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Duda Melzer, Advancing a Family Legacy06.14.16


Businessmen and entrepreneurs are always attempting to plant the seeds of businesses that will flourish and carry on their legacies long after they’re gone. When Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho joined Radio Gaucha in 1957, and later started the RBS Group (Grupo RBS) to purchase Radio Gaucha, little did he know he was beginning a 60 year legacy.

Mauricio’s philosophy was to keep open to an ever changing world and rapid technological developments while holding in sight the trials of the human condition and a focus on bringing communities together. When he passed in 1986 his business legacy was carried on first by his brother, Jayme Sirotsky, who later passed RBS Group’s presidency to Mauricio’s son, Nelson Sirotsky. Nelson successfully headed RBS for more than two decades before, in 2012, handing over control to his nephew, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer better known as Duda Melzer.

Duda Melzer is the son of Mauricio’s daughter, Suzana Sirotsky, and was born in Porto Alegre Brazil on May 13th, 1972. As a young adult he was a studious pupil and earned a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil and an MBA from Harvard University in the United States. Before joining one of Brazil’s most efficacious family businesses, Duda was the master franchisor of Sweet Sweet Way, a leading chain of candy kiosks and caramelerias in Brazil and Argentina. After departing the candy business, Duda spent a decade as the General Manager of BoxTop Media, a contemporary media company based in New York.

Duda first joined his family’s media and communications conglomerate in 2004 taking on the position of Director General for the Brazilian market. A little over a decade later Melzer now stands at the helm of his grandfather’s legacy both as Chairman and President of the RBS Group. As the third generation of the Sirotsky family to preside over one of Brazil’s largest media companies, Duda promises to follow RBS’ strategies and organizational cultures and to be a guarantor of his grandfather’s purpose and the continued values of the Sirotsky family.

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John Goullet Proves that Innovation is Key in IT Staffing06.13.16

John Goullet has been in the Information Technology sector for quite some time, and he is a well experienced IT professional. After having worked at various firms as a consultant in regards to IT staffing, he decided to start his company that would offer the services better. He then founded Info Technology Company that was listed as the fastest growing firm by Inc. Magazine and it was ranked number eight.

Diversant LLC where he is currently the Principal and co-founder has benefited greatly from his experience. Being a hardworking individual and who is conversant with the IT industry, John Goullet is changing the industry at large. Diversant LLC was formed as a result of a merger between Info technologies and Diversant Inc. in the year 2010. The merger is turning around all about IT staffing needs in the region, and more clients are seeking its services.

Diversant LLC is unique in its operations from the rest of competitors in the industry. Apart from being formed by two aspiring co-founders, it is also the largest African-American owned IT staffing company in the entire United States offering other solutions about the industry. Being led by professionals, its services cannot be matched with any other in the market.

Diversant LLC offers diverse and solution oriented products in nature in nature. It is a one stop company that professionals in the IT industry meet and are connected to the right place to work at. Professionalism is highly prioritized at the firm and among other services includes Information Technology staff augmentation and diversified solutions that fit in the IT sector.

At Diversant LLC Customers are treated as partners but not just like any other clients who just needs a service. It is due to such innovative ways that the company utilizes consultative approaches when handling the customers’ needs. It leads to improved performance, and it also ensures that more and more products are rolled into the market. The company believes in providing its services and activities with the integrity and ethics of the community they serve. Respect for others and introducing innovative products are vital to the industry satisfaction of its daily increased demands.

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Eric Pulier Helps Kids With Terminal Illnesses06.13.16

There are a lot of kids in the world today who have a problem with a chronic or terminal illness. These kids are in a place where they need more assistance in school, and they need to have a chance to talk to people who are just like them. These kids need to have things that will make it easier to get through school, and Eric Pulier has been one of the first people to deal with the problem. He works on the X Prize committee today because he wants to see how much new and good technology can be created from projects that want to go to space, but he also wants to keep up the advocacy he started as a younger man.

The advocacy that he did in the 90s was important for kids who had disabilities, and it also touched the kids who were in need of help with chronic or terminal illnesses. These kids did not have anyone they could talk to about their conditions, and he started Starbright World to help those kids have people to talk to. The advocacy got even more serious as he was helping kids in school who also were able to talk to their peers online.

The advocacy is continuing as a lot of people are still using the technology that he created or spawned. These technologies are great for people who have been disabled, and they are also good for kids in special ed who need that one thing that will make their lives easier. It is easy for kids to get the results that they want when they have something that was made just for helping them. That means that these kids can succeed in school, and they can go on to help others.

