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Lime Crime Makeup’s Exciting New Launch10.19.17

To any one who was a fan of the colorful and vibrant Polly Packet and 90’s toys, say hello to a nostalgic comeback brought to you by Lime Crime Makeup!

The vegan and cruelty free make up brand has recently been tremendously inspired by the cheerfulness of Polly Pocket’s dolls and the energy of the entire line, including the doll’s outfits.

Lime Crime makeup has announced three palettes that will awaken the remembrance of Polly Pocket and for the fans it will be a marvelous excuse to reminisce on the fun old times.

From the vibrant and playful presentation of the palette design to the font of Lime Crime’s logo, the Polly Pocket vibes are in the air!

The snap cases present a big cheeky bow that jumps at your face with the Lime Crime logo sitting pretty in the middle of the case. The best part of these cute nostalgic palette’s is that yes, they fit in your pocket! Makeup on the go has never been funner.

In a rush? Your ride is outside? Choose from the three palette’s with five shades and slip it in your pocket. Just watch out for any bumps on the road.

Each palette includes five full sized eye shadows inside. At Lime Crime less is considered more. Five full shadows is plenty to make any look come to life.

Choose your favorite from the sunny Pink Lemonade palette that carries pink shimmery shades and a matte brown. Any of the shades can double as a blush. Be creative! There are no rules.

If you are feeling bold and fearless choose the pink Sugar Plum palette. This palette includes pink bronze shades, pink purple shimmers, frosted shades, and bold velvet mattes.

If you are feeling particularly soft and sweet on any given day, choose from the pastel-leaning blue Bubblegum palette. This palette carries five soft hue shades including shimmers, sparkles, satin, and soft mattes.

Any look is possible with these three Polly Pocket 90’s nostalgia inspired palette’s.

The palette’s run for $34 each or $90 for all three.

Get carried away because remember, there are no rules in the wonderful world of makeup. You make your own rules.

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