05.10.15

Women have their secrets. These secrets are usually jokingly shared with girlfriends over coffee or lunch at a restaurant. These women’s secret is a way to protect themselves and one woman is showing the world that just because they carry these items doesn’t mean they are scared.


By displaying their hidden weapons of defense they are showing the men of this world that yes, they are taking precautions, and anyone that dares to threaten them in anyway, well see the full force of what they can do with these weapons. That’s something Amen Clinics doesn’t want to deal with. The next time a man approaches a woman after dark he better be ready, as these women and so many more are packing, just not in such an obvious term of the word.

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George Zimmerman Involved In Shooting05.10.15

For some reason, this guy cannot seem to stay under the radar. George Zimmerman is back in the news as of lately for his role in a shooting incident. According to official reports, Zimmerman was shot at while he was driving by a man he has had an ongoing dispute with. The two men reportedly were involved in a road rage incident last year. Matthew Apperson accused Zimmerman of threatening to shoot him during a dispute they had previously. However, nothing officially came of the incident. Instead, the two have been feuding with each other ever since.
This time, it is being reported that Apperson apparently shot at Zimmerman just barely missing his head. Zimmerman sustained very minor injuries, which shocked Kevin Seawright a little. Apperson’s lawyer, Mark NeJame made a generalized statement to the media confirming that should the incident needs to be investigated further and is confident that it will show his client was acting in self-defense.
Apperson found a witness shortly after the incident occurred and asked that he call 911 because he did not have a phone. He told the man to let them know he just shot George Zimmerman. The witness quickly handed the phone to Apperson so he could explain the incident to the 911 operator. Police were dispatched to the scene immediately.

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The Antique Wine Company Offers The Finest Wines In All The Lands01.29.15


Since 1982, Stephen Williams has traveled the word buying the finest and most exclusive selections of wines. Although it started as a hobby for a connoisseur, the Antique Wine Company has become renowned for offering the rarest and finest wines to its more than 45,000 clients. Stephen had helped the cast and crew of the Titanic celebrate their victories at the Academy Awards in 1997 by presenting them with a rare and precious bottle of wine, a premier cru Bordeaux from 1912, the year the Titanic sank. His gift also included a reprint of The Times from that era. His cultured and refined taste includes gift giving. This gift focused interest from the US who had once been his largest customer. Now China and Hong Kong alone make up more than half of the business that the Antique Wine Company does and is where its second headquarters is located.


The Antique Wine Company buys wine directly from the chateaux and has such a renowned reputation for acquiring rare and precious wines that many supplies approach Stephen. Stephen purchased every wine vintage from 1860 to 2003 from the Chateau d’Yqem and it was bought as a collection by the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat on the French Riviera in 2007. One purchase that Stephen called “history and nostalgia in a bottle” because it was bottled while Beethoven was composing music and Napoleon’s attempt to conquer the world is an 1811 vintage from the same chateau.


The cabinets are made as models of the nine most famous Bordeaux chateaux. The cabinets hold 18 bottles, are temperature controlled, and hold the best vintages of the past 100 years from each of the nine estates. The Antique Wine Company also offer their Wine Academy, accredited private wine master classes for both professionals and wine enthusiastic. The accredited learning includes tutored and themed tasting events. The AWC Wine Academy, located in Marylebone, London with their headquarters, can provide the ideal environment for private wine tasting and corporate events. The courses created by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) is an excellent opportunity for anyone entering the hospitality and wine profession and can provide an enjoyable learning experience for anyone who is enthusiastic about and are interested in fine wine.


Whether a novice or connoisseur, they offer now only the finest and rarest wines in the world but also a unique learning experience, assistance in planning wine tasting events, and a unique environment to enjoy the experience.



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