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Market America Is Now Positioned As One Of The World’s Leading Online Retailers02.10.18

Offering consumers a wide range of high quality, useful products, Market America is one of the world’s most popular online retailers. This North Carolina-based company was started in 1992 and now operates in the United States, the U.K, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Spain and Australia.

Market America operates as a product brokerage company, wherein it markets, but does not actually manufacture the products that it sells. Along with its affiliated website, the company provides consumers with a comprehensive and reliable destination for online shopping.

Utilizing up-to-date technology, offers unlimited comparison shopping and the opportunity to receive money back when shopping, through their Cashback program. Market America also offers consumers the opportunity to earn residual income by providing their products to other consumers through their “UnFranchise” program.

In addition to hundreds of Market America brands and services, visitors to the site can view similar products from trusted retailers such as BestBuy, Gap, Bloomingdale’s, Target and many more. When customers shop at these sites through the shopping portal, they can receive valuable ‘cashback discounts’ of varying amounts.

The impressive selection of brands that are available through this online retailer include the world-famous line of Isotonix vitamins and supplements, the renowned Motives line of cosmetics and the Pet Health line of pet care products.

Made of high quality, natural ingredients, Isotonix supplements are generally provided in powder form. When mixed with water, the pleasant-tasting supplements provide a faster delivery system than supplement pills.

While Market America offers a wonderful assortment of health and wellness, nutrition and skin care products, this well-respected, diversified company even provides consumers with top-rate financial services, weight management and Internet services.

With a great selection of products and services, as well as a very effective web portal, Market America has established itself as one of the world’s leading sources of high quality retail products.

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What You Can Learn From Don Ressler And His Journey In Entrepreneurship10.11.16

Don Ressler is a businessman whose past achievements speak success and reveal the dedication he has had while pushing his ideas to become realities. He is among few professionals whose businesses have emerged successful and strong in the face of challenges. For more than one decade, Don Ressler has remained strong in the businesses he established and his influence in the world of entrepreneurship has remained unrivalled.

One of the ideas that brought motivation to his life is the establishment of, which was a success in every way. The startup offered fitness products and its success pushed him to trust his creativity and invest in it. To raise funds to pursue other ideas, Don Ressler sold to Intermix Media. While drafting the way forward, he came across Adam Goldenberg, who happened to be on a similar mission as him and they joined to form a strong partnership.

With additional energy and support form Adam, Don Ressler was confident they would achieve their goals in time and this saw the duo launch Alena Media after a short while. Alena specialized in marketing and within one year, the company had earned millions in revenue. This further assured Don Ressler that their mission was moving and they decided to start a new business that could allow them to operate globally.

The birth of Intelligent Beauty
Having capital and prior experience was enough for the duo to proceed and try their luck in more demanding challenges on Forbes. They took some time brainstorming and the next step they made included the launch of Intelligent Beauty, a company that has been stocking beauty products and fitness tools. Intelligent Beauty has been performing well and has earned millions in revenue for almost one decade since establishment in 2008.

About JustFab
JustFab, an established online subscriptions retail, was launched in 2010 and has seen tremendous growth over the years. The company offers beauty products in different categories and since inception, the management has strived to ensure it grows and becomes one of the best performing companies in the European markets on LinkedIn

To make this possible, they sought funding in several rounds which includes $33 million received from Matrix. JustFab has also invested in the acquisition of other businesses like FabKids, which is an online subscription retail that stocks kids’ fashion. In 2014, Don Ressler and Adam took part in the establishment of Fabletics, a sportswear store that operates like JustFab.

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Securus Sophistication Meets Big Data06.17.16

On December 21st 2015, Securus ,the leading provider in criminal justice technology, announced and was reported by PR Newswire that it had released THREADS 3.1 which is considered the most advanced big data tool in the corrections market. This new technology provides state of the art programming to help them conduct their investigations. In addition to this, THREADS 3.1 also monitors inmate activity in order to detect suspicious calling patterns, associations and fraternization. In other words, THREADS 3.1 is giving a new outlook to criminal justice technology.
I find that in being able to help investigators carry out their work, Securus is making it harder for criminals who are currently incarcerated to carry out crimes from inside prison. While the most serious of crimes are committed by criminals who are roaming the streets, there is still a lot of criminal activity that is carried out from inside the prison system. Making this process harder for criminals helps to weaken the hierarchy of established gangs which will in turn help to take care of the problems associated with gang culture.

