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Alternative Lending- Equity First Holding04.13.17

The financial industry is growing tremendously with o the r financial institutions being established to assist individuals as well as well organizations to meet their financial needs. In the recent years, the banks have set up strict measures on the lending and borrowing of loans making it difficult for small and medium enterprises to lend from the banks.

Equity First Holding is a financial investment institution which was created in 2002. The primary purpose of establishing the organization is to provide alternative financial resolution by offering stock-based as well as margin loans to its clients. Equity First Holding is one of the leaders in the provision of alternative financial solutions. The organization noticed the gap that was there in the lending of loans to small and medium business and also the way the banks had tightened their rules and regulations on the loans. Equity First Holdings moved quickly to fill the gap and assist borrowers who wanted to raise capital instantly.

The Financial institution was formerly known as Meridian Partners Limited. The company has been operating as a financial consulting company as well as a financial provider. Equity First Holdings has been delivering other financial services including the supply of capital against the publicly traded stock to enable its clients to meet both their personal and long-term financial goals. Since its foundation, the company has been experiencing marvelous growth and has completed more than 650 transactions which are worth more than $1.4 billion. The financial institution has been providing high-value loans with low interest to individuals as well as refined investors. Since its foundation, it has expanded to more than nine countries including its affiliate Equity First Holding based in London, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore.Equity First Holding has been making continuous efforts to deliver unique and quality services as well as products as it changes the face of alternative borrowing.

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CEO & President of Prominent Dallas Bank Great Participation at Annual Conference01.18.17

NexBank’s CEO and President, John Holt, recently spoke at the conference for Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities. He was one of the panellist at the 5th annual conference that was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. He participated in the discussion topic called “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation”.


This conference that is held annually consists of bank leaders, consultants, and advisors who collaborated on challenges facing community bank leaders and on principal objectives. These participants and panelists explore strategic opportunities through organic growth, branching, and M&A activity.


About NexBank


Based in Dallas, Texas, NexBank Capital, Inc.,, is a financial institution that offers services in mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional banking for their clients. Their customized banking and financial services are offered mainly to institutional clients, corporations, and financial institutions throughout the US. Additionally, their executive management team combines a strong focus on serving clients and industry expertise to provide leading capabilities in financial services to their clients.


This company started as a charter in 1922, and as of September 30, 2016, they are worth $4 billion in assets. Many of their clients are large corporations, middle market companies, real estate investors, banks, small businesses, and some of the largest, capital market institutions. In their financial sector, they offer revolving lines of credit, tailored depository services, and loan participations. In treasury management, they work hard so their clients can gain increase in their treasury operations’ productivity, expand the short-term assets’ revenue potential, and gain more visibility in their cash flow. With their public funding, NexBank provides specialized interest-bearing accounts and tailored depository services. With their investment banking, they work to get a better understanding of their institutional clients’ objectives and goals to develop customized solutions to help their clients meet their strategic objectives. And with their real estate advisory, a wide range of property management services are provided to their institutional clients, including improving tenant experience, increasing efficiencies, minimizing operating costs, etc.

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