The Success Of Neuroscientist Jorge Moll

Posted in Human Brain on Mar 14, 2018

Jorge Moll, a physician and scientist, has made great strides in the medical field. As a founder of a research institute and a scientist Jorge Moll, has a lot to teach and share from his success with those not just involved in the medical and science field but with all of us.

Jorge studied at the Federal University of Rio de Janiero, Brazil where he received his medical degree in neuroscience. He later completed his residency at this university. Dr. Moll went onto receive his doctorate degree in experimental pathophysiology from Sao Paulo University.

Today, Jorge works as the president and board member of D’Or Institute of Research & Education. Since running his institute, he has encountered both successes and failures but has always learned from his hardships. He also stays busy as the director of a diagnostics and imaging laboratory called the Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU) and Neuroinformatics Workgroup. He spends most of his workdays filled with several meetings. He welcomes the ideas and collaborative effort of his colleagues, students, entrepreneurs and researchers. He has dreams of starting a company to enhance the hospital experience. Though Dr. Moll is an accomplished medical professional, he’s a family man residing in Brazil.


Moll’s Experiment

The doctor has always had an interest in helping people who suffer from negative conditions influencing their lives. The doctor conducted an experiment once that showed how helping others can positively affect our lives. While at the National Institute of Health, alongside an associate, Dr. Moll was able to conduct an experiment that showed how our brains are wired to be selfless and helpful to others. The experiment scanned the brains of people who had the choice to either keep a sum of money or donate the money. The results proved it’s natural, rewarding, and a great feeling for people to care for others before themselves.

Jorge has accomplished many things in his life and from those accomplishments, he has much to teach us. What Dr. Moll’s accomplishments teach others is to be productive and helpful with his advances in the medical industry and his scientific experiments.


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