I find it sad whenever I hear about a young person being murdered because of the criminal activity that goes on in America. The sales of illegal drugs and illegal guns has turned many of America’s poorest areas into battlefields, unnecessarily claiming the lives of many individuals. While the issue of criminal violence is a difficult one to tackle, any step toward improving the situation is always a win for society. Securus technology is helping to close loopholes for individuals who have no business walking the streets.

The expansion of Securus technology will only continue to grow. According to this article by Financial-News in the UK, Securus has just expanded its leadership team. This can only mean that security technology that is provided by Securus will only continue to expand. With more heads to tackle the issues associated with the criminal Justice system, Securus is a player in helping make the world a safer place. Visit Crunchbase to get more information on Securus.




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John Goullet Proves that Innovation is Key in IT Staffing06.13.16

John Goullet has been in the Information Technology sector for quite some time, and he is a well experienced IT professional. After having worked at various firms as a consultant in regards to IT staffing, he decided to start his company that would offer the services better. He then founded Info Technology Company that was listed as the fastest growing firm by Inc. Magazine and it was ranked number eight.

Diversant LLC where he is currently the Principal and co-founder has benefited greatly from his experience. Being a hardworking individual and who is conversant with the IT industry, John Goullet is changing the industry at large. Diversant LLC was formed as a result of a merger between Info technologies and Diversant Inc. in the year 2010. The merger is turning around all about IT staffing needs in the region, and more clients are seeking its services.

Diversant LLC is unique in its operations from the rest of competitors in the industry. Apart from being formed by two aspiring co-founders, it is also the largest African-American owned IT staffing company in the entire United States offering other solutions about the industry. Being led by professionals, its services cannot be matched with any other in the market.

Diversant LLC offers diverse and solution oriented products in nature in nature. It is a one stop company that professionals in the IT industry meet and are connected to the right place to work at. Professionalism is highly prioritized at the firm and among other services includes Information Technology staff augmentation and diversified solutions that fit in the IT sector.

At Diversant LLC Customers are treated as partners but not just like any other clients who just needs a service. It is due to such innovative ways that the company utilizes consultative approaches when handling the customers’ needs. It leads to improved performance, and it also ensures that more and more products are rolled into the market. The company believes in providing its services and activities with the integrity and ethics of the community they serve. Respect for others and introducing innovative products are vital to the industry satisfaction of its daily increased demands.

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Eric Pulier Helps Kids With Terminal Illnesses06.13.16

There are a lot of kids in the world today who have a problem with a chronic or terminal illness. These kids are in a place where they need more assistance in school, and they need to have a chance to talk to people who are just like them. These kids need to have things that will make it easier to get through school, and Eric Pulier has been one of the first people to deal with the problem. He works on the X Prize committee today because he wants to see how much new and good technology can be created from projects that want to go to space, but he also wants to keep up the advocacy he started as a younger man.

The advocacy that he did in the 90s was important for kids who had disabilities, and it also touched the kids who were in need of help with chronic or terminal illnesses. These kids did not have anyone they could talk to about their conditions, and he started Starbright World to help those kids have people to talk to. The advocacy got even more serious as he was helping kids in school who also were able to talk to their peers online.

The advocacy is continuing as a lot of people are still using the technology that he created or spawned. These technologies are great for people who have been disabled, and they are also good for kids in special ed who need that one thing that will make their lives easier. It is easy for kids to get the results that they want when they have something that was made just for helping them. That means that these kids can succeed in school, and they can go on to help others.

Pulier has made sure that all kids are in a position where they can succeed, and he still works on the X Prize team to show that people can use the technology they create to help others. He wants to push people to do better in the world, and he wants to push so that everyone gets what they need.

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Keith Mann’s Campaigns to Raise Funds for Uncommon Schools06.13.16

Keith Mann, the co-founder and managing director of Dynamics Search Partners now has a new partner: Uncommon Schools. Mann is working very hard to help this educational entity offer the best possible education environment for the students enrolled in its halls.

Recently, Keith Mann worked with several members of New York City’s financial community to raise quite a bit of money for Uncommon Schools. $22,000 was raised and the money is intended for a very specific purpose. PR Newswire reports the event took place at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden.

