The contribution of Jorge Moll to health in Brazil

Posted in Health on Feb 15, 2018

Jorge Moll is the founder and head of D’Or institute of research and education. Moll has a great history in the field of medicine. He holds an MD in Neuroscience from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Moll also completed his residency in Rio de Janeiro. Later on, he received his Ph.D. in Experimental science from Sao Paulo University (Crunchbase).

Moll always had a desire to serve people whose health conditions affected the quality of life they lived. Currently, he is a board member and president of IDOR (D’Or Institute of Research and Education). He also holds the position of a Director in the CBNU (Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit) as well as a top-ranked diagnostics and imaging laboratory, Neuroinformatics Workgroup. Moll lives in Rio de Janeiro with his family.

A dream and passion for establishing an excellent education, research, as well as health care for his country compelled Moll to start the D’Or Institute of Research and Education. When working on ideas, Moll chooses the one ones that are practical. He then gives room for collaboration to achieve quality results. Moll attributes productivity to transparency and adequate skill. He adds that it is best for people not to hold onto ideas for a long time. He advises that one should either work on execution of the idea or drop it and move to another one without wasting time. According to Moll, the current publications and way of career hinder scientific innovations. He adds that people should have new visions which will enable them to pursue long-term ideas with higher risks.

According to Moll, it is a bad habit to do one thing repeatedly. It is not good for one to keep questioning their model. He attributes his success to the passionate belief that one can change their realities and impact lives and industries in a positive way just by doing exciting things ( Running a non-profit firm has seen Moll go through various failures. These include failure to obtain the required results of research or the results taking a much longer time than expected. However, he advised that if one properly works on their strengths and weaknesses, they can overcome such challenges.


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