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What Many People Do Not Know about Tony Petrello09.11.17

Antony Petrello is a household name in the country. He does not fill the airwaves in a negative way like some experts do when they have information to sell. He is also not like the politicians who fill our screens with the endless rhetoric. What he does is to represent a percentage of the country’s population that never gets appreciated despite the amount of work they have been doing to shape the destiny of our nation. Antony Petrello has had a long and illustrious career as a business leader. He was once the CEO of Nabors Industries, a leading petroleum firm. The position earned him more than $60million in salary.

The one thing that taxpayers have always complained about is the manner in which wall street greedily takes everything they can from the economy while the main street is ignored and left to suffer. Petrello completely agrees with these sentiments and believes it is possible to achieve justice and fairness. In addition to being a brilliant businessman and a competent manager, Petrello is cautious about the way he treats his fellow humans. The combination of qualities has led to his success as business leader.

The beginning was tough for Petrello. He grew up in Newark New Jersey, in a neighborhood that was occupied by a predominantly Italian working class. Newark is one place where everyone has a strong work ethic, and they believe that there are no shortcuts to success. So, even though Petrello did not have wealthy parents, great schools, and tutors, he still managed to make it. His first step was to master the language. When he could competently read, he looked for academic books and was soon a master of differential calculus.

Petrello earned himself a place at the University where he was to study mathematics. However, somewhere along the way, he lost his interest in calculations and switched his career path. He decided to pursue degree in Law from the Harvard Law School. His passion for the human sciences increased with time. After graduating from college, he pursued graduate studies and even acquired a Ph.D. Petrello then got married and started his long career climb at Nabors. It took Antony 30 years to get to the CEO position, and when he did, he made many positive changes to the company. For more info about us: click here.

The contract that he has with Nabors states that 80 percent of his salary should depend on how much revenue the company makes. He says this is what motivates him to work for the success of the enterprise. He feels that more people in the corporate world should agree to their payment being attached to their level of success in the business setup where they are employed.

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OSI Group Expanding Their Empire Rapidly!06.28.17

The OSI group is establishing itself as one of the leading food service and retail food brands. It has a strong foothold in multiple countries operating more than 65 facilities in 17 countries. The group had three significant acquisitions related to the food service industry in the later part of 2016. With their manufacturing facilities spread worldwide these acquisitions helps further expanding their market.

On June 8th 2016, OSI group has opened a food processing and storage warehouse in Chicago, which was formerly owned by Tyson foods. The plant is close to another OSI facility in the area and covers 200,000 sq.ft. providing necessary infrastructure for their business growth.

On August 8th 2016, OSI acquired Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods and deli meats as a part of expanding their business in Europe. The Baho Food GmbH is around for nearly 60 years with processing plants in Germany and Netherlands and serving customers in 18 European countries.

The OSI group acquired Flagship Europe limited on December 20, 2016. Flagship had a prestigious customer base within sectors of food service industry supplying products across UK. The CEO of Flagship Europe Russell Maddock is very positive about the acquisition and he is hoping that “as a part of OSI group, the increased resources along with access to new clients would strengthen their position in the market and enables them to serve their customers better.”

With their ever expanding business, another notable trait of the OSI Group is their commitment in maintaining positive and sustainable relationship with the communities and environments worldwide. OSI has sponsored multiple animal welfare initiatives such as workshops and training sessions for raising awareness of this issue across their global organization. In November 2016, OSI Food Solutions UK has been awarded the prestigious Globe of Honor Award for the year 2016, from the British Safety council for their exemplary management of environmental risks.

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Richard Smith’s outstanding administration at Securus Technologies06.13.17

Securus Technologies is a top corporation that has majored in offering technology-based solutions for the North America-based prisons and law enforcement. It is currently headed by Richard Smith who serves as both the CEO and chairman. The company recently added a new senior sales executive to assist in the formation of high-tech software based sales teams that will ensure proper distribution of its 800 product to clients across the country. The new executive is John Bell, and he will be serving as the Senior Vice President of Sales.


According to Rick Smith, Securus Technologies is determined to stay ahead in the industry, and therefore, it has invested over $600 million in the development of hundreds of outstanding product. The company currently needs an excellent sells resource that will improve its sells team to enable all its products to reach the market. John Bell is knowledgeable in the transformation of organizational structure and development of competent sales professionals. He has been working in the sales field for about 35 years. Some of the major companies that he has served are IBM, AT&T, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, and NTT Verio. The experience that he has gained in the field will enable him to offer outstanding guidance to the company’s 100-person sales team.

The growth of Securus Technologies has been outstanding under the management of Richard Smith. Smith is a qualified electrical engineer who graduated with a degree from the State University of New York. He also holds masters in mathematics. The company’s management board offered him the president and CEO positions in 2008. One of the first accomplishments that he made was assisting the firm in the acquisition of Syscon Justice System in 2009. The company had specialized in offering offender management systems and it helped Securus Technologies in increasing its scope of services.

