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Chris Burch on the Intermarriage between Fashion and Technology12.17.16

Fashion is merely an avenue for one to express themselves creatively, through clothing and accessories. But when fashion merges with technology, it opens a door to untapped opportunities according to Chris Burch.


The world has seen several trends come and go, but two avenues that will always stay in the limelight are fashion and technology. And now for the first time, fashion designers have found a way to borrow from technology to provide more from our normal clothes or accessories. Today, we can talk about fashion as a way to protect human life, provide convenient energy sources or even make communication easier.


As Chris Burch observes, fashion can apply science to tap into the energy of movement (kinetic). We have already seen sneakers that are self-lacing and even adapt to the wearer’s foot size for maximum comfort. Now there is a future possibility that your training shoes will be charging your iPod as you take your morning jogs.


How about safety? Can fashion be employed to protect lives? It’s a big yes as Burch affirms. Some fashion designers have already designed a neckpiece that will soon replace the cyclist’s helmet. This neckpiece conceals a self-launching airbag that protects the head during a fall. Or we can have gloves that glow to give specific signal directions whether in foggy or smoky conditions.


As fashion continues to find relevance in trending technological advancements, Chris Burch is confident that the relevance of technology will always be certain. But it won’t always be a one-way street, technology will also require the help of fashion to make some of its discoveries acceptable to the public. We have seen the trend with smart watches and the Google glasses.


About Chris Burch


Chris Burch is an accomplished entrepreneur with a highly diversified portfolio in several industries which includes fashion, real estate and technology. Right after college, Burch and his brother started a company, Eagles Eye apparel, that grossed $165 in net worth before they sold it off. Chris then went on to launch Burch Creative Capital, a company he is both the CEO and principal of—to present day.


Through Burch Creative Capital, Chris has invested in a number of start-ups and brands which include popular names like Nihiwatu, Cocoon9, Popping and Ellen DeGeneres’ ED. Chris Burch is a joyful giver as well, and has shown philanthropic gestures to organizations like The Child Welfare League of China, NYU Langone, The Sumba Foundation and Mt. Sinai Hospital.


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