Shervin Pishevar And The Remarkable Work He Has Done In Business

Posted in Business, Company on Feb 08, 2018

If you’re a businessman looking for a role model to act as your mentor, you might be delighted to learn more about Mr. Shervin Pishevar for plenty of reasons. This article will encapsulate some of them by recapping two of the most legitimate and authoritative resources about Mr. Shervin Pishevar’s complete professional career. Shall we start?

The Man Behind Hyperloop Technologies

One of the most striking descriptions we can learn from the Department of State website about Mr. Shervin Pishevar is the fact that he’s right now the Cofounder/Chairman of Hyperloop Technologies Inc, which is a company that leads in some of the stellar innovations in transportation today. Mr. Shervin Pishevar is also noted for being an outstanding co-founder and managing director of Sherpa Capital in the past.

The U.S. State Department website also confirms the role of Mr. Shervin as the managing director and venture advisor of the renowned Menlo Ventures. In his role, he was able to collaborate with the big names in the industry to deliver the best transport tech today, and these brands include Uber, Fab, Warby Parker and Tumblr. It is also his immense trust and passion for the people around him that he was able to run various business development strategies that helped Ionside Interactive to lead in the industry from the year 2001 to 2004.

Outstanding American By Choice

In a different source, you can also verify from the World Affairs website that Mr. Shervin has been chosen by the U.S. government as an Outstanding American By Choice, which isn’t a common award that anyone can get. This award is made especially more remarkable because of the fact that only about 1 for every 100 naturalized citizens can get this award.

All of these fantastic achievements may have something to do with the fact that Pishevar is a graduate from University of California with a bachelor’s degree majoring in interdisciplinary studies. He’s also been a publisher researcher for JAMA (the Journal of American Medical Association), helping many instrumental letters and research to find the light of day. You could also be impressed by Mr. Shervin for the fact that he’s right now the author of numerous U.S. patents in various sectors.

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