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Kyle Bass: The Desperate Gamblers Frantic Investment02.09.16

It is yet another month and yet another fresh newer look for the guy Kyle Bass. He is the favourite and best hedge; he is the founder of the autocrats in Argentine. In a quick recap, at first light. Bass is the founder of the Hayman capital management company that is based in Dallas in the year 2006, he made a great fortune and headlined in the international news all over the world by giving his careful prediction that went to be true in the subprime crisis that hit the world in the year 2008 to be very true.

He was yet a superstar for a while during that time. He was yet the guy in the night of the Shayman that was coming out of no world and yet became a somebody in the year 2001 and was nominated as the guy to be the script and also the director of the The Sixth Sense movie. Most observers at that particular time decided to trust the abilities of Bass and thought that he was a real genius that cannot go wrong anywhere.

But as time gashed on. And time as well has never been a kind master to Kyle Bass. If he had ever had the magic touch in his grip, it is all long ago gone. This is just like the Shamalayan has long been gone and he has had a series of tragic bad movies ever since and he has had a series of bad calls running one after another. He has not hid it from the public because he has done it in the view of the public in the full blaze as they see it. This is the guy that never turns down any kind of invitation that comes his way especially that one from pontificate and TV as well as they proffer him to be the so called ‘analysis’ that is the servants of his bottom line.

To add into the bad calls, he has also made numerous unsavoury alliances and partnerships. While everyone in this business has a great thought that he is an economic literate person, he still stands out to be the very worst thing that has ever stood in the place for the economy of his country and Bas has never stopped singing the praises that are directed to Cristina Fernandez. This past year the country has defaulted on a big debt that it has for now the second year and in more than thirteen years. This is an action that is irrational as well as indefensible. As we have yet seen in this recap, Bass rationalized and defended it anyway.

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Soros says Trump is doing the work of ISIS01.31.16

Billionaire financier George Soros is not a fan of Donald Trump, the leading candidate among Republican contenders in the race for the presidency of the United States. It comes as no surprise as Trump is running on the Republican ticket, and Soros has often supported Democratic candidates and is liberal in his thinking.

Trump’s statements about Muslims, especially ideas like rounding them up and making them wear identification, or keeping them out of the country, have raised a lot of eyebrows. Soros is no exception. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Soros said Trump’s remarks were “doing the work of ISIS.”

The anti-immigration talk of Trump is angry and stirs up fear, and he said ISIS would use that as a recruiting tool. George Soros said while ISIS amounts to a small number of the total Islamic population, it could give them the idea that terrorism is the only option they have. Soros does not see ISIS as the huge threat that Trump does, or that most Republicans do. He cited the fact that Iraqi and Syrian armies have won back areas that ISIS had overtaken, and he believes that group’s days are numbered.

Soros has made similar comments about Ted Cruz, another Republican candidate who has stirred up fear about Muslims. He has said Democrat Hillary Clinton would win easily against either Cruz or Trump.

Soros was born in Hungary and was a youth during World War II and his country was under Nazi occupation. He left for England after the war, and got his education at the London School of Economics, and later moved to the United States in the early 1950s. He made his fortune in international finance.

Soros said he was an immigrant then, and he understands the plight of refugees. He said he was one then, so he wants to help them when he can, and he understands their struggles. He also said America was better to immigrants then than it is now, and better than Trump would be.

Being involved in international finance, an being a native of Europe, Soros is heavily involve in that area of the world. He said the troubles in the Middle East, an the rise of ISIS, has contributed to the financial crisis Europe faces now. He said German Chancellor Angela Markel may have been wrong to open the country to refugees to the extent she did, but he also credited her with having the foresight to realize the extent of the problem.

Still he believes that integrating refugees into Europe is a good thing, and that European countries will do so as they follow the leadership of Germany.

Forbes ranks Soris 16 in the world’s richest men and Trump ranks No. 121.

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