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Cone Marshall – New Zealand Law Firm with Top Performance11.03.16

The Cone Marshall firm is one of the top law firms in New Zealand. The firm practices international tax and trusts law. As a law firm, it has it’s origin as a result of Karen Marshall’s 10 years spent in London working for a top law firm. It has thus expanded to a wide range of practice areas and has given their founders a wide range of experience. The company provides planning on an international scale. Part of the work of Karen Marshall, a partner whom joined in 2005, has also been to convince the world that New Zealand is more than a tax haven. She indicated that New Zealand is a great nation in terms of providing transparency in all legal processes. For that reason and the stability that New Zealand offers, the company has been a world leader in allowing foreign companies to set up trusts in New Zealand. The work of Karen Marshall has been highly effective in ensuring that trusts have been able to be established successfully without any interference from government.

Cone Marshall is a very unique law firm in a unique position to help their clients. They are a strictly international law firm, and they work with clients/families of all walks of life. Much of what the firm’s business does is in working with families looking to establish residency or business in New Zealand. Their primary job is to ensure that the assets of the families whom they serve are protected with all matters of the local New Zealand law. Cone Marshall also works with those whom advise the international families looking to relocate to New Zealand on any matters related to taxation and trusts. The firm also maintains a high level of attorney-client privilege which the firm respects to the core and the fullest extent possible.

Those whom are looking to benefit from the productive New Zealand business environment will be relieved that the environment is a very stable place. It’s also a great place for ensuring that your assets will be protected by a strong set of international laws. Many families choose New Zealand because of it’s stable political client, not because they are looking to hide assets overseas. It’s truly a great place for everyone and offers a strong economy as well as certainty.

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