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Securus Technologies Contain Wireless Communications01.18.18

Authorities are cracking down on cell phone usage by prisoners in America’s prison system. It is becoming increasingly common for inmates to obtain cell phone through various forms of subterfuge, smuggling, etc. Upon getting these phones, they frequently use them to orchestrate illegal activities, including setting up hits on their enemies. Securus Technologies is one of the major prison communication systems that that is striving to crack down on the abuses.


It became apparent that inmates obtaining cell phones was going to be an ongoing issue, when a Florida ex-corrections officer was targeted for reprisals by an inmate who had access to a cell phone. This inmate ordered a hit on the official and his wife. Both people were shot. He was shot six times, all at the urging of an incarcerated individual who ordered a hit by cell phone.


That was not the only example of the heinous use of cell phones by inmates. Three other inmates actually ordered the murder of an infant via cell phone. The uncle of the infant was a co-confederate of the inmates. When things went awry between them the inmates ordered the infant killed. His conspirators executed the child in its mother’s arms while she was walking down the street a Georgia.


The ex-corrections officer’s name is Robert Johnson. Since his shooting he has been on a crusade to insure cell phone usage is banned in prisons. He has spoken to the Federal Communications Commission and now he represents Securus Technologies as they spearhead this effort to crack down on inmate cell phone abuses. Securus Technologies is instituting a blocking system referred to as the ‘Call Defender‘ that prevents cell phones from being used by inmates to make calls or to send text messages to the outside from inside the prisons. This wireless containment system is acts as an internal cell phone tower and decides which calls to connect and which ones to drop. Inmate calls that haven’t been cleared are automatically dropped.


Securus Technologies is continuously utilizing technology to cut down on illicit acts within the prison system. They discovered a corrupt staff member through phone call usage. They also used a similar method to break up a prison ring that was selling alcohol to inmates. Technology has consistently been a very effective method for unearthing corruption in the prison system.


For 15 years, Johnson worked for the Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina. One of his jobs was to confiscate contraband. His shooting was directly tied to executing his job flawlessly. Now, Johnson is joining forces with Securus Technologies, which provides communications for inmates for 2,000 correctional facilities across the nation. By using their state of the art technology, inmates using unauthorized numbers cannot gain access to the outside world. The internal cell phone tower stops the calls. No longer can inmates plan hits or other criminal ventures from inside the prison system using cell phones.


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ClassDojo is Transforming the Education System in America06.09.17

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Dom have literally made changes to the modern education system. Their app ClassDojo is being used by a whopping 90% of all U.S. school districts. Not only are these two individuals impacting teachers, students and parents at home; their app is even being utilized in another 180 countries across the world. Class Dojo has become an unofficial part of the modern education movement.


Hundreds of thousands of teachers across the United States have taken to ClassDojo. They find this app to be very resourceful in terms of classroom management and for communicating with parents. The app can be downloaded from Google Play or the iStore. Users can install it on their mobile device or computer.


Once it is set up, a teacher can then start to add in their students and link the app to their student’s parents. This way, teachers can instantly contact a parent to let them know what is happening within the classroom at a moment’s notice.


ClassDojo is extremely useful for children who have a difficult time in school. Bad behavior and classroom disruption has become the norm for many U.S. schools. Teachers are fed up with the lack of parental involvement. ClassDojo allows teachers to instantly contact a parent when a student is not performing like they should.


Teachers can send videos, pictures, texts or even call a parent right on the spot to let them know that their child is not doing well at that moment. Believe it or not this instant communication process has helped to keep student behavior from getting out of hand.


Keep in mind that ClassDojo is about being positive. The app’s creators wanted the instant communication features to be used in a positive manner for teachers. They wanted them to be able to send photos, texts and videos whenever children completes an assignment, is doing art work or is displaying good behavior. Chaudhary and Dom believe that positivity is the best way to run a classroom. Teachers and parents with students should definitely use this app to make the education process easier for everyone involved.

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