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Lovaganza Foundation’s Plans To Transform Children’s Lives07.20.16

Lovaganza Foundation is a non-profit organization and an entertainment franchise. The foundation was founded by J.F Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon. Their dream is to make Lovaganza Foundation “The Mother of all Foundations.” The organization aim is to unite, empower, and inspire other organizations around the world, which have similar objectives. The founders have already visited Masai Mara Village in Kenya and Favella Babiliona in Brazil.
Lovaganza Foundation has organized phenomenal productions, which have impacted the world simultaneously and help raise funds to finance the organization. Moreover, the events aim at creating opportunities and empower other organizations.

The foundation plans to implement an official Universal Quality of Life Program for every child aged between 0 to 15 years old by 2035. The task is not easy. However, Lovaganza Foundation plans to achieve their first objective by identifying and coming up with common goals, which will help them accomplish the project. The foundation welcomes the support of other organizations with similar goals.

Some of the initial goals proposed by the Lovaganza Foundation include the provision of clean drinking water for all children in that age bracket. The foundation aims at availing enough food to all children. It will help prevent starvation and malnutrition-related disorders. They also want to offer a place to sleep for every child and access to primary healthcare. The organization wants all children to receive a vaccination. Another goal for Lovaganza Foundation is ensuring every child gets access to education. They also aim at providing security for every child by liberating them from war activities, forced and early marriages, and child labor.

In the years to come, the foundation plans to study and research the situation of children in each country. This study is set to begin in 2016. After that, the foundation will release documentaries to highlight the observations made. By 2018, the organization hopes to have partnered at least 10 major worldwide organizations, who will embrace its objectives as their own. By 2020, they aim at convincing countries to commit to the goals of the organization. The foundation will then monitor the progress of each country by 2022. They hope by 2025; all nations will support the organization.

The Lovaganza’s Lova World Images Exhibition in May 2013 was s success. More than 300 people turned up to support the organization. Proceeds from the sales of the photographs were donated to The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation.

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