The funds will be used to cover student testing costs at a new charter school location. As the person in charge of Dynamics Search Partners, Mann is able to make strong connections with people in the financial services industry.

Dynamics Search Partners promotes itself as a provider of talent to the “alternative investment arena”. Generally, the firm serves those who work in the hedge fund industry. Mann choose a proper word when founding his firm. Hedge funds and alternative investments positively are dynamic. Jobs related to those industries do require special talent as Mann surely realized during his university years and when served as a Manager of the Alternative Investments Division earlier in his career.

Uncommon Schools wants to help students who might not have the financial means to attend private preparatory schools to access the best possible education at a local charter school. (Uncommon Schools has a strong presence in New York and New Jersey, and also has chapters in other states) Uncommon Schools is a non-profit entity, which means it is reliant on fundraising to cover the costs of very expensive day-to-day operations. Keith Mann has called upon his friends in the New York financial scene to help with fundraising and they have done so. Mann has been his part as well. Mann directly contributed funds to a scholarship for graduating students from Uncommon Schools.

Hopefully, the publicity Mann is generating for the school will lead to others making their own personal financial contributions to the schools.

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James Dondero Makes Changes to HCM’s Charity Structure06.13.16

The co-founder of Highland Management Capital L.P James Dondero has joined forces with Linda Owen in a move aimed at providing directions to the charity program of HMC, which continuous to grow.

Linda is the former president of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation and also a Dallas Civic Leader. She will be the firm’s Charitable Giving Manager, and will work alongside The Dallas Foundation, which runs HCM’s giving fund.

According to James Dondero, due to the expansion of HCM’s philanthropic activities, there was a need for a dedicated professional to ensure their contributions reach their targets and make a difference in the community.

HCM contributes more than $3 million each year towards charity organizations. These contributions, with the help of The Dallas Foundation, will assist in supporting veterans, education cases, Dallas community and Healthcare.

Local beneficiaries of these charity funds include George .W. Bush Museum and Library, Dallas Zoo, the Centre for Brain Health and others.

Highland Management Capital was established in 1993 by two exceptional businessmen, James Dondero, and Mark Okada. The firm has grown phenomenally to an estimated $17 billion in assets under management.

With over 20 years of experience, Highland is the largest and the best in alternative credit management in the world.

Highland Management specializes in Credit Hedge funds, Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs) and long-only funds separate accounts.

Dondero is the entrepreneur at the helm of Highland Capital Management L.P. He is the president as well as the CEO of the firm. He has more than 30 years of experience managing various markets, mainly the credit and equity markets. Mr. Dondero is a philanthropist and has supported numerous initiatives that focus on veteran’s affairs, education, and public policy.

James is a Certified Management Accountant. He is the chairperson of CCS Medical, Corner Stone Health, NexBank and is also a board member of American Banknote. He attended the prestigious University of Virginia, School of Commerce and graduated in 1984.

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Kevin Seawright Starts a Program to Help the Youth04.04.16

The New Year started well for the youth living in the Newark area. The youth have something to rejoice about while the year is still young. Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, one of the popular foundations in the area, led by one Kevin Seawright is the reason for the joy. This organization, with the help of several other important partners, will help the youth in the nation secure jobs this coming summer. Some of the partners in the move to offer the youth jobs will be the Newark Works, wealthy individuals and several other prominent organizations that are also based in the city.

Summer Youth Empowerment Plan, another prominent organization in the area will be offering students in the region six weeks of working experience, provided that they are currently rising in the city. During the training, the students will be fully paid for everything they do, apart from getting the knowledge.

It can be very challenging when students finish college and get employment without any training. The employer gets problems with the students as well as the young people. This is why Kevin Seawright feels the Summer Youth Empowerment Plan has taken the responsibility of offering the young people an opportunity to train at the workplace and make money at the end of the day. Before the end of the six-week duration, the employees will enough training about several departments. They will be given empowerment lectures, financial lessons, college readiness programs and so much more.

When young people get their first employment opportunities, they can have some challenges trying to save some amounts or planning their finances. The six-weeks program will ensure that these students have information on financial management so that they can plan their money after getting their permanent employments.

Unlike the past, Kevin said in an interview that technology has changed the way things are being done. Thanks to the internet, the mode of application will be quite easy. The applicants will send their applications using the internet. This will be very fast and convenient too, something that would have taken more than a month in the past. The management and the students have access to the internet all the time so that the whole process will be very easy.
The employment program offered by Kevin has several goals. Together with several partners wants to increase the number of student employment to a higher level, compared to what was registered in the previous year.

