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Adam Milstein Honored by the Jerusalem Post as one of the Top 50 Most Prominent Jews Globally01.05.17

The Jerusalem Post released its list of powerful Jewish individuals who have changed the world for the better and have shown commitment to proceed with their exceptional work. Milstein comfortably held position 39 due to his forward-thinking leadership as the head of the Israeli-American Council (IAC) and his record of accomplishments as an activist, philanthropist, and leader in several influential Jewish organization. He is an active member and a leader of Israel on Campus Coalition, AIPAC National Council, Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, Stand By Me, and Birthright Israel.

The Jerusalem Post’s list also features political leaders, including the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu and Senator Charles Schumer from the U.S. The list also comprised of philanthropists such as Lynn Schusterman, Ron Lauder, Sheldon Adelson, and Haim Saban and Supreme Court Justices Elena Kagan and Ruth Ginsburg. Entertainers like Sarah Silverman and Gal Gadot and Jewish leaders including Hoenlein and Sharansky also featured in the list.

Milstein’s remarks

Adam Milstein expressed his sincere gratitude for earning such a high-profile honor. He felt humbled for being selected alongside many talented leaders who have strongly advocated for the affairs of the Jewish people. He thanked his wife Gila, the Israeli-American Council, and other notable foundations that have focused on making an impactful difference in the world.

Who is Adam Milstein?

Adam Milstein is a terrific real estate investor and world’s leading philanthropist. He is in charge of accounting, financing, and deposition at Hager Pacific Properties. He serves in the capacity of a managing director. The company has invested heavily in the acquisition, rehabilitation, and repositioning of retail, industrial, office, as well as multi-family properties. Adam teamed up with his wife, Gila, to form the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.

Milstein Family Foundation focuses on educating scholars and young professionals on mastering their Jewish culture, supporting the initiatives of the State of Israel, igniting their Jewish Pride, and making them ambassadors of Israel and the people of Jewish origin. Adam co-founded the Israeli-American Council, which is currently the fastest-rising Jewish group in America. Recently, the group appointed Adam as the chairman.

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The Transformation of IAP Worldwide into a Leading Global Multi-service Company12.07.16

For over 60 years, IAP Worldwide has successfully pursued its mission of addressing pressing issues faced by military, industrial, and commercial organizations around the world. Since its establishment, the company has built a reputation for handling different tasks and finding lasting solutions within a short duration. Located in Cape Canaveral, Florida, IAP Worldwide delivers professional and technical services to the military and global companies. It has an incredible online and offline presence. The firm operates in more than 100 separate locations and has service centers in Florida, the Middle East, the UK, and Panama City.

Corporate policies

IAP’s principle goes beyond solving its clients’ challenging issues in the most efficient manner. IAP Worldwide ensures that its actions perfectly match with the accepted standards of professional conduct. It operates under three fundamental values – respect, transparency, and integrity. These principles are the essence of its reputation, and they are incorporated into every activity carried out by the firm.

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IAP Worldwide (then Pan Am World Services) started creating and running the Cape Canaveral, FL-based America’s first space launch base in 1953 on It offered support for testing of over 2,500 launches, including air-breathing missiles as well as the manned shuttle program. After 45 years, the multi-service firm began providing comprehensive facilities maintenance support such as construction management and airport master planning.

Pan Am Services became part of Johnson Controls in 1990, forming Johns Controls Worldwide Services (JCWS). The new firm specialized in operations, management, and maintenance of industrial facilities and military basis. JCWS developed unique ways for optimizing energy efficiency while powering a facility’s lighting, fire and security systems, and environmental control. In 2004, IAP Worldwide opened its doors in Irmo, SC as an authorized logistics and procurement firm. Currently, the company collaborates with the U.S. military and wins contracts for mobile and temporary power generation, emergency disaster relief, and global procurement.

