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Civil rights, human rights and migrant rights in the United States11.20.17

The rights of the people are fundamental and they deserve to be respected at all costs. When we talk of human rights, we are referring to the rights of the people which are guaranteed by the universal human rights charter of the United States. These universal rights are rights that are guaranteed for every human being.

There is no limit to how they can be applied. Human rights are, mandatory and they should be given respect by everyone. It is imperative that the people who have been mandated with the responsibility of ensuring that these rights are accorded to everyone do so promptly.

Human rights are to be guarded by the people who have been mandated to be at the helm of the government. These are the people given the mandate to ensure every person feels treated equally. However, the danger comes when the same people go against the law and be the ones who are committing illegalities.

The right of the common person comes into risks. To ensure that even with a failure of the government, human rights are observed, there are groups that fall under the human rights, civil rights and migrants rights that have taken up the responsibility of ensuring that governments do not violate human rights. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

There are many groups that have been carrying out this responsibility. Some of them include:

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project

This a group that operates in the United States. It has been vocal in defending the rights of the immigrants into the United States. ACLU has been very committed to fighting for the rights of migrants human and civil rights. Part of their work, they do through outreach, advocacy, and litigation. They normally move to the courts to help immigrants with some of the cases that they have been charged.

ACLU has the biggest litigation program in the United States. Michael Lacey ensure that the rights of the people are guaranteed from violation through the use of the courts. The group hopes that through that through their efforts, equitable rights for all immigrants will be achieved. The group has been to the courts of law to challenge the legality of some of the laws passed by the states.

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

This is a group that operates in Arizona. It also deals with protection of human rights in the state. Being a border state with Mexico, there are many immigrants who cross into the United States through the border. As a result, there are numerous cases of human rights violations that take place in the state.

To counter this trend, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin started this group to help other rights groups in the state to counter violations of human and civil rights in the state. This organization was founded using money from compensation by the state for a case involving human rights violations.

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The Role of Jim Larkin & Micheal Lacey In Fight for Human Rights10.09.17

Various nongovernmental organizations aimed at fighting and upholding human rights in the United States. Most of these groups have a different mandate that thy use to discharge their duties. However, despite all this, they all have a common objective.

The goal is to ensure that the rights of children, women, immigrants and the minority in the society are upheld. Some of these groups are;

The Lacey and Larkin Fund.

Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey have decided to support most organizations across Arizona. The two journalists intend to avail funds to human rights groups fighting for the rights of immigrants and refugees in the country.

Considering that the money will be issued as a grant, the two would wish to see how their funds will be put to proper use. The two will be having the money to use for compensation that they will receive from the county.

The amount of money that the two journalists intend to use is $3.75 million. The number will be coming from the county coffers. The sum is an unliquidated damages awarded to them by the court as a result of unlawful arrest and detention by the sheriff. After filing a suit in court, the judge bought all the pleas from the petitioners and awarded unliquidated damages.

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Group

The core mandate of this group is to ensure that fundamental human rights are upheld. To achieve this objective, the team is actively involved in seminars, advocacy, litigations, and workshops. For the attainment of results, the group ensures that all the activities are well coordinated to create harmony. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

ACLU right’s group is the body behind so many petitions in the courts of law. Where adjustments to the law are needed, the group does not hesitate to call the Assembly to act on the agenda.

To achieve the main agenda, the group prefers to go to court and challenge the constitutionality and validity of various bad laws in the nation.

The Advocates for the Human Rights

The Advocates for Human Rights’ is an international body. The core mandate of the group is the realization of the real change in the legal fraternity. Being a global organization, the firm has various representatives across the world.

The group consists of some volunteers. These are in the areas of partnership and volunteer secretariat. The group has been existing for the last three decades. During this period, the organization has had a tremendous record of achievement.

The Amazon Watch.

The Amazon Watch is a group based in the Amazon forest. The group is highly concerned with the rate and extent of environmental degradation. Among other roles, the Amazon Watch intends to protect the life and habitat of the ecosystem.

The primary objective of the task is to ensure that rights of the indigenous people in the area are well catered for. One of the main disturbing revelations that the panel has cautioned is the continued excavation of oil in the area.