It is believed that the whole program will last for around six weeks, and Kevin believes that the students will be earning a good and minimum wage in the entire period, just like any other individual employed in the city. The youth hold a special place in the society, and empowering them will be great for the future.  As the CFO of Newark, Kevin definitely has a stake in seeing the program succeed.

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How Stephen Murray Built CCMP Capital03.25.16

Stephen Murray

There are people in business who are able to succeed at levels that few people can imagine. Over time, it takes a lot of hard work and risk to build a great company. Stephen Murray was able to build a great company in CCMP Capital. CCMP was able to help millions of people with their finances and investments. This is a great service simply because so few people truly have a solid grasp of how to manage money. Anyone who needed to get a little extra help with their investment portfolio could always go to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital.. This is one of the great things about the company overall. No matter what the market conditions were, they were always there for customers. Although Stephen Murray passed away, he is still remembered for his great work with CCMP Capital.

CCMP Capital Today

For his great work, Stephen Murray will always be remembered as the person that took CCMP Capital to the next level. However, there are a lot of things that the company is doing today to drive value for customers. As an investment and personal finance company, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital wants to be able to make a difference in the lives of customers. There are a lot of ways this is possible today. Not only can they help with various personal finance issues, but CCMP Capital is also there to stand in the gap when things do not go well. Over time, they have been able to build their brand of business even better than when Stephen Murray was at the helm. This is great news for investors or employees of the company.

Investment Planning

There are few people on Wall Street who understand how to make money with investments. Instead of worrying about investing, many people prefer to just spend their money on consumer purchases. Working with CCMP Capital allows many people to see areas of their life they could improve financially. Finding out the right ways to plan your investments is one of the first steps that people should take in the journey to build wealth over the long term. There are many people who now are in a better financial position because of the work of CCMP Capital.

The Legacy

Stephen Murray left a great legacy of success at CCMP Capital. During that time, he was able to build up the company to where it is today in regards to helping customers achieve success. Anyone who wants to do the same in their own life needs to follow his example. He was able to turn a small idea into a large company over time. His life is a great example of the American dream and how it can benefit others.

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Solo Capital is a boutique financial investment company that is based in the UK. This company has all its regulations being done in London. It was founded In the year 2009 by Sanjay Shah. This company specializes in sport related investments, consulting and proprietary trading. Considering the six years that the company has been running its services, the achievements that are currently linked to the company are many. it year ending 2015, the company was able to table a total net worth of 25 million Euros, a total asset amount of 67 million Euros. The company’s cash flow that year was found to be 30 million Euros.
Solo Capital Partners is run by Solo Group Holdings, which is under the ownership of Sanjay Shah. Shah is also founder CEO and the owner of AESA, which is in the overall control of Solo Group Holdings. The owner solo group holdings are also the owner of another lot of companies around Europe. Luxembourg, Malta, and The Cayman Islands are among the list of those undertakings owned by Shah. He has offices in Europe and Asia. Dubai is the city in Europe where some of Shah’s companies are run from. Shah took over Old Park Lane Capital in the year 2014. This was an institution which ran its service in the invitation-only stock broking manner. One noticeable thing about all the companies headed and controlled by Shah is that they all operate in the financial investment sector.
Shah spoke to Global Citizen Magazine and said that he had not primarily gone to study something that would land him in the financial investment sector. He had studied medicine and after finishing his studies in this field is when he started thinking about other things. He then began working In some financial institutions until 2009 when the economic crisis that had swept the country that year forced him out of employment. It was after he failed to look for another job that he thought of managing his company.
Shah is also known for founding Autism Rocks. This is an organization that is aimed at creating awareness and raising money for autism. He had been taking in charity activities and giving donations in India before but running a project like Autism Rocks was inspired by his love for music. The other factor which was considered the major reason for his pioneering of Autism Rocks was the fact that his son was diagnosed with this condition of autism. Celebrities such Snoop Dogg, Drake, and Lenny, have taken part in the autism concerts. Staging concerts and raising money for autism is the priority goal of this organization. Shah spent $100,000 in autism in 2014 to create the domain name ‘Autism Rocks’. One can call him a conqueror.

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