Rick Smith Securus has served various corporations as during his career. In 1972, he was hired by the Frontier Corporation, which offered him various management roles for the 25 years that he served it. Richard served departments such as business development, information technology, operations, and finance. He left the firm in 1997 and was offered a job by Eschelon Telecom in 1998. Richard served as the COO of the company for one year and was promoted to act as the CFO. In 2002, the company appointed him to serve as its CEO, and he held the position until 2007. During Smith’s time at the company, its EBITDA increased to $80 million, and CAGR grew by 48 percent. The total revenue of the business also increased from $30 million to $350 million. Richard currently sits on the board of directors of Eschelon Telecom. The experience that he gained as an administrator has been beneficial in the growth of Securus Technologies. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

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Adam Goldenberg on the Fashion industry04.21.17

Since he landed in the fashion and sale industry, his popularity increases by the day. Adam Goldenberg has left many wondering how he was able to build a thriving industry yet he had no prior experience in the industry of fashion. In an interview held on CNBC, Adam Goldenberg was able to talk about the decisions that he has made regarding the business. One of such decision is the changing of the companies name from JustFab to TechStyle Fashion Group.

The chief executive officer of TechStyle revealed that the improvement of the fashion subscription of his business was as a result of the feedback of its customers on For those clients who choose the VIP program, a monthly fee is charged, but there is a provision of skipping a month. TechStye has taken it their responsibility to remind its customers of their obligation to make a monthly visit so as to opt out in a particular month. He believes that through online subscription and the sale model, brands can be created at an accelerated rate.

When inquiries were made on the difference between TechStyle and other fashion companies, he revealed that his business focused not on selling, but building brands. Adam Goldenberg noted that brands in the fashion industries were built about 30 to 40 years ago. Since the name changed, TechStyle has in a great way re-invested its models. Its operations are now fixed to mainly focus on data and ways to reach the new shopper. Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, and FabKids are among the brands that are presented by TechStyle.

Adam Goldenberg works with the philosophy that if the customers like something then it is worth keeping. Together with his co-CEO Don Ressler, it is evident that the duo enjoys what they do. JustFab now TechStyle was created in an impressive manner. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler quit MySpace, a company that they had founded and was about to become a huge thing. They have a clear understanding of e-commerce and sales since they had a marketing company. They used this knowledge to come up with JustFab. The company on was officially started in March 2010 and has over the years grown and has had its primary focus on lifestyle and fashion. It has millions of customers distributed across the world.

The success story of Adam Goldenberg began when he was only 15 years old when he started his first company which he later sold to intermix media. He has been an entrepreneur ever since.

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The Work Of Anthony Pertrello02.20.17

Anthony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Nabors Industries. He has been the Chief Executive Officer since October of 2011 and the President of the company since 1991. Anthony, better known as Tony Petrello also served as the Chief Operating Officer, starting in 1991.

Mr. Petrello has had many executive positions at Nabors. Nabors Industries deals with oil and gas drilling. Specifically, the company deals with gas and oil contracting. Nabors Industries operates in 20 countries. The company operates the largest drilling rig fleet that is land-based. They are the leading provider of drilling rigs in the United States. The company also provides drilling rigs to other countries around the world. Nabors has multiple subsidiaries that create catwalks, wrenches, and drawworks. Nabors is on the New York Stock Exchange under the code NBR. The company has an expertly skilled employee base, that prides itself on their work and the products they sell. This company is working to transform the industry and the way the do things.

Since Anthony Petrello started at Nabors Industries, the company has seen a considerable increase in revenue. In 1992, earnings grew and their penny stock rose to a record number. These increases revived the company. In the late 1990s, the company continued to grow in record numbers. Nabors Industries was also added to the S&P 500 index. The S&P 500 index profiles the biggest publicly traded companies.

In addition to being the leader of Nabors Industries, he also serves as a director of Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart and Stevenson LLC. He is also on the board at the Texas Children’s Hospital. As a board member, Anthony Petrello serves as an advocate for researching the needs of children battling neurological disorders. The success of Nabors Industries is a demonstration of the type of the leadership Anthony Petrello possesses.

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Former Owners of Hawks Sue Insurance Company02.17.17

The former ownership of NBA’s franchise Atlanta Hawks has sued New Hampshire Insurance Company for what it terms a breach of contract regarding settlements forwarded by Danny Ferry, the former general manager.

The lawsuit, which excludes the current ownership of Hawks, was filed at the Fulton County Superior Court. It cited significant malpractices that culminate to a breach of contract and action of bad faith. The company had insured against losses ranging from workplace terminations to employee infringement of rights. In a report by PR News, the current ownership of Hawks acknowledged that they are aware of the lawsuit. However, they made it clear that they will not get involved in the case.

Danny Ferry and his management team agreed to sell Atlanta Hawks for undisclosed amount in June 2015 to Ressler Group. However, close confidants of the Antony-led Ressler Group revealed that the deal was a whopping $850 million. This sale ended Danny Ferry’s $18 million contract that began in 2012.

The companies that conducted the sale were Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports. They were hired by Bruce Levenson, the former CEO of Hawks and owner of Atlanta Spirit. Bruce also co-founded UCG. Before he became an entrepreneur, he wrote for Washington Star. He was appointed the Director of Tech Target in February 2015, a position that he still holds today. He has also served on many boards within the sports landscape.

Critics claim that the sale was overpriced and that the bankers hired to run the campaign had not achieved their target. They were off by 27%. Goldman Sachs apparently convinced the former ownership to give it the deal by promising it could get $1 billion in the sale.

Paradoxically, other ESPN experts say that the sale was overpriced. They claimed that $1 billion was unrealistic. According to them, the real value of the company was supposed to be less than $825 million.


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