The reasoning being that the oil from the region may alter the natural life of plants and animals in the area. By so doing, the lives of the natives will also be upheld.

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What Many People Do Not Know about Tony Petrello09.11.17

Antony Petrello is a household name in the country. He does not fill the airwaves in a negative way like some experts do when they have information to sell. He is also not like the politicians who fill our screens with the endless rhetoric. What he does is to represent a percentage of the country’s population that never gets appreciated despite the amount of work they have been doing to shape the destiny of our nation. Antony Petrello has had a long and illustrious career as a business leader. He was once the CEO of Nabors Industries, a leading petroleum firm. The position earned him more than $60million in salary.

The one thing that taxpayers have always complained about is the manner in which wall street greedily takes everything they can from the economy while the main street is ignored and left to suffer. Petrello completely agrees with these sentiments and believes it is possible to achieve justice and fairness. In addition to being a brilliant businessman and a competent manager, Petrello is cautious about the way he treats his fellow humans. The combination of qualities has led to his success as business leader.

The beginning was tough for Petrello. He grew up in Newark New Jersey, in a neighborhood that was occupied by a predominantly Italian working class. Newark is one place where everyone has a strong work ethic, and they believe that there are no shortcuts to success. So, even though Petrello did not have wealthy parents, great schools, and tutors, he still managed to make it. His first step was to master the language. When he could competently read, he looked for academic books and was soon a master of differential calculus.

Petrello earned himself a place at the University where he was to study mathematics. However, somewhere along the way, he lost his interest in calculations and switched his career path. He decided to pursue degree in Law from the Harvard Law School. His passion for the human sciences increased with time. After graduating from college, he pursued graduate studies and even acquired a Ph.D. Petrello then got married and started his long career climb at Nabors. It took Antony 30 years to get to the CEO position, and when he did, he made many positive changes to the company. For more info about us: click here.

The contract that he has with Nabors states that 80 percent of his salary should depend on how much revenue the company makes. He says this is what motivates him to work for the success of the enterprise. He feels that more people in the corporate world should agree to their payment being attached to their level of success in the business setup where they are employed.

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Vijay Eswaran Gives an Insight that is The Basis of Business09.02.17

There is one insight that Vijay Eswaran has given that is actually the basis of business. This insight is “Giving is how we get”. This is in fact how business is run. One issue that people that try to start businesses and fail is that they have the mindset that focuses completely on making money or getting some kind of reward. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

The problem with that is the imbalanced thought is going to bring forth a lot of frustration. The best way to succeed as an entrepreneur is to think like a customer. Therefore, one has to be thinking about what he is offering. Read more: Vijay Eswaran – Philanthropies and Vijay Eswaran | Professional Profile – LinkedIn

Once he knows that what he is offering is going to satisfy customers in one way or another, then he is more likely to succeed.

Vijay Eswaran thinks about this insight in another way as well. For one thing, he understands that putting others ahead is going to bring forth benefits that are going to motivate people to continue living a selfless life where others are ahead of him.

Among the benefits that one can get is a feeling of peace and satisfaction. This is one of the reasons that Vijay Eswaran has enjoyed giving to others.

His business, The Qi Group is centered on service and giving. Therefore, people who are involved in this business will not only gain some financial awards, but also a sense of deep fulfillment. People will be operating at a higher vibration when they are serving others out of a genuine care for their well being.

Vijay Eswaran is an example to follow because he has overcome a lot of his conditioning and has developed some new philosophies that help him bring forth the results that he wants. For one thing, being an entrepreneur requires a much different mindset than just being an employee.