Pulier has made sure that all kids are in a position where they can succeed, and he still works on the X Prize team to show that people can use the technology they create to help others. He wants to push people to do better in the world, and he wants to push so that everyone gets what they need.

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James Dondero Makes Changes to HCM’s Charity Structure06.13.16

The co-founder of Highland Management Capital L.P James Dondero has joined forces with Linda Owen in a move aimed at providing directions to the charity program of HMC, which continuous to grow.

Linda is the former president of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation and also a Dallas Civic Leader. She will be the firm’s Charitable Giving Manager, and will work alongside The Dallas Foundation, which runs HCM’s giving fund.

According to James Dondero, due to the expansion of HCM’s philanthropic activities, there was a need for a dedicated professional to ensure their contributions reach their targets and make a difference in the community.

HCM contributes more than $3 million each year towards charity organizations. These contributions, with the help of The Dallas Foundation, will assist in supporting veterans, education cases, Dallas community and Healthcare.

Local beneficiaries of these charity funds include George .W. Bush Museum and Library, Dallas Zoo, the Centre for Brain Health and others.

Highland Management Capital was established in 1993 by two exceptional businessmen, James Dondero, and Mark Okada. The firm has grown phenomenally to an estimated $17 billion in assets under management.

With over 20 years of experience, Highland is the largest and the best in alternative credit management in the world.

Highland Management specializes in Credit Hedge funds, Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs) and long-only funds separate accounts.

Dondero is the entrepreneur at the helm of Highland Capital Management L.P. He is the president as well as the CEO of the firm. He has more than 30 years of experience managing various markets, mainly the credit and equity markets. Mr. Dondero is a philanthropist and has supported numerous initiatives that focus on veteran’s affairs, education, and public policy.

James is a Certified Management Accountant. He is the chairperson of CCS Medical, Corner Stone Health, NexBank and is also a board member of American Banknote. He attended the prestigious University of Virginia, School of Commerce and graduated in 1984.

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Mike Baur Responsible for Fundraising at Swiss Start Up Factory06.08.16

Mike Baur is one of the key players in the development of the Swiss Start Up Factory and part of a strategic development with partnerships with various companies.

This unique union between founding partner Mike Baur and the Swiss Start Up Factory will expand due in part to the efforts of Michael Hartweg in startups that are developed from the Swiss Startup Factory.

The Swiss Start Up Factory works at helping young companies and entrepreneurs with a dedicated focus on digital technologies to go through a structured program. These programs offers business startups coaching, mentoring, access to networks of potential customers, and industry expertise.

That industry has produced a large number of startups in Switzerland, but few face their true potential in this challenging global marketplace. The Swiss Startup Factory will then act like an innovator, focused on the execution and authority that ensures that issues are tracked properly and the most qualified talents are selected and then promoted.

Enter Mike Baur, Mike Baur feels that through the partnership with Michael Hartweg that they can strengthen innovative powers of Switzerland in the field further. Mike feels that Switzerland is the leading center for key digitization in this financial sector and is very pleased Michael Hartweg will support the Swiss Start Up Factory.

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Erstes Goldbach Digital Media Accelerator Program Schliesst Erfolgreich AB

Mike Baur feels that Hartweg is a great addition to this family because he worked in industrial engineering at University of Karlsruhe in Frankfurt and also for Goldman Sachs International. Hartweg and three others founded Leonteq AG, a Fintech company listed on the stock exchange. Since parting ways with that corporation, Hartweg promotes businesses in this areas of finance, sports, and technology.

According to Mike Baur, the Swiss Startup Factory has set the goal of building successful and sustainable and startups in this ICT area. As part of the developing three-month program, many different talented young entrepreneurs from across the region are ready for a spin-off, but in order for that to occur they which must complete eight unique milestones successfully first. Every year in Switzerland, more and more startup teams are joining the company in January & September to take part in this popular accelerator program.

All of those startups receive both technical and financial support access of a very unique network that consists of over 40 mentors. The Swiss Startup Factory was co-founded by Mike Baur in 2014, and the Co-Working Space factory is currently located in Zurich-Wipkingen.

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Duda Melzer an Example in Education and Business06.07.16

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer or Duda Melzer, as he is known, has certainly seen many opportunities in business as he has worked for some top notch companies in both the United States and in Brazil. On his journey to become the savvy businessman that he is today, he also worked hard to become highly educated.

