Dr. Jorge Moll Discovers Treating Others Well May Just Be Natural

Posted in Human on Feb 21, 2018

There is a neurologist in Brazil that is working with scientists in the United States currently to discover if morality is something we are born with. What this means is that is being moral and treating others with respect and appreciation, while wanting them to succeed might be hard wired in our brains. Recent studies conducted by Jorge Moll of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education , which he founded in Brazil, along with Jordan Grafman of the NIH in the United States shows that morality might be hard wired into our brains (Ideamensch).

This discovery is very interesting to neurologists around the world, as it shows that wishing for others to fail might actually take more energy that wishing for them to succeed. This line of thought also shows that people feel joy when they are part of a plan that succeeds, even if the plan is not their own.


A Great Mentor

These lines of thinking actually match how Dr. Jorge Moll instructs his students to behave. He encourages them to be open and honest when working in a group environment to solve a problem or create a discovery. Instead of competing with each other, he feels they should be completely transparent in their lines of thought. While being transparent, a researcher should ask colleagues for any holes in the logic presented or line of thought. By discovering those opportunities for correction, it allows for successful ideas to be brought to the public as a whole in a more rapid process.

The human thought process is not the superior to all others and can always be improved on according to Dr. Moll. This is why he encourages students and colleagues to keep an eye on the latest results in the study of artificial intelligence. Dr. Moll encourages others to seek ways to hasten their research and thinking processes, which is where artificial intelligence can assist them. These studies are showing that the desire to succeed may be a natural “hard-wired” feeling, and it’s up to us to make ourselves happy by succeeding.


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