The role of Kaye Scholer

Kaye Scholer served as a representative of Bank Trust Company Americas and a team of lenders headed by Credit Suisse, Invesco, Eaton Vance, and Oppenheimer Funds during the IAP Worldwide’s restructuring. The restructuring entailed the transformation of 80 percent of the prevailing lien debt into all of the IAP’s equity, the establishment of a unique $50 million revolving loan on Facebook, as well as a letter of credit facility. The engagement comprised of IAP’s five offices and over 45 Kaye Scholer legal experts. The restructuring offered the necessary liquidity for facilitating the expansion of IAP Worldwide.

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Keith Mann’s Campaigns to Raise Funds for Uncommon Schools06.13.16

Keith Mann, the co-founder and managing director of Dynamics Search Partners now has a new partner: Uncommon Schools. Mann is working very hard to help this educational entity offer the best possible education environment for the students enrolled in its halls.

Recently, Keith Mann worked with several members of New York City’s financial community to raise quite a bit of money for Uncommon Schools. $22,000 was raised and the money is intended for a very specific purpose. PR Newswire reports the event took place at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden.

The funds will be used to cover student testing costs at a new charter school location. As the person in charge of Dynamics Search Partners, Mann is able to make strong connections with people in the financial services industry.

Dynamics Search Partners promotes itself as a provider of talent to the “alternative investment arena”. Generally, the firm serves those who work in the hedge fund industry. Mann choose a proper word when founding his firm. Hedge funds and alternative investments positively are dynamic. Jobs related to those industries do require special talent as Mann surely realized during his university years and when served as a Manager of the Alternative Investments Division earlier in his career.

Uncommon Schools wants to help students who might not have the financial means to attend private preparatory schools to access the best possible education at a local charter school. (Uncommon Schools has a strong presence in New York and New Jersey, and also has chapters in other states) Uncommon Schools is a non-profit entity, which means it is reliant on fundraising to cover the costs of very expensive day-to-day operations. Keith Mann has called upon his friends in the New York financial scene to help with fundraising and they have done so. Mann has been his part as well. Mann directly contributed funds to a scholarship for graduating students from Uncommon Schools.

Hopefully, the publicity Mann is generating for the school will lead to others making their own personal financial contributions to the schools.

Additional Links on Keith Mann:

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The New Rounded Up Approach By White Shark Media To Handle Complaints04.07.16

At White Shark Media the approach s rounded up to create better platforms for small business owns. Apparently he firm has a forum known as Disqus allowing its clients to air their views and hold discussions. Despite complaints of the services of white shark media not being constant; that they at a time are top notch at times not doing so well. The firm is open to such complaints to maintain momentum on their business services. White Shark Media has organized monthly Google ad words reports in response to the poor communication problem that some clients complained about also it is a good strategy for clients complaining of not receiving enough attention. In addition to the solution are flexible extension services that directly reach the clients contact persons.

Clients with small businesses have admitted to performing much better in the sales in comparison to when they did not do ad words campaigns. A client selling t-shirts were glad that the firm helped greatly in creating contact with more customers and boosting of his sales. White Shark Media agree to the fact that they have not been every efficient and that it is through the reviews that they have identified those weaknesses and work on them. To some points, clients admit that they were not sure if the ad word campaigns from White Shark Media Complaints would really work for them, but they are glad to have tried because they have not been disappointed.

A client selling toys were glad to have contacted White Shark and integrated it in her business. They greatly helped her in getting the right gender and traffic for her toys and return boosting her sales. Clients admit the great improvement of staffs who some of them were responding in a cold tone. Now the clients are very warm, professional and dedicated to helping in case of any problem like identifying the right ad words for their Microsoft Bing Ads campaigns or failure of a campaign. The staffs have helped small businesses boost their profiles and rates to even expanding to other areas.

Sometimes clients complain of new ad words strategy not working for them, and they prefer former campaign strategies. White Shark Media does not hinder anyone at any point to stick to a campaign strategy working for them. Instead, they encourage the openness in trying different campaigns and sticking to what is working for that small business. White Shark Media are great associates of a business who despite certain failures are open to critical as they agree it’s a good strategy to learn more about what to improve in their online marketing campaigns.



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