Before coming to the United States and attending Harvard, Duda graduated with a bachelors degree in Business Administration from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul. After he finished his bachelor’s degree he enrolled at Harvard where he earned his Master’s degree in 1998.Upon completion of his education, Melzer could have joined a family business in Brazil, however he chose to start his career with another company and learn finances through the Sweet Sweet Way. All of these jobs helped Duda prepare to go back to Brasil to take on the challenge of running a family run business RBS Group.

He joined RBS Group in 2004 as Director General. Duda is a third generation family memeber to run the company, which was started by his grandfather. Duda became CEO of the company in July of 2012, taking over for his uncle. He treats his employees like family, and regularly meets and speaks with them to answer questions about the company and inform them of future events.

Apart from all the work he does as CEO of RBS Group, Duda in his spare time enjoys sports, but is most fond of racing. He often works his schedule around racing.

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James Dondero/Stock Market 201603.25.16

Argentina returns to bond markets on the international level. They intend to raise $12 billion, and the nation will count on a prominent buyer, Highland Capital Management LP.

James Dondero is the co-founder and president of this management firm. At his discretion this firm oversees $19 billion, market credit funds, credit hedge funds and will look to purchase a significant amount of the securities. James Dondero’s firm has been Argentina’s largest holder of $4 billion of notes due in 2033.

As Highland plans to invest in Argentina’s debt to pay creditor settlements. It is the distressed debt that investors have heaped into Argentina in the last few years that could remain buyers of the country’s debt even though it gets out of default.

The Dallas firm plans to hold what they have in original bods but want to buy a partial amount of new issuance. Jim Dondero sates that they are optimistic on the price that Argentina may price the debt, as well as where it’s likely to trade. It is Argentina’s plans for issuance of $11.68 billion of bonds to yield 7.5 to 8 percent during mid-April.

The U.S. District Judge Thomas Griesa will lift the ban that’s prevented Argentina from paying its restructured debt. Highland is in line to be the largest winner. In June of 2014 the fund purchased the 2033 bonds, as they were trading in the 70s. Dondero comments that his firm has earned annualized returns on Argentina bonds is close to 20 percent.

It is Dondero’s desire to continue to invest in opportunities in Argentina beyond the debt and could start an Argentina fund. It is Highland and other holders of the nation’s debt will like to reinvest in Argentina after the debt is paid, this is according to Bank of America Corp. analysts Jane Brauer and Sebastian Rondeau.

The March 3rd report showed that if the new bonds are correctly priced, this action could be another asset for providing upside when in comparison to alternative Argentina assets.

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Helane Morrison’s Consistent Fight for Balance in the Corporate Sector03.17.16

The 2007-2008 financial crises served as an eye opener to the underhand deals and corruption in the corporate world. People were shocked as companies and banks that were thought to be reputable crushed. The crisis caused stock markets to collapse and unemployment to increase too. 

Investigations done post-crisis revealed falsified and destroyed documents plus false audit claims. People’s faith in the corporate world and banks was lost. Insecurity and mistrust of the corporate world set in. Unfortunately, the feeling of mistrust is still evident after nine years. According to a study done by Wall Street Journal, only 28% of the citizens think the economy is set on the right track. Moreover, investors and economist predict that the feeling of instability is unlikely to improve due to the upcoming 2016 election.

According to Yale Hirsch the founder of Hirsch organization, there is a correlation between presidential election, stock markets and the economy. Evidently, stock markets have been known to slow down as investors wait to see the impact of the election and the organization of the fiscal policy thereafter.

The upcoming election combined with the not forgotten financial crisis make people wary of investing. The safety of an investment is not entirely assured. The risk of being exploited by an unworthy financial planner is always there and the option of carrying all transaction solely is too cumbersome and with risks too.

Investing is almost a basic need to most people who want to live a better life that an average salary cannot afford. For successful investment, every investor needs a trustworthy person or firm to help them avoid the scams and corruption. A trusted and most reputable person in the corporate world is Helane Morrison.

Helane Morrison’s fight against corruption in the corporate world

Helane Morrison is the Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel at Hall Capital Partners the largest firm in San Francisco. She has worked steadily to fight corruption throughout her years in journalism, legal work and government service. Prior to joining Hall Capital Helane Morrison was head at U.S. SEC where she responsible for litigation and securities enforcement. Helane Morrison practiced law at San Francisco both in private practice and as a law clerk in Supreme Court.