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Marc Sparks, Does Business, again and again08.15.17

Marc Sparks is the entrepreneur for decades to come! His in depth experience as a serial entrepemuer of several startups allowed him the steadfast foundation to write his book. “They Can’t Eat You“, ( you a close up look of Marc from the bottom, and his many pursuits and failures to finally make it with no college degree. When you read his story, you can really see how he has such a strong influence amongst multiple generations. Rather than him talking ‘at you’ like most success books do, you feel like you are right alongside him, going through the waves of the business world, one triumph and loss at a time. The book covers topics such as dealing with tragedies and what they teach us, keeping a written to do list, and raising successful kids. He mentions confidence being the key component to a successful person. Besides his book, is a known as a mentor, and multi generational influencer with a long list of businesses he owns. Timber Creek Capital, LP ( and GlobalTec Solutions are just a few of the companies Marc owns ranging from, Capital Investment firms to Telecommunications. His colleagues have an overwhelmingly positive opinion of Sparks. They see him as approachable, considering he has a “my door is always open, we meet in realtime” policy! As he makes it big and continues to, he is so strongly rooted, to the foundation of his companies; the people who help run them. Learn more:


Marc has reached to bounds almost insurmountable in his 34 years in the industry, or at least we all thought they were insurmountable. With this Texans charitable contributions, and multi generational influence to tag along on his many business successes, there really is no telling what is next for Marc. We all expect nothing less than stellar. Learn more:


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Make Money With Traveling Vineyard05.25.17

There are a few ways that a person can make money with a traveling vineyard. The first way is through a home tasting event. This is where a person is going to hold an event in their home where people can taste all of the different wines that are available. Most of the time, the person will need to buy the wine that they like when they try it for the first time at the tasting event.

The second way is through online sales of the wines. This means that a person will need to set up a website that will display on the different wines that you have available. Sometimes it will be a good idea to offer free shipping to help with the sales of the wines.

Follow Traveling Vineyard on Instagram.

The third way is through the monthly wine club sales. This is where people are going to join a club where they are going to get certain wines on a monthly basis. Traveling Vineyard will give them a chance to try out a variety of different wines and figure out which one of the wines that they like the most.

The fourth way is through building a team. A team is going to help with the sales because they are able to go to different sales shows. These shows are a great way for the business to get all of their wines out to the public. In order for the public to buy a product, they will need to know about the product.

Learn more about Traveling Vineyard:

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Alternative Lending- Equity First Holding04.13.17

The financial industry is growing tremendously with o the r financial institutions being established to assist individuals as well as well organizations to meet their financial needs. In the recent years, the banks have set up strict measures on the lending and borrowing of loans making it difficult for small and medium enterprises to lend from the banks.

Equity First Holding is a financial investment institution which was created in 2002. The primary purpose of establishing the organization is to provide alternative financial resolution by offering stock-based as well as margin loans to its clients. Equity First Holding is one of the leaders in the provision of alternative financial solutions. The organization noticed the gap that was there in the lending of loans to small and medium business and also the way the banks had tightened their rules and regulations on the loans. Equity First Holdings moved quickly to fill the gap and assist borrowers who wanted to raise capital instantly.

The Financial institution was formerly known as Meridian Partners Limited. The company has been operating as a financial consulting company as well as a financial provider. Equity First Holdings has been delivering other financial services including the supply of capital against the publicly traded stock to enable its clients to meet both their personal and long-term financial goals. Since its foundation, the company has been experiencing marvelous growth and has completed more than 650 transactions which are worth more than $1.4 billion. The financial institution has been providing high-value loans with low interest to individuals as well as refined investors. Since its foundation, it has expanded to more than nine countries including its affiliate Equity First Holding based in London, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore.Equity First Holding has been making continuous efforts to deliver unique and quality services as well as products as it changes the face of alternative borrowing.

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Jose Borghi Highlights Online Advertising As An Area Of Future Growth02.04.17

Mullen Lowe Brasil principal Jose Borghi has recently attempted to examine the areas of growth he hopes will improve the Brazilian advertising industry and continue the rise of the country as a major force on the international marketing stage. In terms of the future, Jose Borghi believes the best option for a continued period of growth for Mullen Lowe and other members of the industry is to explore the opportunities being offered via the digital world; Online advertising has become a major source of income for the advertising industry and has grown in a way that has shocked many around the world.

As the head of his own ad agency it is always important for Jose Borghi to find new and interesting ways of entering new areas of the industry as early as possible in their lifespan; Borghi himself has been a champion of the use of digital advertising and marketing options, which he feels will provide excellent opportunities for Brazilian advertising companies and their clients to rival the U.S. as an Online economy.

