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Fabletics is the Top Selling Brand Because of What Customers Say It Is11.09.17

Fabletics is leveraging the power of the crowd through its customer reviews. The power of the crowd is what determines consumer purchases. Consumer behavior has shifted from company marketing strategies to review-centric to determine final purchases. The online reviews serve as trust as much as a personal recommendation from someone who has used the product.

Fabletics has managed to outgrow its competitors through user reviews. Since its launch in 2013, Fabletics has achieved more than 200% growth, grown its membership to over 1 million, and generated a revenue of over $250 million in less than three and half years.

How positive reviews have contributed to the rapid growth of Fabletics

  • Increasing trust in consumer goods and services

Through the power of social media, consumers are resolving to online reviews as their decision making determinant. Crowdsourcing purchase increases consumers’ trust in the product through people’s opinions and feedback.

  • More positive reviews increase revenue generation

Fabletics’ authentic and genuine reviews boost the business at the bottom line. Great reviews improve a website’s search rankings, drive more traffic to the business and increase sale conversions.

  • Positive reviews maintain repeat clients

A higher percentage of revenue generated by Fabletics comes from repeat clients. Why is this so? Techstyle, Fabletics’ Parent Company, has established lasting relationships with their customers by actively addressing their reviews and responding to them appropriately.

  • Positive reviews improve a company’s search ranking

A company that has positive online reviews attracts a higher search ranking. Fabletics has had the opportunity to be recognized as the top brand seller, thus drawing more attention to its website and converting that to sales.

  • More reviews indicate frequent use

Having more reviews on your website means that more people are searching and using your product. Fabletics’ positive business considerations have impacted its rapid growth.

Kate Hudson’s Take on Winning the Athleisure Brand

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Company won the athleisure brand because of its inclusivity and ability to empower women. Hudson’s approachable character and active lifestyle also contributed to its success. She is actively involved in the business tracking sales, participating in the design process to ensure new brands are in the market and determining which clothes are selling faster than others.

Hudson is also a brand ambassador. She endorses the products she sells. Hudson puts on her Fabletics gear as she jogs around or goes to the gym. She also facilitated a smooth communication system to ensure Fabletics has proper inventory levels. As a result, Fabletics was rated top by Better Business Bureau in high client satisfaction.

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Businesses are leveraging as top brand sellers through reviews on their social media websites. Clients have shifted their consumer behavior to a review-centric approach where they get to trust online reviews from other product users and use that as a personal recommendation of the product. Positive reviews have seen Fabletics grow its revenue to over $250 million in just three and half years of starting. Hudson contributed to the wining of the Fabletics athleisure brand by acting as a brand ambassador, participating in design and sale tracking, and streamlining the communication process. Hudson is also committed to business expansion and growth.

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Giving back to the community through charity11.09.17

Many businesses do their best to give back to the society through the funding of charity events or foundations, offering sponsorship to local teams and schools or even organizing charity walks and runs. For instance, Nexbank SSB a bank in Dallas recently put its foot forward in giving back to the community by offering sponsorship to the Dallas Women’s Foundation next luncheon. The event will be the 32nd one and is usually held annually. It is set to take place on 20th October at the Hilton Anatole Hotel and will host some prominent figures from around the world such as Dr. Hope Jahren who is an award-winning scientist and bestselling author. The doctor is also on the list of TIME’s magazine a hundred influential people. The luncheon usually attracts more than 1300 community leaders and famous business personalities every year, and this year it will be live streamed to more than twenty schools hence ensuring that more than 10000 students do not miss out on the keynote address. Nexbank plans to support the Dallas Women foundation by offering a $100, 000 donations which will go a long way in helping more women advance in leadership and financial security through the event.

Nexbank SSB

It is the fourth largest bank in Dallas and the 11th largest regional one in Texas. It has been around for quite some time now as it has a charter which dates back to 1922. It, therefore, boasts a rich history and experience and today holds approximately 6.4 billion dollars. It offers a diverse array of banking solutions ranging from mortgage, commercial, mobile banking and many other services which lie in the financial sector. It is headquartered in Dallas and has many of its branches in the region to be able to cater for its clients efficiently. Thanks to its quality service, the bank has seen quite good rankings on different platforms such as being the 10th best performing bank, the 2nd residential real estate lender among many others. It was previously known as Heritage Bank but changed its name to Nexbank in 2005. The bank serves as a subsidiary of Nexbank Capital Inc, and its services are not only limited to individuals but big companies as well.

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