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Drew Madden uses Information Technology to Improve the Healthcare Industry10.31.17

Drew Madden pursued and achieved a degree from the University of Lowa in Industrial engineering. He is an expert in healthcare specifically information technology. He is the chief executive officer and founder of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He has been in the healthcare field for more than 10 years. He is a businessman who implements dynamic company culture, well-built customer relations, and competent workforce. He is an incredible expert who combines technical EMR background and his experience to improve the healthcare sector by taking this idea to healthcare specialists in helping the make impressive implementation groups.

Drew has various skills in dealing with health records, planning, and execution. He is linking up with a number of organizations for the purpose of applying, tackling and looking any difficulty that is related to medical reports. He used to work for Cerner Corporation as their consultant and was at the company for a period of two years then he went to Health and was also a consultant. The company Healthia was purchased by Ingenix, this led to Drew Madden becoming the director of regional sales of Ingenix.

Moving on, Drew took his IT expertise to Nordic Consulting Partners and became their president. He was in charge of daily operations, business growth and recruitment. His hard work led to him making a great impact by increasing the number of employees from 10 to 725 as well as increasing the revenue of the firm to $130,000,000 from $1,000,000 every year. Drew Madden then decided to start Evergreen Healthcare Partners given his experience in various fields such as project management and information technology.

This organization supplies consultation services for specific healthcare technology and electronic health record podiums. Madden is an excellent entrepreneur who guides businesses to manage correctly IT investments, enhance their results and build customer fulfillment. The clients of the firm are their first priority and this helps the company to have lasting success through giving talent management resolutions. He is working so hard by holding movements that will enhance hospital tools and software this will in return take care of the patients and enhance their health states. He also advises healthcare experts to involve brain-computer interfaces, 3D printing among many others in carrying out their work

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