Borghi points to the success and overall value of companies like Google who have been partly responsible for the rise of the Internet as a shopping and work based tool. For Mullen Lowe CEO and CCO Jose Borghi technology is driving a change in the way people live their lives that should be accepted and enjoyed by advertising specialists in Brazil and around the world. Borghi explains the opportunities available for companies to explore Online advertising are already being shown in the U.S. where $27.5 million in revenue was created during the first half of 2015 via Online advertising; Jose Borghi and his ad agency have already been exploring Instagram as a new way of advertising he hopes will see the value of this marketing sector grow to rival that seen in the U.S.


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AIG vs AHBE + An Inside look into Bruce Levenson’s life12.16.16

The Atlanta Hawks, an organization of the National Basketball Association was the center of a heated dispute between two groups. Th AHBE, the previous ownership of the Hawks organization (  led by Bruce Levenson, filed a lawsuit against an insurance company based in New Hampshire. They(AHBE) claimed that the New Hampshire Insurance company violated a clause in the contract in which employers get covered for losses in relation to employee policies, or in other significant acts such as being improperly terminated from their jobs. Danny Ferry, former general manager of the Hawks and the Hawks organization mutually agreed to buyout the remaining few years of his contract. However, according to the lawsuit, the AIG(New Hampshire Insurance agency) refused to provide paid coverage between Ferry and the Hawks organization. Furthermore, the AHBE was looking for an extra fifty percent penalty of attorney costs and most importantly, unpaid losses.

According to Time magazine, Bruce Levenson was the former owner of the aforementioned Atlanta Hawks. He co-founded Atlanta Spirit LLC(changed to Atlanta Hawks LLC)and the Unit Communications group in 1977. His other works include being a philanthropist, a motivational speaker and being a board member of TechTarget, which is a media based company that specializes in IT. Born in Washington DC, Levenson came from a Jewish family. Levenson attended Washington University and later on graduated from law school at American University. In 1977, Levenson an his friend co-founded the United Communications Group (UCG), a private business company that has business practices in just about everything. Levenson’s entrepreneurship abilities ros to new levels, as from that moment on, he and the Atlanta Spirit LLC purchased the Hawks, Phillips Arena and the formerly Atlanta Thrashers (an NHL organization). Levenson’s charitable works are also known as he once served as president of the “I have a Dream Foundation”, an organization which helps children from low income families to pursue a higher education.


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The Investment Banker is A Major Position in Investment Banks11.10.16

Investment banking is an integral part of big business. Usually where many large businesses, corporations, and multi millionaires meet to conduct business deals that require significant cash, assets, or financial expertise, you will find a collaboration with an investment bank.

The need for investment banks sometimes goes under the radar because some businesses use investment banks as a background player to help put large business deals and transactions together or complete a financial matters behind the scenes. This is a normal occurrence for many investment banks. As the source of the money for many big business deals and transactions, the investment bank does not have to be front and center.

Many times the clients of investment banks prefer that people do not know that an investment bank helped to put a business matter together or completed a business matter. One of the reasons why clients work with investment banks is that the banks can be quiet and out of sight while helping greatly in the background.

At the center of the assistance provided by investment banks is normally an investment banker. The position of investment banker is a position that is responsible for a lot in an investment bank. Many business deals depend on the efforts of investment bankers. Clients depend on investment bankers, and investment banks depend on investment bankers.One of the investment bankers that has become well known over the years is Martin Lustgarten. Mr. Lustgarten has taken many investment banks to higher levels of success because of his efforts. A talented, smart, and savvy businessman Martin Lustgarten has made a name for himself as an investment banker who understands big business.

Martin Lustgarten has many years of experience in investment banking. He has learned how to attract clients, get clients, cultivate clients, and maintain clients. Also, he has used this expertise to establish his own investment banking firm. The firm he founded is Lustgarten Martin. In addition to establishing the investment banking firm, Martin Lustgarten is the CEO of the firm. He is responsible for the daily business operations and decisions related to his investment banking firm.

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