Morrison new cause is fight for gender balance in the corporate world. Born in Brooklyn, Morrison has a Journalism and law degree from Northwestern University and California Berkeley School of Law respectively. She serves as board member in great organizations such as the American Bar Association hedge fund subcommittee and Regional Parks Foundation.

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The Charity Genes of DeVos03.17.16

Dick DeVos seems to have set standards of philanthropy for his family and for the world too, for that matter. The name of DeVos is immediately associated with tons of money, especially within Michigan. An important portion of the charity goes to schools. A trend seems to be obvious here: Richard has a proclivity towards institutions that have a religious element in them. This, however, seems to be true only as far as schools go, for the DeVos’ accounts have also funded an unbelievable US $50 million for one of the hospitals in the area of Grand Rapids. 

Glad to see the Grand Rapids area make another “best of” list! Thank you all for your role in making our city great.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Friday, March 11, 2016

Dick DeVos shows that philanthropy in his heritage, although he has taken his father’s desire to serve the masses a leap further. Dick contested for the seat of governor in Michigan, and although he did not win, he has kept himself in the limelight by making generous funds to Bush when he was campaigning for the President of United States of America. Read about Dick DeVos’ political aspirations here.

Dick DeVos, together with Betsy (wife), is widely popular for a charity that is operated from their own home and that goes by their own names. They have also opened a school for the students aspiring to do aviation courses, keeping their institutions one of a kind by declining the fees for tuition. Dick himself is a pilot and is enthusiastic about spreading the joy of flight.

This step only shows the ambition of the couple to make their institution as accessible as possible to everyone out there, regardless of how much money they have. Betsy has her separate charity feats as well. In short, the entire DeVos family has a collective, and yet an individual, contribution to philanthropy, making the clan, in my opinion, one of the most valuable families in the world, both in terms of their bank accounts and in terms of their services to the public. 

Dick DeVos had an excellent educational and career record himself. Northwood awarded him Bachelors in Business with flying colours. Later, he went off to Harvard as well, but did not manage to obtain a degree from that institution. This, however, did not mar his attempts to gain a seat at Amway in the year 1974, marking the beginning of his professional life. He also served Orlando Magic by owning the CEO position of their basketball team. His biography can be viewed at

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Solo Capital is a boutique financial investment company that is based in the UK. This company has all its regulations being done in London. It was founded In the year 2009 by Sanjay Shah. This company specializes in sport related investments, consulting and proprietary trading. Considering the six years that the company has been running its services, the achievements that are currently linked to the company are many. it year ending 2015, the company was able to table a total net worth of 25 million Euros, a total asset amount of 67 million Euros. The company’s cash flow that year was found to be 30 million Euros.
Solo Capital Partners is run by Solo Group Holdings, which is under the ownership of Sanjay Shah. Shah is also founder CEO and the owner of AESA, which is in the overall control of Solo Group Holdings. The owner solo group holdings are also the owner of another lot of companies around Europe. Luxembourg, Malta, and The Cayman Islands are among the list of those undertakings owned by Shah. He has offices in Europe and Asia. Dubai is the city in Europe where some of Shah’s companies are run from. Shah took over Old Park Lane Capital in the year 2014. This was an institution which ran its service in the invitation-only stock broking manner. One noticeable thing about all the companies headed and controlled by Shah is that they all operate in the financial investment sector.
Shah spoke to Global Citizen Magazine and said that he had not primarily gone to study something that would land him in the financial investment sector. He had studied medicine and after finishing his studies in this field is when he started thinking about other things. He then began working In some financial institutions until 2009 when the economic crisis that had swept the country that year forced him out of employment. It was after he failed to look for another job that he thought of managing his company.
Shah is also known for founding Autism Rocks. This is an organization that is aimed at creating awareness and raising money for autism. He had been taking in charity activities and giving donations in India before but running a project like Autism Rocks was inspired by his love for music. The other factor which was considered the major reason for his pioneering of Autism Rocks was the fact that his son was diagnosed with this condition of autism. Celebrities such Snoop Dogg, Drake, and Lenny, have taken part in the autism concerts. Staging concerts and raising money for autism is the priority goal of this organization. Shah spent $100,000 in autism in 2014 to create the domain name ‘Autism Rocks’. One can call him a conqueror.

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