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Susan McGalla Fighting for Equality Between Men and Women in the Corporate World12.30.17

The women have been facing a lot of difficulties in moving ahead in the ranks in the corporate world, and it is an open secret. Even though nobody talks about it, how often do you see the top management is filled with women and fewer men? It is never the case, and it is because of the prejudice against women. It is a problem that must be addressed, and it is a successful woman like Susan McGalla who has been raising this issue on public forums time and again to ensure the debate continues and doesn’t die down. Susan McGalla has studied business and marketing at the Mount Union College and has a vast and impressive resume to show her great career graph.

Susan McGalla has held prominent positions at big apparel companies like Wet Seal Inc as CEO and American Eagle Outfitters Inc as President. Susan McGalla presently serves as the Vice President of Creative Development and Business Strategy at Pittsburgh Steelers Inc, which is one of the reputed clothing firms in its region. Susan has helped develop successful marketing strategies for the company over the years, which has helped in enhancing revenue and improving sales. As a female leader, she has made some very astounding business moves that shocked the corporate world with the success her strategies have gotten.

Susan McGalla often speaks about what can be done to improve the chances of female executives and workers to move up the ladder of success in the corporate world. She says that there should be various women-centric initiatives that need to be implemented by the companies to help deserving women to get noticed and move up the ranks. Also, Susan McGalla said that there should be mentorship and sponsorship programs for the women so that the women who are deserving and working hard for the company can get the assistance they need to get through the obstacles and get to the position they deserve rightfully. Susan McGalla believes that women are as deserving as men and equally capable as well, but need just guidance to get started on the right track. It helps them morally and gives them the right direction to follow.

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