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Simple Morning Hacks with Wengie03.04.17


It’s something that all of us can relate too, running late to school work or an appointment. Luckily beauty blogger Wengie teaches us some morning routine life hacks for those mornings when we’re struggling to get it together.


Wengie shows us that one of the greatest ways to start our day is with lemon infused water. All you have to do is squeeze some lemon into a water and it will help wake you up, cleanse your body, and make you feel refreshed.


Another great hack is by having good motivational posters around your bathroom! They’re super simple to make. All you have to do is print off pictures, toss them in a frame, and place them around your bathroom. Looking at these will help you feel calmed, relaxed, and beautiful especially in those mornings when you are feeling sluggish. These pictures can be good reminders when you are brushing your teeth.


Wengie also shows us how we can breathe life into our house when we don’t have time to shower! Dry shampoo is a simple solution. All you have to do is spray it with the dry shampoo and then blow dry. This helps make it look cleaner and fresher. Then a great hairstyle is by putting hair into a high pony tail. It looks good, no one can tell your hair isn’t styled, and it helps lift your cheekbones for a sleek look. A high ponytail is a great compliment to whatever outfit you choose to wear whether it’s classy or casual.


A final great idea from Wengie is keeping an emergency outfit burrito. Everyone absolutely needs one of these in their closet! All you have to do is choose a shirt, pants, socks, and underwear that you know you’ll always be comfortable and cute in. Roll these up and place it into your closet where you’ll be able to easily grab it and go when you are short on time.


Overall, Wengie shows us that mornings don’t automatically suck when we’re short on time. By doing this simple morning hacks ahead of time, we can beat the rush and stress from waking up late.

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