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The Evolution of Smooth’s Advertising Campaign Begs Attention09.30.16

Chapped lips and dry skin are conditions that affect everyone at some time in their lives. The condition of chapped lips is simply dry and irritated lips and is usually owing to dry or cold weather. Lip balm is used by many to protect against dry lips, and its use is a necessary part of any mountain climbers face protection. Lip balms work wonders by sealing in the moisture and keeping lips soft.

The use of lip balm has been a common practice for decades in the United States of America and Canada. Some users even form a mild dependency on using lip balm, but the use of the product does protect the lips from drying out and becoming irritated.
A new and promising lip balm and dry skin lotion are being introduced by a company named Evolution of Smooth (eos). Their advertising campaign promises smooth, soft lips that appeal to both men and women. They package the lip balm in a small, unusual container and not the typical tube lip balm users have become accustomed to.

The minds behind the EOS lip balm products are smartly appealing to a young, hip and beautiful audience. This audience has been weaned on reality TV programming and has adopted the mantra that image is everything. These twenty and thirty-somethings along with the teen audience is susceptible to advertising ploys, and Evolution of Smooth has wisely designed an ad campaign with a fresh, healthy face that appeals to both men and women. The eos interactive web page makes a solid play for the consumer’s attention. The products address needs and the advertising campaign and the eBay web page continue our interest in eos products. See the webpage here:Your text to link…

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