Cancer Treatment Centers Of America: Precision Cancer Treatment And Integrated Care For Boomers

Posted in Cancer, Health on Feb 21, 2018

In the 1950’s, when Baby Boomers were children, cancer was a dreaded disease that no one talked about, not even doctors. In 1961, a study of physicians in Chicago found that 90% stated they did not inform patients of their diagnosis. Half a century later, Baby Boomers need not fear cancer for they have a variety of targeted treatment options they can openly discuss with their doctors. One of the places where Boomers can receive cancer treatment is Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CCTC). In easily accessible facilities, located across the country, CCTC embraces a wide variety of treatment options and actively involves the patient in the choice. Their approach is: “No two patients and no two cancers are alike. Each deserves a personalized, comprehensive approach.”

There have been significant changes in cancer treatment in the past 50 years. Two of those fundamental changes are incorporated in the services offered by CCTC. 1. Precision Cancer Treatment. 50 years ago it was “one size fits all.” Today there are drug therapies, targeted radiation therapies, and advanced genomic testing that addresses cancer at a molecular level. Doctors have all these approaches available when assessing treatment options. Further, the CCTC doctors are committed to seeking out the most innovative options as they become available. 2. A team of experts delivering integrated care. In many hospitals today, cancer treatment might be divided amongst doctors of different specialties who reside in separate buildings. AT CCTC, cancer is the sole focus of all the physicians, of all the specialties, and all are located in the same facility. CCTC understands that treating cancer needs to include the patient’s body, mind, and spirit. Treatment plans include therapies to manage side effects, boost energy, and keep patients mentally strong. CCTC’s approach is unique as the doctors and alternative therapists work onsite as a coordinated team to address their cancer patient’s needs.

CCTC’s integrated and targeted approach, located in one facility, works. Overall, in a 2017 study, when patients were asked if they would recommend CCTC to family and friends, the CCTC hospitals ranked within the top 3% of hospitals in the United States. Former CCTC patient with esophageal cancer, Charles Mesler, age 69, concurs with the study’s findings. Reflecting on his care at CCTC he said, “Today, I have energy, and I can eat almost anything I want. CTCA is a wonderful place if you are dealing with cancer. They give us hope and show us the light at the end of the tunnel.

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