How Nick Vertucci Gives People A Future In Real Estate At The NV Real Estate Academy

Posted in Real Estate Expert on Feb 15, 2018

Buying homes and then renovating and reselling them, or turning them into rental units can be one of the most profitable businesses if you do it right, and one man who is helping people learn how to do it right is Nick Vertucci. Vertucci once learned concepts of flipping homes and it drastically changed his life more than he ever thought possible, and now he’s giving others the tools to do it for themselves at his NV Real Estate Academy. People of all kinds of business backgrounds come to the academy with some looking to change their profession to something more exciting, or possibly to reach retirement sooner. But nearly all of them have spoken highly about Vertucci’s program.

Nick Vertucci got into real estate after being in several low points in his life. His family certainly is dear to him, but they had very little money when he was growing up and he even lost his father while still quite young. Things got worse when he turned 18, left home and had only his vehicle to sleep in. Nick Vertucci did see a wave of good fortune come his way in his 20s when he managed to start a computer parts business.

This business brought him enough success for a while that he got married and bought a home for himself and his new family. But then the dot-com bubble happened in the year 2000 and all the sudden his business went under as his cash flow got turned into debt. He was at the point he had to sell personal assets just to keep from losing his home, but then he found out about something else.

Nick Vertucci first heard about the benefits of home flipping at a weekend event his friend had recommended to him, and though it was something he had no background in, he decided to try it out exactly the way he learned. Within a few years, he had bought and sold off several homes and turned others into great rental properties that his debt was eliminated rapidly. The NV Real Estate Academy was founded in 2014, but in just the few years it’s been running its popularity has soared.

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