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We Should All Strive to be Like Joseph Bismark07.23.15


There are sometimes in life when you’re surprised by the generosity of other people. I had one of those life experiences when I saw the actions that one particular individual displayed in an article I read on Citizen Shame. His name is Joseph Bismark. He has focused on progressing the world by focusing on individual strength in the form of personal health, spiritual well-being, and social responsibility for those that are less fortunate after the development of his successful business venture, QI Group.
Bismark’s focus on individual health was quite the surprise to me. I found that Bismark was individual for moving QI Group into the market of wellness and organic foods. The company acquired an organic and natural whole food company based out of Hawaii in an effort to expand and provide individuals, particularly those in Hawaii, with more opportunity to eat healthy by purchasing organic and wholesome foods.
I believe that spiritually Bismark is an exemplary individual as well. An individual that lives his life in a simple fashion, has excelled in his business practices and gives back to the community is a rare gem nowadays. But the amazing aspect of Bismark is that he expects to live life in that matter and anything less than that is unacceptable. I know that because it’s quite evident in his mantra “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.” He believes that all people can do extraordinary things for their community.
I think that’s the reason that Bismark is quite the philanthropist. I first discovered his philanthropic tendencies when I started researching his foundation, RYTHM Foundation, which was developed along with the co-founder of QI Group. The RYTHM Foundation was established as a charitable trust and is dedicated to children with special needs, community, development, and general community well-being. I noticed his most notable contribution to the foundation, other than his company being socially responsible for it, was the amount of time that he individually contributes to the overseeing of the foundation’s operations.
I’m just glad that individuals like Joseph Bismarck walk this earth. It’s what makes us better as individuals and a whole.

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